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3. League Bets, 7. Match Day, Season of 2021/2022

Predictions, Odds and Statistics for all 3. Liga Encounters of Every 7 Match Day

We analyzed the Bundesliga encounters with the KickForm Football Formula for you beforehand and calculated the probabilities of win, draw and loss. Our scientifically sound 3. League Tips & Predictions and forecasts also show you the most likely results for the match. Click on a fixture and get important analyzes for the respective encounter.

Top-Prediction / 7. Matchday
3. Liga

Saarbrücken vs. Wiesbaden

3 : 4

03.09.2021 19:00


SC Verl vs. Viktoria Berlin

3 : 3

04.09.2021 14:00


Duisburg vs. Würzburg

2 : 0

04.09.2021 14:00

Prognosis / Trend

No data available yet.


1860 M. vs. SV Meppen

1 : 1

04.09.2021 14:00


Magdeburg vs. K'lautern

1 : 0

04.09.2021 18:00


Havelse vs. Dortmund

0 : 1

05.09.2021 14:00


Osnabrück vs. Viktoria Köln

3 : 0

06.09.2021 19:00


Zwickau vs. Halle

2 : 2

15.09.2021 19:00


Freiburg II vs. Braunschw.

0 : 1

22.09.2021 19:00

Betting better with the KickForm Football-Formula

The KickForm Football-Formula is a self-learning algorithm for the prediction of football matches. The Formula improves each matchday and will give you the best Bundeslig bets possible. Among the factors taken into consideration for the prediction are goal difference, points, goals, goals against, home record, matchdays and market value of each team. The basis for the KickForm Football-Formula is a mathematical statistical procedure which was developed by Professor Anderas Heuer, a professor of physics at the University of Münster. This method was chosen as the basis of our formula because the predictions of Prof. Heuer have been proven to be especially accurate in the past and have better outcomes than the odds of bookmakers.