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Wales against Türkei: Bets, Forecasts & Odds

Predictions, Statistics, Odds and Bets for the Euro 2020 match Wales - Türkei on the 16.06.2021. 

16.06.2021 18:00
Stadium unknown (City unknown)
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On the 16.06.2021 the match between Wales and Türkei will take place at the .  We analysed the match with the help of our Football-Formula for you beforehand and calculated the probabilities for a win, a draw or a loss. Our prediction shows you furthermore the three most likely results. For you to predict or bet more successful, we also offer you statistics of the last matches, the bookmakers’ odds, a Form – Check of both teams as well as current news on either team. With the help of the scientifically sound KickForm prediction you can better bet on the match of Wales against Türkei.

Champion prognosis

Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass eines der Teams den EM-Titel holt.

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