Mayweather v McGregor: Majority Of Punters Backing Irishman

  • 4th July 2017
Mayweather v McGregor Majority Of Punters Backing Irishman

We are still 8 weeks out until Conor McGregor makes the transition into the boxing ring to take on the best boxer of the last decade in Floyd Mayweather. As everyone could imagine, the betting lines opened massively in favour of the 49-0 American, who was priced as short as 1/14 when the fight was first announced. Since then, the line on Mayweather has moved to around 1/6, 1/8 depending on which firm you use, due to the staggering amount of bets placed on McGregor.

Mayweather v McGregor: Majority Of Punters Backing Irishman

92% of punters are backing McGregor to pull off the unthinkable and be the first man to beat Mayweather, which is even more staggering when you factor in McGregor’s none existent professional boxing career. So the question is, why are so many people backing him?

In a time where ‘what have you done for me recently?’ dominates all sports, and with the ease of access to social media, Conor McGregor has catapulted himself to super stardom and has become the first MMA fighter to crack the celebrity elite. ‘The King’ of self-promotion has become an icon to not just those deeply embedded in the MMA and combat sports community, but to your Average Joes in the street that fancy themselves as an encyclopedia of sporting knowledge.

Now the vast majority of those backing McGregor are the aforementioned Average Joes; which is not meant in an insulting manner, it just states the casual fans’ effect on the betting lines. For those McGregor fans that aren’t truly connected to MMA, they’ve seen him turn the great Jose Aldo into a 13 second vine clip, become the first fighter to capture 2 UFC belts simultaneously, and overcome Nate Diaz in one of the best fights the sport has seen. And the icing on the cake is the fact McGregor predicted every last one of them.

The confidence and self-belief McGregor possesses is beyond admirable. For a man who has backed up so much of what he has said, who wouldn’t believe him when he says he can walk into boxing and take out Mayweather?

Well I don’t.

And it’s not due to McGregors lack of skill or confidence, or the fact he is a southpaw with reach. It’s the fact that I’ve seen Floyd Mayweather box over the last ten years. I’ve seen him box circles around Canelo Alvarez, I’ve seen him dance around Juan Manuel Marquez, I’ve seen him eat Shane Mosley’s best shots, make adjustments, and then box the socks off him for the next 10 rounds. Basically I (and the majority of fight fans), have seen Mayweather beat the elite of the elite as well as some very good boxers during his career.

Unblemished against the best, a master in the art and science of boxing, is seeing his price driven down due to social media marketing and a new culture of ‘sports fans’. It looks like bookies might do alright for themselves come the 26th of August.