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There are several kinds of card betting tips, all of which aim to showcase the best value card odds today based on statistical data. The way they work is always the same — we require an average success rate for both teams in that season and for that market to be above 70% to be displayed as a tip.

So, let’s say we are talking about football card betting tips for cards over 2.5. In that case, the number of cards given in games featuring those teams would need to be three or more at least 70% of the time to be displayed amongst our card betting tips.

Another market to be used as an example would be yellow card betting tips today, where the number of yellow cards given would need to meet the relevant threshold more than 70% of the time.

Whatever the individual card market, that remains the minimum for our tips.

We always focus on predictions for games a maximum of three days away to ensure the minimal impact of variables leading up to the games. Whether it be the line-up of the team or recent performances, all unknowns can affect the accuracy of our card betting tips. That’s why all the predictions you’ll see here are based on immediate upcoming contests.

And you can discover these tips by navigating our easy-to-use table above:

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Player To Be Carded Prediction

Here, you’re betting on whether a team will have one of their players carded throughout regular play — and in this case, either a red or yellow card will determine this market. In other words, if we provide a player to be carded prediction, we believe there is an excellent chance you will see a player receive a penalty card in that game.

Player To Get Yellow Card Prediction

Some card betting tips are focused on individual types of penalty card. So, a player to get yellow card prediction would indicate that we think it is very likely — based on our statistical analysis — that a player will receive a yellow card specifically during an upcoming game.

Red card prediction

This may refer to a few different kinds of card betting tips. It could be that our red card prediction is for a player to be sent off from any team or a specific team during a game. It could be that multiple red cards are seen during regular play. In any case, the average success rate of any criteria would need to be above 70% to be displayed amongst our card betting tips.

There’s a whole world of betting opportunities if you’re willing to venture beyond conventional markets, including card markets, which delve into the dynamics of gameplay rather than focusing on the outcome. Our card betting tips allow you to best analyse and make the most of these markets, by summarising all the most relevant stats to help inform your own predictions.

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