On this page, you'll find 100% free sports tips & predictions, generated fully from data. The probability is formulated by calculating the average historical success rates of both teams from the current season for markets such as corners, goals and cards. Only when the average exceeds 70% will it be featured among betting tips.

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In this section, we provide a breakdown of our betting tips, giving detailed insights on a range of sports from football and tennis to golf and horse racing. If you're new to all this, don't miss our guide on how to place a bet online, which will provide you with step-by-step instructions and which betting tipsters to follow.

Make sure to check out our detailed 2023 sports calendar to stay updated on all the events throughout the upcoming year!

Football Betting Tips

Loved around the world for its spectacle, passion, and complexity, football is all about understanding the intricacies of different tournaments, from local to international – especially if you're a punter looking to maximise your bets.

For a list of top bookies to go along with our extensive betting tips, check out our list of the best football betting sites online!

Tip 1: Don’t let your heart rule your head

For many people, football is a game charged with emotion, especially if your favourites are playing. This makes for great entertainment, but not necessarily the most accurate objective analysis. Therefore, it’s a good idea, before putting any money down, to ask yourself if you are backing what you think is going to happen, or what you want to happen. And if you just can’t keep your feelings from clouding your judgement, you could always choose a market which does not necessarily indicate the result. For football, this includes wagering on corner betting and First Goal Scorer, as just a couple of examples, so there’s plenty of opportunities outside picking a winner.

Tip 2: Study the stats

You may see general sports betting tips echoing something similar, but few offer so many easy ways to study the statistics of recent games. This is thanks to many quality sources on the subject, with none better than our excellent TPP Football Stats Centre. There’s probably no finer way of immediately improving your betting strategies and odds analysis. After all, what could be better than having the raw information of all the relevant recent results and form indicators available to you? Perhaps only KickForm, which uses these statistics to provide the most accurate football tips possible using a mathematical algorithm.

Tip 3: Choose an area of expertise

Arguably the most popular sport in the world, there’s an utterly staggering number of football events and markets. While this translates to more betting opportunities, it can also be overwhelming, potentially thinning out your statistical analysis. It may be a good idea then, to slim down on what you’re focusing. You might bet on one league or only certain teams, or even particular markets such as draw results or over/under goals. Whatever interests you and can maintain your attention is best.

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    Recommended betting site for football betting – bet365

We've found that bet365 has the best balance between competitive odds, livestreaming capabilities, and a great selection of in-play markets. When matches are not available for streaming, the site does a great job at indicating what is going on during the match with pitch visualisations and action tracking.

Tennis Betting Tips

This action-packed sport is among the most exciting to watch, and its pace means that you’ll need quick wits and a smart strategy to make the smartest bets possible, especially with many major tournaments hosting huge upsets in recent years.

Are you on the hunt for the best online bookies to bet on tennis with, alongside the finest betting tips? If so, look no further than our guide to the best tennis betting sites.

Tip 1: Analyse the players

Unlike team sports, tennis allows you to research and analyse individual players more effectively. Consider their recent form, any injuries, and even their likely level of motivation heading into the upcoming event. If it’s a big game, it’s certainly worth looking at how they’ve performed under pressure in the past.

Tip 2: Look up head-to-head records

For any match between two players with a history, there’s no piece of research more relevant we can think of than head-to-head stats. This provides you not just with information about how well they’ve played, but how they’ve performed in the most similar circumstances you can analyse. If you consider this and then take into account more broad recent form and physical health of the individual players, you should start to piece together some excellent and hopefully accurate betting predictions.

Tip 3: Make court surfaces a key consideration

Never underestimate the importance of court surfaces in a tennis performance. Grass, clay, and hard courts all have distinct characteristics affecting players’ movement, speed, and bounce. And some players simply perform better on some surfaces. For instance, Rafael Nadal is known as the “King of Clay” because of his success on those courts, while Serena Williams tends to prefer grass or hard courts. It could be a deciding factor in any game, and therefore, is a pivotal consideration for any well-considered sports analysis.

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    Recommended betting site for tennis betting – Betway

For exciting and potentially rewarding tennis bets, Betways' acca offer is a perfect choice. Not only do you get your first accumulator bet for free, but you’ll even get a £30 matched free bet if that initial wager loses. Moreover, with excellent tennis coverage, top-tier odds, and a great live betting experience (including livestreaming), you'll find ideal markets to capitalise on using these extra perks.

Golf Betting Tips

This is a game that requires patience and dedication to master, and indeed, for those who consider themselves golf aficionados, it requires a great deal of passion and persistence to truly understand its nuances. Our betting tips for golf, alongside our list of the best golf betting sites, quite literally go all across the world, covering tournaments big and small, from local to international events.

Tip 1: Study course characteristics

One of the things which makes golf such an interesting sport both to bet on and as a viewer is that there’s such an amazing variety of courses. And these course characteristics will almost certainly have an impact on the results. Therefore, it is as important to consider the varying layouts, hazards, lengths, and grass types just as it is the players form. Pay particular attention to golfers who perform particularly well on certain types of courses. For instance, Jordan Spieth has excelled with the challenging positions posed by the Augusta National Golf Club, while Brooks Koepka is great on courses that require long drives.

Tip 2: Consider weather conditions

Paying attention to the weather forecasts might make for good general sports betting tips, but there’s arguably no sport more sensitive to its impact than golf. We’re not just talking about rain or extreme heat having an obvious impact, but even a moderate change in the winds can affect a tournament. In other words, keep a very close eye on the weather for the best sports betting strategies.

Tip 3: Assess a variety of skill sets

Researching player form is a vital part of making good, accurate predictions. But if you really want to take your golf odds analysis to the next level, you should break your considerations down to different skill sets. Consider driving distance, short game, how they handle pressure, recovery skills and course management to get a much deeper and more accurate picture to assist with your betting predictions.

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    Recommended betting site for golf betting – Betfred

Betfred gives golf the respect it deserves as one of the most popular sports for punters. With high-value player prices and the option for cash out on your bets, this is the ideal site for anyone looking to wager on golf tournaments.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

The granddaddy of all modern sports betting is horse racing, and it remains to this day one of the most popular options all over the world. We cover events for this sport, no matter their size, from all around the UK and beyond. Its simplicity makes it accessible, but it can also be deceptive, as it takes serious expertise, thought and strategy to really make the most of your horse racing bets.

Naturally, this is where our horse racing betting tips come in! To find out where best to utilise our advice, check out our guide on the best horse racing betting sites.

Tip 1: Understand different race types

Wrapping your head around the various kinds of race such as sprints, middle-distance, and long-distance races can really help contextualise any and all future research you conduct to improve your sports betting tips and predictions. Most racers have some kind of preference for specific race distances that better match their running style. For example, those with quick acceleration may not be able to maintain their pace, while larger horses tend to perform better in long distance races.

Tip 2: Make the racing form your friend

There’s no sport which consistently provides better information on past performance than horse racing. If you head over to any of the best betting sites for horse racing, you should be able to find tons of stats on recent races relevant to your betting predictions on the racing form. It’s certainly a vital part of ThePuntersPage prediction on any race. This will include previous finishing conditions and often, just as importantly, the margins behind the winner. Pay particular attention to how they’ve performed in races similar to the one you’re wagering on.

Tip 3: Never believe in the sure thing

Want free betting tips which could save you a lot of money? Then there's none more important than this.

Our sports betting tips are always based on sound logic and research, and we will never tell you that any wager is a sure thing, even with our expert picks. There is always a chance that your bet can lose, and you must never wager more than you can afford, so always bet responsibly. The reason we’ve chosen horse racing for this advice is that this is traditionally the sport of the insider tip, someone telling you they know for sure that a certain horse will be victorious. While it’s possible for any horse to win, there’s never a sure winner.

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    Recommended betting site for horse racing betting: William Hill

William Hill is one of the biggest names when it comes to horse racing, especially in the UK. With William Hill TV, they offer an outstanding number of livestreams from various racetracks on a daily basis throughout the year, which makes it an ideal site for anyone who wishes to actually follow the races rather than just looking at results once the race is over. What's more, there are a number of promotions up for grabs that are specifically targeted at horse races!

Snooker Betting Tips

This is another absolute classic for bettors. Snooker is an intellectually demanding game that’s more about skill and strategy than physical prowess. Fortunately, our site provides plenty of general betting tips for this sport, as well as an in-depth analysis of its major tournaments and a list of the best snooker betting sites.

Tip 1: Watch the games

Understanding snooker in the greatest depth requires more than just statistical analysis, although that will certainly help. It’s also a game of pressure and tactics, and to wrap your head around those nuances, there really is no substitute for watching the games as much as possible. If possible, try and check out the highlights of previous head-to-head games between the two whenever that’s available.

Tip 2: Consider break-building ability

Few sports betting tips are quite literally this make-or-break. High value breaks, such as those over a century (100 points or more) are crucial to snooker success. Pay close attention to players who consistently showcase this ability, as this allows them to quickly begin piling the pressure on their opponents and carve their path to victory. For instance, Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan is one of the most successful players in the sport, in no small part because he surpassed 1000 century breaks in his career.

Tip 3: Choose an appropriate betting site

Unfortunately, snooker is not as popular a sport to bet on as some on this list. This means you may need to look a little deeper to find a quality set of versatile and competitive odds. The good news is this is entirely possible if you stick to the finest UK betting sites. Bear in mind that just because a site does not advertise promotions specifically for snooker, doesn’t mean general promotions aren’t available to you. And remember, you can sign up for as many betting sites as you like – there’s no reason not to take advantage of welcome offers, free bets or even enhanced odds on snooker markets.

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    Recommended betting site for snooker – Coral

Apart from being one of the main sponsors for the Snooker Players Championship as well as the World Grand Prix, Coral offers their customers a full snooker betting package. This includes livestreaming of many snooker events (not only the major ones), cash-out availability, and snooker-specific promotions.

Rugby Betting Tips

In contrast to our last example, this is a sport that requires a fair bit of raw athletic talent to be amongst the best of the best. Having said that, it’s also a thinking man’s game, so understanding the rules and various nuances is vital to success. Here's a list of all the best rugby betting sites, alongside our highly useful and strategic betting tips.

Tip 1: Learn the rules

Many people reading this will be well-acquainted with the rules of rugby and the differences between Rugby League and Rugby Union. But if you aren’t, they are vital concepts to wrap your head around before you put together your betting strategies. Not only is Rugby Union played with 15 players and Rugby League 13, but there’s also differences in rules regarding tackles, scrums, lineouts, and rucks. It’s a totally different game experience that’s not just fascinating, but vital for accurate sports analytics.

Tip 2: Assess team line-ups

There’s no getting around the fact that rugby, in either form, is a grueling form of competition. Injuries, plus general wear and tear, means frequent line-up changes that can change the whole complexion of a game. Therefore, the line-ups, plus any injury news, are vital intel for your predictions. On a basic level, remember that a team missing top players is unlikely to perform at their best.

Tip 3: Consider the home advantage

Most teams of all kinds of sports consider playing at home an advantage. After all, who doesn’t want to play in front of their own crowd? That said, we think this is especially important to consider for rugby betting tactics. Familiarity with the ground is vital in a game this physically demanding. Players are accustomed to the dimensions, surface, and quirks of their own pitch. Considering how up close and personal rugby frequently requires them to be with that field, being at home takes on another dimension of importance beyond not having to travel.

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    Recommended betting site for rugby betting – Bet UK

For diverse rugby betting options, Bet UK is our top pick here at ThePuntersPage. Whether you follow Rugby League, Rugby Union, or Australian Rules, this site offers a wide range of markets with competitive odds. Its intuitive structure makes it easy to find what you're looking for in relevant leagues and categories, making it a simple yet comprehensive option for every rugby fan.

Darts Betting Tips

In a way, this is a game rather similar to snooker, putting the players' hand eye co-ordination and precision to the test. Its simplicity, at least in its concept, also makes it a very popular one to bet on. However, being easy to understand doesn’t mean that making successful bets is just as easy. Nevertheless, you can give yourself a leg up by checking out our guide to the best darts betting sites, together with our top betting tips on key events to help unravel its mysteries.

Tip 1: Analyse tournament formats

One of the things that makes darts so interesting is the variety in the tournament formats. For instance, there’s many differences in the specific legs and sets. There are also knockout tournaments, round robins, and even a Premier League style format where all players compete against each other for a series of weeks. Quality wagering tips should take these variables into consideration, as some players may perform better in certain conditions. On a similar note, you may also want to consider the venue conditions – everything from stage layout to lighting can have an impact.

Tip 2: Look at scores and finishing ability

You can learn a great deal about the quality of a darts player by checking out their most recent scores. Here, we advise that you spend time researching their ability to score heavily and to provide the perfect finish. This can greatly help you conjure up effective betting strategies when it comes to darts betting.

Tip 3: Consider handicap markets

Where available, utilising handicaps may be the optimal way to wager on this sport. The wide scoring range of darts, plus the variety in the format, means there’s tons of opportunity for interesting handicap markets with competitive odds. Ideal if you’re looking at a rather mismatched contest.

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    Recommended betting site for darts betting: BetVictor

These guys even had their name on the World Cup of Darts tournament! The darts offering at BetVictor is second to none, with terrific price boosts and a great welcome offer for new customers. On top of all this, they also offer great customer support via live chat and other mediums just in case you encounter any problems. All in all, we'd say they really hit the bullseye here!

Greyhounds Betting Tips

It may not quite have the popularity of horse racing – although it is still extremely popular – but you should still give greyhound racing the respect, attention and thought it deserves if you want to make the most out of your betting chances. Fed up of being an underdog (pardon the pun)? Then be sure to check out our betting tips and list of best greyhound betting sites, and race your way to the very top.

Tip 1: Watch it live

Many betting sites allow you to enjoy watching greyhound racing live simply for making a wager, and sometimes for nothing at all. It’s simply a great way to enjoy and learn about this sport, providing both entertainment and tactical knowledge.

Tip 2: Consider the number of places

Most betting sites will give you the opportunity to bet on a variety of places (in other words, the position in which the runner finishes) on horse racing markets, not just the winner.

This is a great way of tailoring to the level of risk you prefer, especially for larger races with a competitive field. Do keep in mind that the number of places offered can change depending on the race, so be sure you double check the exact terms of your wager.

Tip 3: Pay attention to sudden odds changes

Large shifts in odds generally means that there’s been a lot of betting activity in one direction. If, for instance, the odds on a particular greyhound have suddenly got a whole lot shorter, then there’s a good chance there’s been a lot of money recently wagered on them. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything. People bet how they wish, and odds shift all the time. However, at the very least and for whatever reason, it does indicate a level of confidence in that racer. It shouldn’t be your only consideration, but is well worth taking into account.

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    Recommended betting site for greyhounds betting: William Hill

What we said about horse racing betting at William Hill applies equally to betting on greyhounds, with the bookmaker having made a name for itself in this field. With the William Hill TV experience, you'll receive a comprehensive package that includes excellent odds and top-quality livestreaming over both desktop and mobile app.

Cricket Betting Tips

Taking place over several days, cricket matches allow you to sit back and really get invested in all the action, drama, and excitement. An intelligently placed bet only serves to ramp up the intrigue even more! If you want some assistance in smarter betting on this complicated but fascinating sport, we’re here to help; not only with our list of the best cricket betting sites out there, but also with our expert betting tips.

Tip 1: Understand the different forms of cricket

While they are all still recognisably cricket, the differences between Test matches, one-day internationals, and T20 clashes are different enough to have a major impact on how the game will pan out. T20 for instance, goes at a blistering pace, the equivalent of a sprint, while a Test match is a marathon test of skill. Certain teams and players may be better at one format than another, so this is an aspect well worth considering when studying past performances.

Tip 2: Consider the pitch

All cricket pitches have their own characteristics which can affect play. For instance, a flat batting pitch can lead to higher scoring matches, so those looking for handicapping tips or over/under markets would be wise to keep that in mind. Fast bowlers can be assisted by more grass, as another example. Familiarity with the pitch is also beneficial, with the home ground advantage potentially being a game changer.

Tip 3: Take advantage of the market variety

Cricket enjoys one of the most satisfyingly versatile collections of markets of any sport out there. Top Bowler and Batsman, for instance, allow you to focus on individual players. If you wish to make the most informed betting predictions but find team analytics too complicated, this could be an ideal way to get started.

Meanwhile, Highest Opening Partnership allows you to focus on which opening pair will get the most runs before losing their first wicket for instant excitement, and Total Runs/Wickets is a fantastically invigorating stats-based market. There are so many great betting opportunities beyond who will win – our betting advice here is simply to check as many out as you can.

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    Recommended betting site for cricket betting: Coral

Cricket is a complex sport that offers more entertainment the more you understand it. Any top cricket betting site must provide extensive detail and market variety, especially for live betting, and be easy to use too. The Coral mobile app also stands out in this regard, offering an excellent mobile experience available on both iOS and Android. This accessibility makes it perfect for cricket betting in particular!

Motor Racing Betting Tips

To someone not interested in motor racing, this sport can seem a little brainless at first glance. But those in the know understand it’s the finer details which actually make motor racing one of the most intense, deep, and intellectually taxing in the world. With that in mind, you’ll want every edge you can possibly get. That means you’ll want to check out our list of the best Formula 1 betting sites, alongside our carefully curated betting tips.

Tip 1: Pay close attention to the qualifying performance

There’s tons to analyse in motor racing, such as past races, driver statistics, and team dynamics, alongside external factors like the track layout, surface types, and weather conditions. However, the simplest way to learn as much relevant information as possible for your odds analysis is to check out the qualifying performance. This tells you a ton about how they’re racing right now, and the starting position can be hugely influential over the final result.

Tip 2: Consider pit strategies

The pit stop is a unique part of motor racing. And make no mistake, the strategies and competence displayed in this discipline can completely change the dynamic of a race. Look for efficient and effective pit stops if you’re picking a winner.

Tip 3: Remember that consistency is key

In motor racing, true success comes from consistency. Great racers and top teams end in top positions throughout the F1 season, so it's important not to overestimate the importance of a good race or two. If you’re trying to understand who’s finishing on top, you need to look for persistently successful performers. And of course, in doing so, you will also discover lots of relevant information relevant to all kinds of betting markets.

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    Recommended betting site for motor racing betting: The Pools

Naturally renowned primarily for its betting pools, this site especially caters to football and horse racing. However, this only captures a fraction of what The Pools has to offer. A versatile hub for punters, it provides a comprehensive library of sports options, including an extensive and competitive assortment of motor racing odds. Additionally, you can take advantage of numerous generous promotions to enhance your motor racing bets on events taking place all around the world.

Boxing / MMA Betting Tips

Combat sports have exploded in betting popularity over the years, with sound reasoning, logic and well-researched betting tips needed if you want to be a successful punter here. Combined with our list of the best UFC betting sites at your side, the below tips can make your bets more successful and gain absolute knockouts when it comes to winnings!

Tip 1: Don’t believe the hype

Combat sports can be a fantastic sport for odds value. Because of the promos, the emotion, and the sheer hype that goes into a big fight, it’s not unusual for a fighter to be seriously over- or under-valued. Consider, for instance, Conor McGregor receiving favorites odds over Dustin Poirier despite the objective recent records and form of both men, as an example. McGregor's huge fan base forced bookmakers to give his winning shorter odds than is logical. Looking out for such opportunities can provide a monster tips prediction.

Tip 2: Study fighting styles

They say that styles make fights, but they also make for sound betting strategies. Consider not just how well a fighter has performed, but specifically how well they’ve fared against opponents, with a similar set of strengths and techniques as their upcoming opponent for the best understand of their chances. For instance, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling based martial art largely focused on submission and ground fighting and can be very effective against more pure strikers.

Tip 3: Factor in weight changes

When a fighter moves weight classes it can be a huge career opportunity, but also a massive risk. If you have someone untested against opponents of a size, that’s an unknown variable, and such mysteries can make accurate sports betting tips tough. In addition, a fighter who is just making weight may have had to cut dramatically and that can seriously impact their physical conditioning and therefore their chances of victory.

Take, for instance, the case of Adrien Broner, who attempted to drop down to Welterweight and ended up losing by unanimous decision to Marcos Maidana in a massive upset following a sluggish performance many attributed to losing weight too quickly. In other words, watch the weight, as it could very well determine the winner.

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    Recommended betting site for boxing/MMA betting: Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes splits boxing and MMA/UFC into two separate sport categories. For boxing, it offers betting markets such as Round Betting, Method of Victory and whether the fight will go the distance or not. In addition to that, the mobile app is very easy to use, and they frequently offer free bet promotions too.

Cycling Betting Tips

While cycling in general isn’t at the absolute top of most popular sports to bet on year-round, that all changes when the epic Tour de France makes its return. And you’ll need some solid betting tips, as well as a list of the best cycling betting sites, to make it through the marathon ahead of the pack.

Tip 1: Know the formats and courses

As much as you are trying to make betting predictions on how you think cyclists will perform against the other competitors, it’s also about how well they deal with the challenges thrown at them by that particular race. Decent sports analysis requires you to familiarise yourself with the type of race and research form relevant to that kind of race format, as well as the course conditions. Different riders excel in different types of races, and understanding those nuances will really help inform your betting systems and predictions.

Tip 2: Study team dynamics

While individual performance is vital, you must always remember that cycling is a team sport, and the dynamics and tactics of these teams can have a huge impact on the success of both the ground and the individual riders. Take this just as seriously as studying the form of an individual for the best chances of success.

Tip 3: Assess climbing ability

There are many different skills relevant to successful cycling. But none are as telling as a rider’s quality when taking on steep ascents and their endurance on long climbs. This provides our free betting tips with an in-depth and intense look at a rider’s physical endurance, vital to understand for the best betting predictions.

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    Recommended betting site for cycling betting: bwin

Whether it's the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, UCI World Championships, or any of the other famous competitions in the cycling world, you can be sure bwin has got you covered. The site also offers in-depth analysis of the main competitions to help punters find the information they need to place their bets.

Esports Betting Tips

This isn’t just a sport: it’s a whole genre of sports, many of which have all the complexity and detail of a well-played chess game. This means you’ll need to be on absolute top form to make intelligent predictions.

Of course, we wouldn’t dream of missing out on what, for us, is one of the most exciting developments in the sports world in decades. If you don’t want to miss out either, check out not only our betting tips on events all around the world, but also our collection of the best esports betting sites available.

Tip 1: Check the overround

While using top betting sites is always a great start, and you can find the finest recommended here at ThePuntersPage, it’s especially vital for esports. Unfortunately, on lesser sites, the odds on esports are much less competitive than with popular, traditional examples like football or horse racing betting.

One way to check you’re getting a good deal on any market is by checking the overround. Simply convert all of the possible odds on one set of markets into a percentage of implied probability and add them together. Anything over 100% is the house edge or the overround – in other words, how the bookie manages to make a consistent profit. However, it should not go over 110% and ideally should land below 107%. A lower overround means fairer and larger payments.

Tip 2: Play the games (or at least watch them)

One of the really cool things about esports is that it’s easy to get first-hand experience of whatever game you’re interested in. While we’re not suggesting you become a professional esports athlete yourself, it is a great way of familiarising yourself with the rules of a game and the key tactics used.

Plus, of all the sports betting tips, this might just be the most fun. If you absolutely can’t get hold of a copy of the game you’re interested in betting on and just want to observe for form and betting trends, then we recommend you check out the live streams instead.

Tip 3: Focus on understanding one at a time

When we say esports, we’re actually talking about a long list of different disciplines, many of which are in completely different genres. For instance, we’ve got Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games like League of Legends and Dota 2, Battle Royale titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, as well as virtual versions of actual sports like FIFA, NBA 2K and Madden NFL as just a few examples.

And each of these requires their own research into teams, players, and leagues. In other words, it can be overwhelming to try and do it all. So, we suggest starting with one then expand your horizons as and when you’re ready.

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    Recommended betting site for esports betting: Spreadex

If you head on over to the toolbar at the left side of the Spreadex home screen and go over to esports, you will immediately be greeted with the latest and greatest options. There are tons of exceptionally creative and generous odds available, both spread betting and fixed odds, plus livestreams on all kinds of global events.

American Sports Betting Tips

Although a lot of our sporting focus is based in the UK and Europe, we still haven’t forgotten about our friends across the pond. Neither has the online betting world, meaning an awful lot of work went into selecting the best NBA betting sites. We’re also well aware these are sports that people are extremely passionate about, and want to learn more about generally, as well as how to make smart bets in the process. Learn how with our exclusive betting tips listed below!

Tip 1. Find a way to watch

As important as it can be to analyse statistics of teams and players, nothing can replace watching the games for yourself. You don’t just get the results in real time this way, but the nuances of the performances as well.

Unfortunately for our UK readers, these aren’t typically livestreamed from the bookies’ due to legalities and licensing. Instead, you’ll want to look up how to watch your favourite American sports online. For instance, the NFL is available via the subscription service “NFL Game Pass”, games are shown on Sky Sports, and there are highlights shown on Channel 4 and ITV at the time of writing.

Tip 2: Pick an internationally minded bookmaker

Most of the best bookmakers in the UK will cover the biggest American sports. However, they might not be the top priority, meaning you may be able to get more competitive odds and exclusive promos should you choose a site with a more international audience. The likes of bet365, Unibet, and William Hill, as just a few examples, spring to mind.

Tip 3: Utilise over/under markets

Most American sports are high-scoring affairs whether we’re talking baseball, basketball, or American football. This means that they are ideal for a broad selection of over/under markets. This is also a newcomer-friendly kind of market as you’re simply predicting whether a variable will be over or under a certain amount, which is perfect if you’re a newer fan of the sport.

  • List Icon

    Recommended Betting Site for American Sports Betting: Parimatch

As one of the great all-rounders of online betting, Parimatch has a fantastic array of American sports covered. They are especially great for ice hockey, American football, and basketball fans, where their trademark odds generosity can be seen across a multitude of pre-match and live markets. Speaking of live, while American sports can rarely be livestreamed, they do a fantastic job of providing an ever-evolving array of live markets with tons of detail to help inform your expert picks.

Novelty Betting Tips

These betting tips today could be about pretty much anything, as long as they don’t fall into those traditional betting categories. That means that we really have to dig deep to provide in-depth analysis and betting tips on one-off,, individual events, which you can find by heading over to our article on the best novelty betting sites.

Tip 1: Keep an open mind

Because novelty bets could be about literally anything, the foremost tip we can give here is to keep an open mind about all the markets out there. They’re supposed to be a little unconventional, so that doesn’t mean they can’t provide real value and betting opportunities.

Tip 2: Understand what’s being predicted

Odds analysis requires you to really get to grips with what is being predicted, only then can you decide if you’re being offered a reasonable return on that market. For instance, if you are betting on an election, what you’re betting on is not the objective qualities of the candidates, but rather how you think the general public is going to vote. If you were to bet on professional wrestling, it’s a scripted show – so you’re not predicting who you think is the best athlete, but rather the most likely course of progression for the storyline.

Tip 3: Have fun

When wagering real money on anything, you should take all potential markets and sports betting tips seriously. A betting strategy that works and a decent return will always be a great time. All punters tips today, tomorrow, or in the future will always have that in common.

That said, it is also important to remember that the whole point of novelty bets is that they are different and entertaining, and you should always keep the in mind to squeeze as much entertainment as you can out of your wagers. If you have fun, you’ll still have got something out of the experience, even if it's not reflected in your betting account balance.

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    Recommended betting site for novelty betting: Bet UK

Don’t let the name fool you – Bet UK is interested in far more than just local sports. They have a wonderfully global and inventive TV/Novelty bet section, where you can bet on everything from the winner of the Australian Voice to the next James Bond. The only rule here is if it looks interesting, Bet UK will probably offer odds on it.

Providing sports betting tips today requires a tailored approach, as each sport has unique characteristics. For example, injuries matter more in rugby than in darts, which in turn affects betting strategy. With this mind, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach won't suffice. Having said all this, we do follow key rules to ensure that our tips meet the highest possible standard.

1. Our Writers Are Passionate Sports Fans

This one really is a no-brainer. You want betting tips, free, from someone who cares about and is familiar with the sport in question. There’s just a level of knowledge that comes from being a passionate fan that is unrealistic to expect someone without any prior knowledge to be able to attain.

It’s not just a case of it being nice for people to write about things they are passionate about; it’s also a strategic advantage. All those hours spent watching your favourite sports provide a base level of knowledge. You’ll notice that we often say that it’s a good idea – if you can keep yourself from emotionally betting – to bet on what you know. Well, it’s very much the same for us. We only write about what we know, and what we are passionate about.

2. We Have Years of Expertise

Of course, it takes more than just being a fan. We’re not saying that enjoying a sport and being passionate, therefore, means you are going to make better bets. If that were true, bookmakers would probably make much more moderate profits. But it is a starting point.

Upon that starting point, we have years of experience and expertise of analysing what does and does not work, and what to look out for in terms of seeking out the best betting markets. Everything we say is backed by years of ceaseless scrutiny and expertise.

3. We Carry Out Diligent Research

All things considered, though, expertise is nothing if we don’t do the work. Hours upon hours of painstaking research is what goes into all of our betting tips, and no substitute exists for all this thought and effort. Bear in mind, of course, that every game and every market is different, and there are specifics that we cannot help you with.

What we can do though, say, with a tournament, is provide a base level of research and tips on that event, which you can use as a platform to help you make better betting decisions.

That is just one example; it could be betting tips on a sport generally or a single event. Whatever advice we can provide, based on all that expertise and research, we do our utmost to give you the very best. In a nutshell, we do that hard work, so you don’t have to.

4. We Treat the Reader as an Individual

Now, you may be wondering exactly how we treat people as individuals, when we can’t exactly tailor our advice for each person reading it. Well, what we mean is that our advice is always written with the knowledge that not all people bet the same way, so we always make clear that you should take that advice and mould it to your betting style as best as possible.

For instance, we may say it is a good idea to bet on teams that you are knowledgeable about. However, we would advise otherwise if you do not think you are capable of being objective, because you’ll be betting for what you want to happen, rather than what you think will happen. Alternatively, we may advise you to utilise the Cash Out feature if you regularly find your bets failing past a certain point.

Those are just a couple of examples and, of course, it all depends on the individual tournament, sport, and circumstances. What is important is that when we write our advice, the fact that not everyone has the same style or strengths when betting is always something we take into account.

5. We Only Promise What We Can Deliver

There’s arguably no more important rule when it comes to betting tips today than this. What we can do is provide you with sound, sensible advice that can help you bet in a way which is more enjoyable and has the potential to be more successful in the long run. However, what we never do is say that we can guarantee a winning bet, or betting success in general.

Betting is always a risk and, no matter how sensibly or carefully you go about it, that will never change. Losing is always a possibility, even for the smartest bettors in the world. That’s why we never promise things that we cannot deliver. If any betting tipster tells you they can guarantee winning wagers, then you should consider their advice compromised in general. We provide the best advice and tips we possibly can, but we cannot provide any kind of magic formula.

Kickform Homepage Screenshot
Football predictions and betting recommendations (source: KickForm)

KickForm uses a scientific means of predicting football results via algorithms, which in turn provides highly accurate, mathematical tips. It’s not just an amazing tool in general, but is also the perfect addition to the expert tips we provide here.

For example, if you want to bet on a FIFA World Cup match, your best approach would be combine our football betting tips abvove with mathematical insights from KickForm.

By bringing together our tips, mathematical analysis and your own personal feelings in terms of the likelihood of events, you can then come to a much more considered bet and/or betting strategy than would have otherwise been possible. Just analyse all the info with our dedicated stats including corners, goals, and card betting tips and make informed decision. We don’t want to consider the tips from our experts and the tips from KickForm to be one or the other; they are by far best implemented when utilised as a partnership.

bet365 Homepage Acca Promo
bet365's Soccer Accumulator Bonus (source: bet365) T&Cs: “This offer is only available to new and eligible customers. This offer applies to returns on pre-match accumulators of 3 or more selections on the standard Full Time Result, Both Teams To Score or Result/Both Teams To Score markets for selected leagues and competitions as shown in the table above. The maximum bonus that you can receive is £100,000 or currency equivalent. Bets placed on the Full Time Result – Enhanced Prices market do not apply to this offer. This bonus will not apply where a stake has been fully Cashed Out. Where a stake has been partially Cashed Out, the bonus will be calculated based on the remaining active stake. Where all selections within the bet have been marked as won and this has been Cashed Out for the full return value, the bonus will apply. If a qualifying bet is edited using our Edit Bet feature, the bonus will be calculated based on the new stake. Where a bet has been edited to include or amend a selection for an event that is In-Play, the bonus will no longer apply. Bets placed with Bet Credits, Double Chance bets or combination bets with bonuses such as Lucky 15s, Lucky 31s etc. will not qualify for this offer.”

We don’t usually focus on accumulators for our betting tips today. This isn’t because we dislike accumulators – as a matter of fact, we think of them as one of the most interesting ways to bet because of their ability to provide additional entertainment across large tournaments.

With that said, they are very complicated, and we think that it is generally more useful to focus on tournaments and specific sports, and then allow people to apply that to their own accumulators as best they see fit. Still, there are a couple of pieces of advice we’d give to accumulator fans.

1. Go Small for the Best Results

Accumulators can be a great way to provide intrigue across several events. However, the reason you hear those stories about people winning an absolute fortune from accumulators is that they really aren’t very likely to happen.

Look, we’re not telling anyone not to live the dream and go for huge odds if they want. But our betting tips have to be grounded in reality. Being right about many bets over and over is very hard, and it is tough to maintain a quality strategy throughout. Therefore, you’ll want to go small for the (likely) best results.

2. Go Big for Enjoyment

Let’s be real – accumulators are popular because people enjoy them. And that’s just fine. If your £5 accumulator keeps you thrilled for several games and you lose the bet in the end, we’d say that’s still a fiver well spent. And because accumulators can offer big odds for small amounts, you can enjoy them without needing to risk a lot of money. So, feel free to go big for enjoyment, but just don’t always expect to win.

3. Remember Why Bookies Love Accumulators

The reason why we’ve given the two previous tips is partially down to the bookmakers’ margin. Now, every bet you place has a bookmakers’ margin. Usually it’s just a few percent above 100%, but with accumulators, it can morph into a rather large difference. And that’s why bookmakers love them – they get much bigger margins than they would ever otherwise get away with.

That is part and parcel of what accumulators are. This doesn’t make them not worth your while, but we just want you to be realistic about your chances of winning those monster accas.

4. Take Advantage of Your Bookie’s Generosity

One huge upside to bookmakers’ love for accumulators is that you will often get some really excellent promotional offers. Bookies want to encourage people to make these bets, and are often willing to be quite generous to convince you to do so. We advise you to take full advantage of any and all good accumulator bonuses when you can.

Other offers here include acca insurance, where you get a refund of your stake should you lose (usually) by a single leg, and acca bet boosts, where a percentage is added to your winnings with a greater bonus the more selections you make.

5. Find a Consistent Thread

A key betting tip here, in our opinion, is to find a consistent thread across your bets. In other words, you don’t want to contradict the logic of one bet with another. If you bet for a team to play defensively in one game, for instance, but offensively in the next, then you need to have a logical reason for why that is. The consistent thread means if you notice that both teams typically score a minimum one goal per match, you should logically choose BTTS betting tip. Your bets should create a narrative to how you think the whole series of events is going to transpire.

We are immensely proud of our betting tips today here at ThePuntersPage. We think they offer a lot of value, and we work very hard on them. Nonetheless, we are aware that for a lot of people, the enjoyment of betting is just going with what you feel and seeing if that pays off. You may base it on whatever horse name jumps out at you or even just what team you want to win, thinking that if they do, it will sweeten the deal.

All of that is completely fine. At the end of the day, the point of betting should be to enhance your enjoyment of your favourite sports. If that achieves that for you, then great. However, we would say that your chances of winning are, in our opinion, much lower than a carefully considered and well-researched approach. But ultimately, how you bet is entirely down to you.

We provide betting tips free on any sport we think will be interesting and useful to our readers. More specifically, we provide betting tips on football, tennis, golf, horse racing, snooker, rugby, darts, greyhounds, cricket, motor racing, boxing, cycling, esports, american sports, and novelty markets.

Most of our betting tips for today are either categorised by sports, as we mentioned above, or by individual tournaments. We also cover things like specific TV shows or awards as part of novelty bets. Once again though, the sky is the limit.

We find that focusing on specific sports and tournaments works best, because there are just too many variables on accumulators to be as helpful as we would like. However, since this is something people are interested in, we have provided some general accumulator advice that you can find towards the end of this article.

KickForm is a tool that provides you with mathematically based tips from algorithms based on all of the statistical information that is available. We recommend using both this and our expert betting tips to get the best overview of the markets you are interested in, whenever possible.

One of the misconceptions about taking a more analytical, thoughtful approach to betting is that it can take away some of the fun of betting. While you should always bet in the way that you find works for you, at the end of the day, betting should be about getting the most out of sports.

We find that when most people start looking more deeply into logic and strategy before placing bets – something we help facilitate with our betting tips – they actually discover a new appreciation and understanding of their favourite sports, even deepening their enjoyment in the process. So, not only do we think that this approach can provide better bets, but it can also result in a greater passion for the sports you love.

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