Bet Types 🥇

Win To Nil Betting Explained (2020)

As the name indicates, in Win to Nil betting your aim is to predict the team that will win a match whilst simultaneously keeping a clean sheet. Betting sites nowadays offer an abundance of different bet types for you to wager on. Win to nil betting is a simple yet highly lucrative option to consider. […]

Half With Most Goals Betting Guide (2020)

Half with Most Goals betting is simply testing the bettor to successfully predict which half of a football match will have more goals. It works by bookmakers proposing three possible outcomes; more goals scored in the first half, more goals scored in the second half or an equal amount of goals in both halves. Although […]

What Is A System Bet? (2020)

We are all used to sitting down on a Saturday morning with a coupon of games. We either fill them out by hand, or we fill them out online. We choose the amount of games we want to bet on, and we place our bet. It’s simple and straight forward. Unfortunately for us, the fun […]

Half Time Result Betting (September 2020)

Half Time Result Betting requires you to successfully predict a team which has a better chance of leading a game at Half Time. Introduction to Half Time Result Betting Half Time Result Betting is a variant of the Single Bet type. A Single Bet type involves predicting an outcome dependent on only one factor. A […]