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Football World Cup 2022 - A Data-Driven Simulation

Tips and Predictions for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

KickForm calculated predictions for the entire World Cup tournament 100,000 times in a complex simulation using the KickForm Football Formula. Probabilities for victory, draw and defeat were calculated for all 64 games, from the Group Stage to the Final, along with the chances of reaching the final rounds and winning the World Cup title for each team.

The Complete 2022 World Cup Predictions

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KickForm is a mathematical algorithm for predicting football matches. The goal is to calculate the world's most accurate prediction of football matches based on relevant metrics. Prof. Heuer from the University of Münster has outlined certain parameters which correlate with the prediction of football matches and the result obtained. The deciding factor here is the performance of a team composed of different variables, e.g. scoring, possession, market value, match day or Home advantage. For our 2018 World Cup simulation, we used the World Football Elo Ratings as the basis for the teams' performances.

About the KickForm Football Formula

KickForm is a mathematical algorithm used to predict football matches. It is our goal to provide the world's most accurate prediction of football matches based on scientific evidence and statistical metrics.