Points Staking System

On this page we explain all you need to know about how our staking system works here at ThePuntersPage.com.

Bankroll management is extremely important when betting, particularly if you're serious about making long term consistent profit.

With that in mind, as of January 2019, we have added a staking system to the site. Not only will it be useful in helping some of you decide what stakes to use, but it will also allow us to track profit and loss records going forward, thus providing more transparency.

How Does It Work?

The system is one we also use for both our horse racing tips and our weekly podcast. It works as follows:

  • 0.1 Point = £1
  • 1 Point = £10
  • 2 Points = £20
  • 3 Points = £30

It goes without saying you can alter your stakes accordingly, relative to your own bankroll – in fact, this is something we'd recommend doing.

P&L records are located at the top of each betting preview while advised stakes can be found next to each selection under ‘Recommended Bets'.

It made sense to us put this in place as those who want to use it can – those who don't can simply ignore it. Everyone's a winner!