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KickForm ( is a football startup from the university town Münster. The newly founded corporation (May 2016) developed a platform for the prediction of football matches. KickForm operates on a complex mathematical model which calculates the probabilities of match results.

Businessman Jan Drücker and physicist Dr. Jörg Heidjann are the brains behind KickForm. Physics professor Andreas Heuer, author of the book "Der perfekte Tipp" ("The Perfect Bet") and established expert for football statistics, supports the two founders as scientific advisor. 

Want to know how it all began? Check out the press kit below for the story of KickForm's roots. 


Status: 31.05.2016

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Jan und Jörg
The founders, Jan and Jörg, in front of Münster castle (Schloss Münster)
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Jan und Jörg im Hörsaal
Jan and Jörg at university
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Jan Drücker
  Download (jpg, 7.9 MB)
Jörg Heidjann
  Download (jpg, 8.0 MB)
Team Foto1
Team photo (f.l.: Dennis Boße, Jan Drücker, Aaron Iker, Richard Gervink, Jörg Heidjann)
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Team Foto2
Team photo (f.l.a.:Aaron Iker, Richard Gervink, Jörg Heidjann, v.l.u.: Dennis Boße, Jan Drücker)
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