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Getting to the Roots of the Fascination

No human can safely predict, how a football match is going to end. This is just one of many reasons for the fascination of the sport, and that is exactly why it is such enormous fun to analyse matches or to bet. How to, in the curse of this, move at least partly on safe ground, draw accurate conclusions from statistics and that way learn to understand phenomenons such as streaks in home games and the managerial roundabout, belongs to the expertise of Prof. Heuer and his team.

Getting to the core

Prof. Andreas Heuer
Football expert

Heuer is Professor for physical chemistry at the University of Münster (Germany), expert for the theory of complex systems. Is the course of a tournament predictable? Does a change of manager make sense? Which impact does chance have? Heuer has dedicated himself to the big questions of football for quite some time - with the help of science. The findings of his studies can not only be found in his book „Der perfekte Tip“ („the perfect bet“) but now also on the platform

80 million national coaches

The strictly mathematical analysis of matches as well as of football myths is one thing, however, apart from that each football fan has his own football knowledge and the famous gut instinct. In the end each football fan knows it best - no matter how Prof. Heuer’s formula looks like. There most likely is not the one true football formula, that is why Prof. Heuer supports KickForm with the playful approach with the help of which football fans can create „their“ football formula themselves.

Julia Benzing

Julia Benzing
Sports statistician

The KickForm Team receives a critical support from Julia Benzing, a sports statistician from the Technical University of Dortmund. When she is not just developing algorithms for KickForm, Julia Benzig is engaging with questions such as “Do the achievements of Borussia Dortmund have an impact on the quantity and quality of freshman at the Technical University of Dortmund as well as other interesting topics. Her Master’s thesis has the title „statistical methods for the prediction of football matches“.

Johannes von Lindheim

Johannes von Lindheim
Johannes von Lindheim
Student of mathematics

Johannes is a student of mathematics at the Free University Berlin and a football-statistics-enthusiast. In his Bachelor’s thesis „The optimal football bet“ he intensively addressed the topic of football betting. His theoretical calculations for an as precise as possible estimation of the probability of the occurrence of betting events as well as the finding of the optimal wager for the maximization of one’s capital at the lowest possible risk are put into practice at KickForm. Johannes has utilized the Football-Formula with the Kelly criterion against historical odds from eight years. At the end of that simulation there was, on average, more than a doubling of the capital per season. When Johannes is not working on the mathematics of football, he likes to play the piano or chess or pursue his passion for ball games on the basketball court.

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