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On this page you'll find a full and detailed list of stats, streaks and trends within football. These are designed purposely to help punters successfully tackle the most popular football betting markets from a whole range of leagues across the globe.

Football Stats, Streaks & Trends Table

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TPP Football Stats, Streaks & Trends Bot

Introducing our ‘Stats, Streaks & Trends Bot'.

Our savvy tool automatically uncovers the standout stats, streaks and trends in football for the most popular betting markets for 36 leagues across Europe and South America.

Markets included are:

  • Match Result (Win/Draw/Win)
  • Both Teams To Score
  • Over 2.5 Match Goals

There are a number of ways you can use the table:

  • Use the ‘Search‘ bar to find a specific team, league, stat or country.
  • Sort‘ the information (using the arrows) by either ‘Stat‘, ‘Next Match‘ or ‘Date‘.

The data is updated every day to ensure we have the most up-to-date stats available.

Important: If the stats on this page haven’t updated then please clear your cache.

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Why Stats Are Important When Betting

Stats are vital to successful betting and are precisely as useful for professional bettors as they are for recreational ones. This is because only when we understand what went before, can we figure out, or attempt to begin to figure out, what might happen in the future. So, while amateur bettors might want to use fairly basic and routine statistics, such as team league position, team or player form or previous match results, there is plenty more decipherable data out there to be deconstructed and utilised for more advanced bettors.

We are talking about information such as number of shots, expected goals, likelihood of cautions, dismissals, shot conversions and corner kicks. All of the above and more can be put into our mental formulas when we are constructing our football bets. Sometimes, true events don’t tell the full story, such as a team’s league position. It is very often the case that, according to statistics, a team might actually be playing much better than their league position suggests.

Why Streaks Are Important When Betting

Both winning and losing streaks are all about one thing, momentum. Oddly, some bettors are convinced that it isn’t important to factor momentum into consideration, while others consider it to be essential to the outcome of football games. By now, you should have figured out where stands in all this. We very much come down on the view that momentum should most definitely be taken into account.

This is because winning streaks are put together by teams with momentum and consequently have their tails up. Losing streaks, on the other hand, are always posted by teams in poor form and with little-to-no momentum, playing matches with their head down and, in a fair degree of cases, almost being beaten before they take to the pitch. That is why it is definitely worth betting based on streaks. Of course, as ever with betting, there is no such thing as a sure thing, but this is as close as you will get.

Why Football Trends Are Important When Betting

As with streaks, football trends can be a pretty divisive issue when it comes to its usefulness when betting. Some believe that it is pointless to read too much into the development of trends while others recognise its worth and value it accordingly. In fairness, of the three factors that this page is examining, trends is perhaps the most fluid of them and therefore the least critical. But, all the same, do not dismiss its worth altogether. True, a decent football betting strategy can be achieved without using trends and patterns, but why risk it? Trends, when used in conjunction with stats and streaks, can fortify your bets so they cannot be considered worthless either. In fact, many bettors are reliant on football trends to make their betting choices and have been successful in doing so but do not base their wagers solely on trends alone rather in addition to all the relevant data.


Reasons You Lose At Betting

In life, there are things that go your way and things that don't. The same applies in betting.

We all love winning runs, but it is inevitable that at some point, regardless of how long you have been betting for and regardless how good of bettor you believe yourself to be, you will experience a losing run where absolutely nothing goes right. How you deal with losing runs can and probably will play a pivotal part to your long term success.

Before we continue, it's important to try and define what a ‘bad run' actually is.

What Is A ‘Bad Run'?

What represents a bad run for one bettor may be nothing more than standard variance for another.

For example, someone who bets mostly on outsiders is going to interpret a ‘bad run' differently compared to someone that bets mostly on odds-on favourites.

It's down to you to determine when accountable losses turn into a bad run.

Okay, so now we're clear on that, here are 5 factors that you should consider when on a losing streak.


Tips To Avoid Losing Streaks In Betting

It is not just football or sports in general which have trends; even your betting can have a series of winning or losing streaks. So what are the best tips to avoid losing streaks?

Tip 1 – Understand Losing Streaks Happen

The first thing you need to realise is that losing streaks will occur. No betting strategy has ever relied on every bet being a winner and indeed even the most successful bettors encounter losing runs.

Knowing that losing streaks happen will eliminate any shock or panic when they eventually do, which will stand you in a better position of dealing with them.

Tip 2 – Keep Your Discipline

Keeping your discipline when betting is always important, but particularly when you're going through a bad run.

It can be extremely tempting to start increasing your stakes or chase your losses but this almost always ends badly. We've all heard the saying ‘only risk what you can afford to lose'. You may get lucky once or twice where chasing gets you out of a hole, but long term it can be disastrous to your bank roll.

By maintaining discipline, you'll limit the damage to your betting bank and be well on your way to overcoming your losing streak.

Only bet what you can afford to lose.

Tip 3 – Take A Break

A common mistake for bettors is the idea that you need to be active every day there are games/events scheduled. Wrong. Giving yourself some space now and again is good practice.

If you feel that a losing streak is going to affect how you operate and potentially lead to poor decisions then taking a break will help clear your mind and recharge your batteries. It's almost impossible to make consistent profit based on ill-researched bets and a stressful mind.

Tip 4 – Analyse Your Bets

Being able to analyse your betting history is just one of many reasons you should be keeping a record of your wagers, especially when dealing with losing streaks.

Go through your spreadsheet and see where you're going wrong. The number of factors that could be causing your losing streaks are endless but the only way to find out is by investigating.

It might be you've just been unlucky, in which case you should probably stick to your strategy if it's been working for you long term. Alternatively, it might be that you're trying too hard and going for bets that you normally wouldn't, in which case you may want to revert back to your original strategy.

Analysing your history will not only help you develop betting discipline, but it will help you identity any problems, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to get you back on the winning trail.

'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail'.

Tip 5 – Look At The Bigger Picture

Yes, losing streaks are difficult to take and can be demoralising but you need to accept they are part and parcel of being a punter. Put things into perspective and look at the bigger picture. You may be on a bad run, but in the grand scheme of things, it's likely to be insignificant. Betting is a marathon – not a sprint.


Football-stats-streaks-trends-betting FAQs

🎲 What Is More Important, Stats, Streaks or Trends?

They are all important but some more than others when used individually. However, when used together, they become a hugely powerful force for successful betting.

💲Can’t Stats Lie Though?

Well, yes of course they can, but the thing about stats is that they provide solid evidence of what went before. To that end, they provide as much critical information as anything when we are looking into potential outcomes. The trick is to decipher the data to work out what might be false evidence and can be used for the good.

🍒 Surely Streaks Can be Misleading?

Of course, they can, but like everything else, you need to break down the information and work it out for yourself. And, we should add, that all streaks, both winning and losing, will come to an end at some point. In the 2019/20 Premier LeagueLiverpool were on an unbeaten run that stretched back to January 2019, lasting a stunning 44 games. They then, out of nowhere, lost to Watford, who were in the relegation places at the time, at the end of February a year later. The point is, don’t rely on trends but use themOn 44 occasions backing Liverpool would have paid off but one time it didn’t, see?

👌 So I suppose The Same Can be Said About Trends?

Yes, use them, but don’t rely on them alone.

🏆 But if we Use All Three Together?

Then you stand the best possible chance of generating the best possible return on investment.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

Identifying stats and patterns is a popular approach to football betting because we can develop a better understanding of likely outcomes, if we factor in what has gone before. While we would like to point out that it might not always be sensible to place bets based solely on stats, when combined with other factors and variables, they certainly can give us some decent insight which can then help in the decision making process, especially when it comes to choosing our football bets. With the help of our StatsBot, you can uncover all of the standout football streaks and trends within minutes, thus reducing the time needed to research without sacrificing any of the knowledge. So, while you save time and effort, using this service, your bets will be every bit as informed.