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21.06.2021 18:00
Stadium unknown (City unknown)
Not yet known
0 : 2 KickForm Top-Prediction

On the 21.06.2021 the match between N.-Mazedonien and Niederlande will take place at the .  We analysed the match with the help of our Football-Formula for you beforehand and calculated the probabilities for a win, a draw or a loss. Our prediction shows you furthermore the three most likely results. For you to predict or bet more successful, we also offer you statistics of the last matches, the bookmakers’ odds, a Form – Check of both teams as well as current news on either team. With the help of the scientifically sound KickForm prediction you can better bet on the match of N.-Mazedonien against Niederlande.

Prognosis / Trend

Probability for win, draw and loss:

7% Home
19% Draw
74% Away

The trend prognosis states the probability for a win, a draw or a loss from the home team’s perspective. At a glance it becomes visible whether there is a frontrunner or whether the teams face each other on equal footing.

Champion prognosis

Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass eines der Teams den EM-Titel holt.

0% MKD
5% NED