Gambling Commission Releases Industry’s Latest Figures

Gambling Commission Releases Industry’s Latest Figures

Gambling Commission Releases Industry’s Latest Figures

The biannual report that the Gambling Commission releases covers all the sectors that this organisation oversees, giving us in-depth statistics and facts that occur in the gambling industry. The report contains both the data that comes from physical and online betting, as well as The Lottery and bingo halls.

Out of all the findings the report has, there are three that stand out from the rest.

  1. Increase In The GGY

£13.7bn was the total gross that the gambling industry received over a 12 month period, from April 2016 until March 2017. This marks an increase of 1.8% from the previous year, which on paper may not be a lot, but when talking about billions of pounds, it’s a big deal. The main factor for this increase is due to the easy access customers now have, what with mobile phones dominating our daily lives.

  1. Number Of Betting Shops

As of September 2017, there were 8,502 betting shops in all of the UK. In March of the same year, there were 3,9% more, resulting in a sharp decrease in physical places to go and place a bet. This is a direct result of big betting companies buying up the smaller competition, and as a consequence the market will shrink and become less crowded, allowing the big boys to run the sector.

  1. Increase & Decrease In Charitable Contributions

The National Lottery contributes yearly to various good causes, which is no surprise- they make huge amounts of money. This year sees no exception, but the interesting thing is that despite giving away £1.5bn, it’s 17% less than last time, which is a decrease of about  £225m.

On the flipside, other large society lotteries have stepped up their game, increasing what they give away by about 20%, which translates to roughly  £250m, almost balancing out what others have failed to give back.

The next industry stats are due to be published in May 2018, by which time all the points mentioned above will continue to grow and it’s imminent that the online aspect will take over completely. Much like what happened a decade ago with the newspaper industry, companies will have to start planning ahead to ensure their safety and to guarantee profitability, all while maintaining the happiness of their respective customers.