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Football corner betting tips signify a high probability of success for specific markets, determined through thorough analysis of the most relevant and recent statistical analysis. The probability is formulated by calculating the average historical success rates of both teams from the current season for that specific market. Only when the average exceeds 70% will it be featured among our corner kick betting tips.

For instance, if the corner tips for today were for total corners over 12.5, then the teams being analysed must have corner averages of 13 or more for over 70% of their games that season.

All our corner betting tips are based on fixtures in the immediate future, with corner predictions only being available for games up to three days away. The reason for this is simple. Our football corner betting tips are based on the most recent statistical data for that season, so their accuracy is greater the closer that information is to the game and market in question.

Put simply, corner betting tips for a game several months away would not have enough relevant data to provide accurate corner predictions today.

And to get the latest and greatest football corner betting tips, you can easily utilise our simple table above:

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Betting on Corners Over

Put simply, betting on corners over means wagering that the number of corners made at the end of a game will be above an amount set by the bookmakers. This can be for individual teams or for both teams in total.

For instance, if we provided corner tips today for a total corners over 10.5 market, we were confident based on the statistical data that those teams were likely to make 11 or more corners for that game.

Here are some examples of games where such corner betting tips would be successful:

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    Fulham 3 – 1 Bournemouth (Premier League, 10/02/2024): 14 total corners

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    Dortmund 3 – 1 VFL Bochum (Bundesliga, 28/01/2024): 12 total corners

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    Alavés 1 – Villarreal (La Liga, 10/02/2024): 19 total corners

Betting on Corners Under

In this case, you’d be wagering that the number of corners made at the end of regular play would be below the amount set by your sportsbook. Again, both individual teams and total corners markets are available.

If we had total corners under 7.5 as our corner bet tips today, that would mean our stats show that these teams are likely to make seven or less corners in that game.

Below are a few instances where those corner predictions would see a return:

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    Real Madrid 4 – 0 – Girona (La Liga, 10/02/2024): 2 total corners

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    Ajax 4 – 1 RKC Waalwijk (Eredivisie, 21/01/2024): 6 total corners

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    Chelsea 2 – 1 Crystal Palace (Premier League, 27/12/2023): 7 total corners

Betting on Average Corners Per Game

Instead of predicting the number of corners in an individual game, in this instance you’d be betting on whether the average number of total corners across a season goes above or below the amount set by the bookie.

For instance, if our corner betting tips recommended an over 11.5 average corners per game market for a team, we’d be saying it is very likely that the average number of total corners per game for that team (in that season) would work out at 11.5 or above.

As an example, in the 2023/24 season of the Premier League, the following teams would prove successful corner betting tips for this market:

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    Man United: 12.88 total corners average

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    Tottenham: 12.50 total corners average

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    Bournemouth: 12.00 total corners average

For decades, the likes of corner markets were largely the reserve of football experts. After all, without the ability to wrap your head around multiple statistics, such odds may as well be a shot in the dark. Our corner betting tips and statistics opens up these betting opportunities to everyone, providing punters with more ways to play at a glance.

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