Tony Bellew v David Haye 2 Betting Preview & Odds | 5th May

Tony Bellew v David Haye 2 Betting Preview & Odds 5th May

Alex Boardman (@A_Boardman) previews Saturday’s rematch fight between Tony Bellew and David Haye at the O2 Arena in London and looks at what’s on the line for both men ahead of this heavyweight fight.

Tony Bellew v David Haye 2 Betting Preview & Odds

Date: 5th May

Time: 22:30 (main event)

Venue: O2 Arena

Channel: Sky Box Office

In the rematch that, well, nobody clamored for, Tony Bellew is out to prove the first fight against David Haye wasn’t a fluke.

Rewind to just over a year ago and all the talk was of how Haye was ‘too big’ and ‘too strong’ for the natural cruiserweight Bellew. Come the end of the 11th round there was already talk of Haye invoking the rematch clause he insisted on writing into the contracts prior to the first bout. It was a terrible night for the former heavyweight world champion, who was not just beaten by the smaller man, but by a man he stated he would ‘hospitalise.’

Now lets not get it twisted, the end of the fight really was the result of a bizarre injury that you’re unlikely too see again in the boxing ring, when Haye’s achilles tendon ruptured in the 6th round. The lack of mobility afforded to Haye made him much more hittable, and as the bout wore on, Bellew landed more and more meaningful punches, leading to Haye’s corner throwing in the towel.

Still, the fight played out almost identically to how Bellew described in the pre-fight build up. He said Haye would come out strong and land some big punches, and that as the fight wore on his output and durability would decrease. Bellew has shown us that he can eat Haye’s best shots and keep coming forward, so will this fight be any different?

There is an old adage in the world of combat sports that says ‘the younger fighter wins the rematch.’ Now this doesn’t always stand true, but in the case of this fight you’ve got Haye who is now 37, and has spent the year recovering from a ruptured achillies. Not only this, but the rematch was originally slated for 17th December, and Haye was forced out through another injury. It is still to be seen if Haye’s body can with stand a 12 round bout against a world-class competitor, and although he looks aesthetically pleasing, is it still built for a war inside the ring?

David Haye will always have a chance of winning any fight early on. His athletic nature and freakish power means he can knock out anyone at anytime. But if he couldn’t do it the first time, I struggle to see it happening now. I think Bellew will weather the storm again and after the 5th round I believe his output will be too much for Haye. I can see a late stoppage or points victory for Bellew, in what should be an entertaining fight again.

Betting Odds

  • Tony Bellew 2/1
  • Draw 40/1
  • David Haye 1/2