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Over 2.5 Goals is one of the most well-known markets available. The overall stats for football as a whole show that the typical game averages between 2.4 and 2.6 goals – Quite impressive!

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Over 2.5 Goals Statistics – Use The Search Bar To Filter Results

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Over 2.5 Goals Statistics

The table above features Over 2.5 Goals stats for 510 teams across 29 leagues around the globe and shows the number of matches played and the number of matches that have seen 2.5 Goals, or more scored (for the current season) along with a percentage. The green bar represents the percentage of total games where there has been 2.5 Goals, or more scored.

There are a number of ways you can use the table:

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  • Sort the information (using the arrows) by either Team, Matches Played (Pd) or Percentage (%).

The data is updated every day to ensure we have the most up-to-date stats available.

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What Leagues Do You Offer Over 2.5 Goals Stats For?

We currently offer Over 2.5 Goals stats for teams from the following countries and leagues:

  • Austria – A-League
  • Belgium – First Division A
  • Brazil – Serie A
  • England – Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two & Conference
  • Finland – Veikkausliiga
  • France – Ligue 1 & Ligue 2
  • Germany – Bundesliga & 2. Bundesliga
  • Greece – Superleague
  • Holland – Eredivisie
  • Italy – Serie A & Serie B
  • Norway – Eliteserien
  • Portugal – Primeira Liga
  • Scotland – Premiership, League One & League Two
  • Spain – La Liga & Segunda División
  • Sweden – Allsvenskan
  • Switzerland – Super League
  • Turkey – Süper Lig
  • USA – MLS


Introduction to Over 2.5 Goals Bets

Over 2.5 Goals Bets are extremely popular. Both teams must have a combined score line of over 3 or more goals.

The Over 2.5 Goals market is one of the most popular among football bettors. It comes under the category of a Single Bet. To successfully win an Over 2.5 Goals Bet, you must correctly predict that both teams will score an accumulation of 3 goals, or more. You need not predict which team will win, lose, or draw the match you are betting on.

Let’s take a match between Manchester City and Manchester United as an example. Manchester City lose the game 1-2. Since a total of 3 goals have been scored in the match, you will win an Over 2.5 Goals Bet if you place a wager on this game. Similarly, if the score line finishes at 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, or 3-2, among other possible goal differences, it will not matter. However, if the match ends with less than 3 goals scored, you will lose the bet.


What is Bookmaker’s Margin in an Over 2.5 Goals Bet?

When placing an Over 2.5 Goals Bet, looking out for the best available deals across several bookmakers, is essential. You must opt for a match you want to punt on, and choose a trusted bookmaker offering a good margin. That being said, what is bookmaker’s margin? To put this into perspective, let’s say you ask your friend to choose a number in between 1-10, and write it down on a piece of paper.

You unravel the number, and if it is an even number, your friend wins £50. If it is an odd number, you win £50. In a situation like this, where each party has a fair chance of winning the bet, neither has a distinct advantage over the other. This is a perfect example of a 100% market. Now, if you place the same bet on a random number in between 1-10, with someone looking to make a profit, the market percentage will exceed 100%.

That being said, the percentage by which a market does indeed exceed the threshold of 100%, refers to the sizable margin a bookmaker holds over you. You must keep in mind that the higher is the bookmaker’s margin, the fewer are your chances of reaping a return off your wager. Once you have chosen a match you want to punt on, scout a wide selection of bookmakers as the margin in question, varies distinctly among bookmakers.


Why Not call it Over 3 Goals?

The term Over 2.5 Goals is used to avoid any confusion, and it make it easier for punters to understand. If the term Over 3 Goals was used, there could be confusion if a match ended with exactly 3 goals scored. Using the term Over 2.5 Goals ensures that this discrepancy is avoided. If a match ends with 3 goals scored, everyone will be clear that they have won, as Over 2.5 Goals have been scored. In essence, the extra 0.5 of difference eliminates a lot of confusion.


What is the Asia Goal Line Market?

While the Asia Goal Line Market is not as popular as the Over 2.5 Goals Betting market, it is becoming increasing popular with time. While the market works similarly for bets placed on under, or Over 2.5 Goals, The Asia Goal Line Market works differently when betting under, or over whole numbers. If you placed an Over 3 Goals Bet in the Asia Goal Line Market, and if the two teams score a combined 3 goals, you will not win – You will be refunded your initial wager.


Advantages of Over 2.5 Goals Bets

An Over 2.5 Goals Bet comes with significant advantages.

  1. Foremost, you need not predict who will win, lose, or draw the game. All you have to do, is successfully predict whether 3 or more goals will be scored in the match you are placing a bet on.


  1. Unlike some other bet types, you can win an Over 2.5 Goals Bet as soon as both teams manage to score a combined 3 goals! This could be in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even in the last minute of the match. As soon as the 3 goal mark has been breached, you can sit back and enjoy the game, knowing fully well that you have won the bet you placed!


  1. This bet type is more appealing than an Over 1.5 Goals Bet, or an over 5 Goals Bet. Both these bets come with significant disadvantages. 2 or more goals being scored in an entire game, is more likely than 3 being scored in the same match. This brings down the odds on an over 1.5 Goals Bet.


Similarly, scoring 3 or more goals in a game is more likely than scoring 4 or more goals in the same match. Over 2.5 Goals Bets come in between these two bet types, and make it the safest, yet the most popular betting variant of the three.


Over 2.5 Goals Betting Tips and Strategies

Historically, looking at football results, teams both play on the front foot, and defend when they have scored enough goals to their liking to preserve their lead. Other teams sit back and defend when they have to play out a game.

Very few games are end-to-end, and even fewer games end with monstrous score lines, and even if they are, higher are your chances of reaping monetary benefits off such affairs! That being said, betting on specific teams, and leagues can lead to you reaping large benefits from an Over 2.5 Goals Bet.

You can place bets on matches contested in the Dutch Jupiler League, and the Scandinavian leagues, as they tend to be high scoring affairs. Placing bets on high scoring teams in the big European leagues makes sense as well. Low scoring affairs like games in the French Ligue 2, and the Italian Serie B come with higher odds.

You can place bets on games in these leagues as well, taking into consideration games between the top-ranked teams in these leagues, which are a sure-shot to produce goals. You must go through the latest team news, and injury updates before placing any bet.

Also, you must dig deep into the history of a fixture in question, and gauge mean defences from leaky ones. A team consisting of a famed attack is more likely than not to breach the 3 goal barrier. Similarly, a leaky defence is likely to ship in a hoard of goals.


Over 2.5 Goals FAQs

💶 Over 2.5 Goals Bet

If in a match, both team score a combined tally of 3 or more goals, you win.

🏆 Bookmaker’s Margin

The margin a bookmaker holds over you, over the 100% threshold of a market.

👌 Asia Goal Line Market

A betting market that works slightly different than the Over 2.5 Goals Market, when it comes to betting on whole numbers.

🍒 Over 1.5 Goals Bet

If in a match, both teams score a combined tally of 2 or more goals, you win.

💲Over 3.5 Goals Bet

If in a match, both teams score a combined tally of 4 or more goals, you win.

🎲 Under 2.5 Goals Bet

If in a match, both teams score a combined tally of 2 or fewer goals, you win.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

The Over 2.5 Goals market is popular among bettors, and is highly sought after. You need not predict the winner of a match – All you have to do is predict whether both teams will score a combined tally of 3 or more goals! Perform your due diligence, look through team statistics, league standings, team news, and injury updates before placing a bet in this betting category. You must gauge through several bookmaker site as well, and opt for a bookmaker which offers the best odds. You could start with our list of the top 10 best bookies to get yourself inspired.