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Payout & Margin Calculator

Betting margins are the difference between the true probability of an event occurring (a bet) and the odds at which a bookmaker has offered it. Different bookies offer different betting margins, which ultimately affect how much punters receive as payouts should they win their bets. How To Use The Punters Page Margin And Payout Calculator […]

Kelly Criterion Calculator

The Kelly Criterion is a method for determining the amount that punters should stake. The formula suggests placing a wager only if the true odds vary from the bookie’s odds . INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE THE KELLY CRITERION CALCULATOR CURRENT BALANCE: Insert your current betting balance BOOKMAKER ODDS: The odds you want to back […]

Hedging Calculator

Hedge betting involved betting on multiple outcomes of  just one event in order to limit your losses or even guarantee a profit, irrespective of the result. This usually entails taking advantage of changes in odds for bets which have already been placed. Our hedge betting calculator will help you calculate how to place lay bets […]

Dutching Calculator

Dutching Betting involves backing more than one outcome in the same event and refers to any type of bets that are guaranteed to get you a payout (or at least break even) so long as you win at least one bet. Use our Dutching Calculator to and see how much you stand you to win. […]

Betting Calculators

Here you can find all our betting calculators which can be used to effortlessly calculate the final estimated payout for a wide range of different betting systems. We are constantly adding new calculators so keeping checking back to avoid disappointment and get ahead of the game!   Each Way Betting Calculator Check out our full […]