Football Index Pre-Season Preview - A Look At Potential Good & Bad Investments

  • 12th August 2016
Pre-Season Football Index Preview


Football Index Pre-Season Preview – A Look At Potential Good & Bad Investments

Paul Pogba has finally completed his protracted transfer to Manchester United, and with it should come the end of a near six-week domination of the Buzz, courtesy of the English media. Well done to all those traders out there who kept their nerve and accumulated multiple Buzz wins. Now, however, it’s time for us to look ahead to the looming Premier League season – there’s plenty of money to be made on Football Index, and below I’ll be giving you a few of my top picks in time for the 2016/17 season.

Sadio Mane (Liverpool) – A new arrival on Merseyside, but no novice to the Premier League having bagged 21 league goals in two seasons on the South Coast. I expect him to hit the ground running for Liverpool, scoring plenty of goals in the process. Priced at just £0.79 per future there’s still plenty of room for growth and he could well hover around the £1 per future mark with a good start to the season.

Ibrahimovic (Manchester United) – The self-entitled ‘God of Manchester’ will undoubtedly attract plenty of headlines, and the recent revelation of a two year contract, as opposed to the initially reported one year deal, gives you added security against the value of your futures. Although those futures don’t come cheap at £2 a pop, a conservative total of ten Buzz wins would total 50p: equalling a return on investment of 25%. Note: Ibrahimovic is unlikely to be a player to make you a buck by buying and selling for quick profit; instead he represents a significant outlay that will repay those traders who hold long term for Buzz dividend payouts.

Aguero (Manchester City) – Undoubtedly the Premier League’s brightest talent when on song. Injuries always seem to hamper him, but according to media reports Guardiola has his players going into this season fitter than ever before. Aguero spearheading Manchester City’s attack with players such as De Bruyne, Silva and Sane to name but a few behind him really could prove to be a potent attacking force in the season ahead. Currently priced at £1.54 there’s perhaps a little room for positive growth in addition to the high likelihood of multiple Buzz wins throughout the season.

Pogba (Manchester United) – The transfer saga is finally over, and Pogba’s current price of £1.87 per future on Football Index reflects that. I actually expect him to drop a little further still, perhaps to around the £1.80 mark. Yet now seems like the perfect time to invest: with each Buzz award bringing a 5p return per future held, you’ll be making profit soon enough even if his price does fall. The 89 million transfer fee that Man Utd shelled out for the midfield maestro brings an enormous weight of expectation from the fans, the media and to a certain extent within the mind of Pogba himself. How the 23 year old Frenchman handles the weight of expectation is an intriguing story which will certainly be played out in the public eye. Whether Pogba plays well or not, he’ll never be far away from the back pages.

Notable mentions: Dele Alli (£1.02), Kevin De Bruyne (£0.99) Ross Barkley (£0.75), Mhikitaryan (£0.99), Harry Kane (£1.27), Musa (£0.64), Danny Welbeck (£0.48) (shortly prior to return from injury, provided Arsenal don’t sign a marquee centre forward).

Players to avoid: Griezmann (new 5 year Athletico Madrid contract), Higuain (recently moved to Juventus), Juan Mata (if he moves, I think it’ll be away from the Premier League and not to one of the European superpowers), Marco Reus, Theo Walcott.

Any questions, then as always feel free to message me @FootballindexRC