Betting Firms Back Ban On Adverts During Live TV Sport

Betting Firms Back Back On Adverts During Live TV Sport

Betting firms have agreed to help reduce advertising found during live sporting events, amid details that these adverts are having a heavy impact on children and youths, leaving them in depressing situations.

Betting Firms Back Ban On Adverts During Live TV Sport

It is estimated there is over 400,000 troubled gamblers suffering a year, with many more on the verge of joining that circle. It is also disheartening to hear that many of these are believed to be children of ages of 18 and younger. The gambling commission published their report in November this year finding that 66% of 11-16-year olds have seen gambling adverts while watching tv. A percentage which this new restriction hopes to dramatically decrease.

It’s refreshing to see that these companies are showing an interest in the health of their customers, as bans on TV advertising could cause major profit reductions among the betting industry. It follows the recent good news that the FOBT having been limited to just £2 stakes, reduced drastically from its previous £100 stake maximum. It becomes even more satisfying to see that the companies are set to unite and approve the voluntary ban, which they have no obligatory requirement to actually do.

The proposal has sparked to life due to fears that it is exposing gambling to underage people which without the use of these adverts would know non the wiser. There is obviously no limit on the age of people that watch channels such as Sky Sports due to the content is shows, hence the attempt to crack down on this.

There is a fear however that the loss of advertising money could cause huge impacts for the broadcasters such as Sky and ITV. It is estimated that gambling adverts are worth a whopping £200 million a year, with most of this going to Sky. Horse racing is set to be exempt from any form of restrictions made as it is only made viable due to the gambling presence the sport possesses.

Although this would be a huge positive for the community, Matt Zarb-cousin rightly points out that “To be truly effective it should have also included bans on shirts and league sponsorship, aswell as pitch side rolling displays”. Despite this, it is unlikely any advancement will be made on this in the near future as Skybet’s partnership with the football league was extended to last until 2024 meaning it still has over 5 years remaining.

The betting companies concerned are proposed to be meeting this week to discuss the projected changes to the advertising rights, although it is still expected this will be rubber stamped as early as next week.