Ben's Bet Of The Day

  • Last Updated: 12th September 2018
Ben's Bet Of The Day

Ben’s Bet Of The Day

As you may have noticed recently, we’re looking to take things to a whole new level here at by delivering the best betting coverage possible, so ‘Ben’s Bet Of The Day’ is a yet another new feature we’re adding to the website with a concept you may all already be familiar with.

What Is Ben’s Bet Of The Day?

Similar to Jordan’s Bet Of The Day and as the name kind of gives away, Ben will post his best bet each day (again providing he can find something suitable), only this time in written form (rather than video) along with his reasoning and staking recommendation. Ben’s staking plan will or as follows:

  • 0.5pts = £5
  • 1pt = £10
  • 2pts = £20
  • 3pts = £30

Who Is Ben?

As many of you will already know, Ben is part of our weekly podcast and is a regular contributor to the website. Based in London, Ben has a lifelong passion for sport and is a lover of numbers and trends, so expect plenty of statistical analysis and insight into his selections.

You can follow him on Twitter @benlevene96.

Today’s Bet Of The Day

You can see Ben’s latest Bet Of The Day, along with all of his previous BOTD’s below.