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Free Football Predictions For Today - Kickform Soccer Predictions

Predictions and betting tips for football matches, with data-driven forecasts, betting tips and odds comparisons. Up your betting game with the KickForm Football Formula and use one of our recommended bookmakers to place your bets!

What are Kickform Predictions?

If you are looking to up your football betting game with the hottest tips online, then you have come to the right page. All Kickform Predictions are powered by our unique Football Formula utilising data-driven forecasts to produce betting tips and odds comparisons that far out perform anything else out there. You can check out the latest football betting tips for Europe’s top leagues right now.

Kickform Predictions can be relied upon to generate the very best football betting tips. We say this because these tips aren’t simply invented our writers. Rather, these are calculated utilising data and intelligence using our Football Formula to produce reliable and accurate tips for all football matches across Europe’s top five domestic leagues.

These tips are available for the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, The Bundesliga and Ligue 1. On top of this, tips are available for European club competitions and international events.

The date data-driven insights and analysis that our Football Formula uses to calculate its predictions ensures the best possible accuracy. Some of the key features of Kickform Prediction today includes advanced algorithms, harvested historical data analysis and statistical models.

You may have seen other betting tip services online, but Kickform Predictions differentiates from these as can be evidenced by its accuracy and track record.

How Kickform Generates Match Predictions

Kickform Predictions are built around a statistical model specifically designed to generate football tips. In order to create its predictions, Kickform uses a Football Formula which has been proven to be particularly accurate.

Here is how it works.

Step 1: How we Determine the Home Advantage

In order to calculate a team’s percentage when it comes to home advantage by adding their home advantage of the last three years to their home advantage during the current season. Of course, we already know that, on average, home teams tend to score more goals. The stats for this per game work out to be 1.66 goals at home and 1.20 for away.

Step 2: How we Calculate the Number of Goals per Match

Taking both teams into account, there are three goals on average scored per football match. Although football is a game of trends and right now that figure has now decreased and is currently set at an average of around 2.8.

Step 3: How we Evaluate Levels of Performance and the Predicted Goal Difference

When we make our calculations on what we expect the levels of performance and the expected goal difference to be in an upcoming football match, we have set formulas that we use. These can be seen below:

• Level of Performance equals c1 X1 + c2 X2 + c3 X3 + c4 X4 
• X1 is the goal scoring difference (GCD) of the season before, allowance of the last three years (0.5, 0.35, 0.15) 
• X2 equals goal scoring variance of the current season 
• X3 equals the current fitness value (mean goal scoring variance, subjected to a declining exponential purpose) 
• X4 = logarithmical worth in the market

Goal scoring opportunities, or XG, can be very useful when making predictions. More so even than actual goals because the top teams have a much better chance conversion rate. The forecast then becomes even more accurate when we take into account the goalscoring opportunities of the current season as well as the past season before looking into the market value. When we do this, correlations of up to 0.67 are created which in turn generates a correct predictions rate of 67%.

Step 4: The Exceptionality of Newly Promoted Teams

The performance levels of the recently promoted teams is also very well predetermined. Shock results in the lower half of the table are therefore unsurprisingly quite rare with lesser teams struggling to pick up points, especially when they come up against the very best teams. While we are referring here to the Premier League, the same can be said of all leagues throughout the different tiers of English football and across Europe too.

Step 5: Calculating the Expected Number of Goals

In every match the total amount of expected goals is a lot more similar than you might expect. That being said, there will always be games where the top teams score more goals than the standard amount.

• Number of goals = c1 X1 + c2 X2 + mean goals in each game
• X1 = Actual total number of past goal scoring chances with matching weighting parameters in the previous three years.
• X2 = Actual total of goal scoring chances created in the ongoing current season. Here, the total number of goal scoring opportunities of all the teams is subtracted in order to determine the total amount of goal scoring opportunities as compared to the average.

Step 6: Calculating the XG

This is the proportion of the calculated goal difference plus the total number of goals for the match in question.

Step 7: Matchday Weighting Factor

Employing the weighting factor for the respective matchday or for a particular part of the current season.

Forecast Results with the Kickform Football Formula™

Example: Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04

Prediction after utilising the KickForm Football Formula™: 1.429:1.022

It goes without say that no match will ever result in 1.429:1.022, that is purely the average. Using Poisson Distribution, we are able to calculate figures for the distribution of 100% by using a row of results for every team.

The Poisson Formula works like this: P(x; μ) = (e-μ) (μx) / x!

Using the example above, the Poisson Distribution has been calculated to create the table below.








Real Madrid

23.95 %

34.23 %

24.46 %

11.65 %

4.16 %

1.19 %


35.99 %

36.78 %

18.79 %

6.40 %

1.64 %

0.33 %

This example above tells us that Real Madrid have a 23.95% chance of not scoring in an upcoming El Classico match against Barcelona. Los Blancos also have a 34.23% likelihood of only scoring one goal and a 24.46% chance of finding the net twice and so on.

Barcelona, on the other hand, go into the match with a 35.99% chance of scoring zero goals, a 36.78 % probability of hitting at least one goal. Barca also have a 18.79 % chance of finding the net twice.

These figures tell us that most likely result, then, will be a 1-1 draw, a result that comes with a probability rate of 12.59%.

Benefits of Using Kickform Predictions

There are many benefits of using the Kickform Predictions system. Obviously, you will see improved betting success rates which will result in bigger profits. But, on top of this, you will also save time spent calculating your own predictions by heading straight to our betting tips where you find ready made predictions for your betting convenience.

We have an entire community of satisfied users that have generated high profits and increased their win rate thanks to using Kickform Predictions.

Types of Kickform Predictions

Here are some of the betting tips that Kickform Predictions can produce.

Win, Draw or Lose Probabilities

A simple prediction made based on the likelihood of which team, if any, will win the upcoming match.

Correct Score

By crunching the numbers, Kickform can predict the most likely outcome and give its percentage of opportunity.

Over / Under Goals

Here, the system predicts how many goals will be scored in a football match by both teams in total.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Will both teams find the back of the net? Kickform will tell you the probabilities of that happening.

How Can I Use Kickform Predictions?

One of the ways I like to use Kickform Predictions is to place acca bets. When looking at the fixtures page, you can see the list of matches scheduled to be played from whatever league you like. Using colour codes, you can easily see the most likely outcome of each match making placing accas a breeze.

Furthermore, you can click on each individual game for certain match bets and up to date stats and data on the two teams competing. There is also guidance over longer term bets for each competition.

For example, at the time of writing, Kickform thinks that Arsenal have the best chance (66.43%) of winning the Premier League, while Manchester City have a 33.37% chance of retaining their title.

Tips and Strategies for Using Kickform Predictions

As accurate as Kickform can be, there are no guarantees when it comes to sports betting. In order to gamble responsibly, it is important to remember this. Betting is unpredictable which is what makes it so much fun. To that end, don’t follow the tips blindly. Instead, utilise the advice given to you to form your own bets.

Do not become over reliant on Kickform Predictions, merely use its data driven science to your advantage rather than being the only reason you have made those selections. Do some homework of your own by researching and analysing the information available in order to validate your predictions.

When using our predictions, remember there are a wealth of additional resources, such as FAQs, including Kickform’s very own FAQs, as well as tutorials or customer support channels to address any queries or concerns should you have any. We would also encourage you to provide us with feedback about your experience using Kickform Predictions which would in turn help us to improve the Kickform Predictions service.

How Kickform Compares to Other Stats & Analysis Sites

Kickform Predictions is the number one football predictor on the web bar none. No other similar service comes as close as we do so much of the time. The aforementioned Professor Heuer outlined in his book The Perfect Bet the certain parameters that display a high correlation between the prediction of football games and the actual results.

What it all comes down to, and a lot of this is quite basic, is that how well or poorly a football team performs is the result of certain factors. While shock results can and do happen, by the end of the season, the best team will win the league and their closest competitors will fight it out for the Champions League places. A direct correlation to this is that the worst teams will face a relegation battle, with the bottom three dropping out of Premier League altogether. Along the way, goal scoring opportunities, expected goals (XG) and possession will all play their part.

Home and away advantage is definitely a factor on individual match days, but over the course of the season, every team plays each other home and away at some point. What can’t be legislated for is injuries to key players. However, the best teams also have the best squads and can cope with such incidents far easier than the lesser sides.

This is why Kickform Predictions continuously deliver the most accurate football predictions online. Kickform takes all of the versatile variables of a game and uses them to formulate a prediction of certain events based on the range of deciding factors. The reason Kickform provides the best football tips is that it can process information and analyse it to a level beyond what most of us are capable of doing on our own. In short, Kickform is the ultimate tipster, seriously enhancing your chances of betting success and turning a profit.

Final Say

At the end of the day, Kickform Predictions cannot claim to get everything right all of the time so don’t take every tip as gospel. That being said, what it can guarantee is to provide you with what the most likely outcomes are going to be as well as their likelihood in terms of a percentage.

This way you can make your own bets and design your own wagers according to the most up to date and accurate information, such as football data, statistics and histories, available anywhere else online.


What is KickForm?

Kickform is a tool that uses algorithms to create football betting tips, using a seven-step system based on all the statistical information that is available. Kickform is part of The Punters Page, meaning alongside predictions you can find the likes of the latest bet365 promotion, or the finest betting apps. So it's part of a family of pages aimed to enhance your betting experience.

Can KickForm Help Me With A Variety Of Markets?

It certainly can, the information provided by Kickform doesn't just help predict who will win a match, but also provides predictions for things like over / under markets, and both teams to score markets.

What Leagues Are Covered On Kickform?

The Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga and Serie A are all included on Kickform.

Can You Help Me Find The Best Odds Too?

Football doesn't usually come with a best odds guaranteed promotion, that's why you can find odds comparisons as part of Kickform.

Are These Predictions Guaranteed To Win?

At the Punters Page, we provide advice on lots of different things, including where to find the best operators. One thing we will never claim, on Kickform or anywhere else, is that we can guarantee winning bets through this tool or any other piece of advice or strategy we provide.