Tom's Double Your Money

‘Tom's Double Your Money’ is another new feature we're bringing to you at and is a concept that has previously been extremely popular with our followers.

What Is Tom’s Double Your Money?

Each day, Tom will provide us with one bet priced at around even money (now you see why we called it ‘Double Your Money'). His bet can include as few or as many selections as he wishes, provided the total combined odds are around 1/1.

Who Is Tom?

As many of you will know already, Tom is part of our weekly podcast and is a regular contributor to the website. Avid fan of The Bantams, Tom takes a keen interest in the Football League and also European football.

You can follow him on Twitter @TomLove_18.

Today’s Double Your Money

You can see what today’s Double Your Money is from Tom on YouTube below. To ensure you never miss out you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here and turn notifications on.