Betfred Sports Betting Review (2020)

Betfred is an absolute staple of online betting, offering a wide range of sports for us to place wagers on. A beautiful website filled to the brim with sporting events is the very first thing that meets the eye upon visiting Betfred, and the left-side margin beautifully reveals every sport that Betfred has on offer. […]

What Is A System Bet? (2020)

We are all used to sitting down on a Saturday morning with a coupon of games. We either fill them out by hand, or we fill them out online. We choose the amount of games we want to bet on, and we place our bet. It’s simple and straight forward. Unfortunately for us, the fun […]

20 Popular Football Betting Markets

Sportsbetting has existed for as long as we can remember, but it has always been limited to players betting on the full-time result. This stems from a time when betting on football games was done physically, usually at a bookmaker, and not online. Putting our money on the outcome of a game can be interesting […]