Paddy Power have been busy trying to improve their customer service and have created a way for punters to withdraw from their online account to their bank account…instantly.

Withdraw Your Winnings To Your Bank Instantly With Paddy Power

You can now withdraw your winnings and have the money in your bank within 2 hours. This feature has been in use for a while now with other bookmakers such as Sky Bet, but thankfully Paddy Power have now caught up. It really is a great feature, there’s nothing worse than winning a bet and still not being able to get the drinks in for another five days.

There are some drawbacks to this new feature however. You need to be with certain banks to be able to receive your winnings within 2 hours and if you aren’t it looks like you’ll still be waiting up to 5 working days for your winnings to hit your bank.

“If you’re a customer of Barclays or Nationwide in the UK, or Bank of Ireland, AIB or Permanent TSB in Ireland, you no longer have to wait for days when your shrewd selections show a return.”

There’s little explanation as to why this feature is only available to specific banks and there isn’t much more mention of the terms and conditions around this feature. When you click on ‘More Info’ you’re just directed to the home page of Paddy Power’s sportsbook. A little digging on Twitter has told me that it isn’t Paddy Power who have restricted certain banks, but it is the ‘Bank’s technology’ which has led to only some being able to process payments within 2 hours.

There also seem to be limits to the amount that you can withdraw. Again, it’s a struggle to find exact figures on this but many comments have said it is £100. Now I’m not sure why this is the case because Sky bet allow up to £1500 to be withdrawn in 2 hours, but it could benefit some punters.

Overall this feature is a welcome one despite the restrictions that come with it, however it does seem a little bit late in the day for this to come in when you consider that Paddy Power are a massive name in the industry. The reaction from punters seems to be mixed to say the least with many being confused at the restrictions put in place with this feature. For me it’s a step in the right direction and hopefully they continue to try and improve their customer services as well as making funny videos.