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Predictions and betting tips for football matches, with data-driven forecasts, betting tips and odds comparisons. Up your betting game with the KickForm Football Formula and use one of our recommended bookmakers to place your bets!

About the KickForm Football Formula

KickForm is a mathematical algorithm which predicts the outcome of football matches. Our goal is to calculate the most precise football predictions worldwide on the basis of relevant key figures. For that purpose, we developed a special and unique procedure - the KickForm Football Formula.

Data-Driven Football Predictions

In his book „Der perfekte Tipp“ (“The Perfect Bet”) Prof. Heuer from Münster University (Germany) outlined certain parameters that display a high correlation between the prediction of football games and the actual results. The deciding factor here is the performance level of a team that is composed of various key figures, e.g. goalscoring opportunities, possession, market value, match day or home game advantage. Prof. Heuer was able to prove that predictions according to his model were better when compared to odds and predictions made by bookmakers.

Our Mission: To Provide the Best Football Predictions in the World!

It is our goal to deliver the most accurate football predictions across the globe - and we continue to work on it every day.

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