In the dynamic realm of betting, dropping odds may happen for a variety of reasons. Curious about how you can make a profit by finding bookies that are slow to adjust their odds? Dive into this complete rundown of all the best dropping odds sites in 2024 for UK punters.

best dropping odds sites

These odds are exactly what they sound like — odds that have dwindled. The loss of price can mean good value for bettors.

This betting phenomenon usually happens when a lot of people bet on a particular outcome. The dropping and rising of odds is often caused by herd behaviour, where a greater amount of bets than the bookmaker predicted are placed.

While bookies aren’t caught out very often, another possible cause for the price plummet is that they are slow to catch on the market trend.

One last theory is that odds drop due to some last-minute information that the bookmaker has acquired. Naturally, such moves in the market tend to affect pre-game betting odds more than in-play bets, especially when it comes to bet builders and accas.

Following betting market trends through the best dropping odds sites can position you as one of the first to snap up any extra value to be had. Dropping odds help indicate how a market is losing support as it allows a punter to weigh up a wager they might not have spotted.

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While these sites can prove to be valuable for football betting, they are not to be seen as betting advice. Instead, think of them as an extra resource to place informed wagers.

Below we have listed the top five dropping odds sites.

Odd Alerts

Odd Alerts allow you to set customisable alerts on football matches, focusing on real-time notifications for each game using data such as results, goals, cards, and corners.

As an example, if you think that there will be a first-half goal, you can set an alert that informs you if no goal has been scored after a certain amount of time. On top of that, you can also create alerts around the odds dropping for selected markets.

This feature enables you to create in-play match alerts with tailored filters, ensuring you receive notifications when matches meet specified conditions. While the site is free to access, some of the features are behind a paywall in the Pro section.


Oddspedia is an iGaming website providing necessary information on anything sports betting. The platform offers real-time dropping odds, with the best tips for a wide variety of sports, plus livestreaming, breaking news, sportsbook reviews, stats, and live scores.

Aside from offering fast odds updates, this site also comes with a superb dropping odds tool. This feature will consider the odds movements on markets from all bookmakers, so you can use these trends to your benefit. Easily find value from any bookmaker that has yet to adjust their odds to the latest trends. This tool can be customised to either refresh automatically or manually.

There are also tools for bet tracking, value bets, sure bets, and odds comparison. Moreover, the platform has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, as well as a fresh design.


Another one of the best dropping odds sites is OddsSafari. You can see the odds fluctuate in real time with the most up-to-date odds displayed in the last column of the table. This can be found after clicking on the dropping odds tab.

The site initially displays soccer, tennis, and basketball odds, but there is a dropdown menu offering odds on many other sports too. All updates are automatic, so there is no need for you to refresh the page.

When you find the best possible odds, there is a link to the relevant bookie displayed so you can act fast. Unfortunately, this site does not allow its users to set alerts, and there are no paid features.


Another very popular site, Betshoot offers live dropping odds that refresh automatically. You will know when they refresh too, as the designers have included a Next Refresh countdown timer above the displayed odds.

There is also a handy Tracking Tool, where you can keep track of the current odds. This easy-to-navigate website covers football, tennis, basketball, and hockey.

Other Betshoot features include betting tips and predictions, such as ones submitted from the community, for which you can sign up and contribute. However, to unlock all the site's features, you'll need a premium membership account that comes at a price.


BTFOdds is one of the best odds tools online, featuring dropping odds, odds comparison, odds analysis, shifting odds, sure bets and arbitrage, as well as related tips and predictions. The BTFOdds analysts offer information on six sports: football, tennis, hockey, basketball, American football, and baseball.

Each one of them is illustrated by the ball used to play — save for hockey, represented by its stick. Up-to-date information about the current odds in bookmaker’s lines can be found in the football dropping odds section.

The dropping odds pages are located under the Odds Trends section, which updates automatically. There is also a live mode that refreshes every 30 seconds. Full functionality of the platform is available when you pay for a subscription.

Such odds offer valuable insights for punters. Although the information can sometimes be misleading due to false rumours, more often than not, the falling of odds is the direct result of some breaking news that impacts a particular team.

Dwindling odds don’t always mean that the probability of a particular result has changed. When it comes to betting, bookmakers will always want to keep an edge in their favour in order to make a profit, regardless of the result.

One way they can affect the bets people place is by altering their odds. So, if a bookie estimates that too much money has been wagered on a team, they may decrease the odds hoping that fewer people will bet on that team.

If you see that the betting odds for a certain team are dropping, you could assume that they are more likely to win, making them a more tempting choice to bet on. Consequently, the odds will drop even further.

A study undertaken by betting exchange site Betfair once revealed that if you were to back all the horses with rising odds and lay all the horses with dropping odds, you would make a tidy profit. Therefore, changes in odds aren’t always based on changes in the expected result.

Nevertheless, dwindling odds are a very useful guide to helping you make an accurate dropping odds prediction. These will allow you to spot developing trends, which in turn open up opportunities to make bets that come with fair prices.

Predicting Betting Outcomes With Dropping Odds

Knowing when the odds will drop can prove to be a challenge. What you need to do is check the bookies’ latest odds at all times; in fact, look at their odds the moment they publish them for the forthcoming matchday.

If you have a decent understanding about what you're betting on, you're more likely to pick up on any mistakes that the bookies have made. This means that you can anticipate the matches where the odds will drop prior to kick-off. The drop, especially if the teams have European or cup fulfilments in the midweek, could be significant, making it all the more profitable for you.

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You should always look into the factors that influence the final result. Injuries to key players, depleted squads, managerial changes, and even the weather can all lead to surprising results. However, in such scenarios, dropped odds mean more money for you.

At the end of the day, predicting betting outcomes using dropping odds isn’t easy. The most popular method to achieve this is to do thorough research and find bookmakers that haven't fixed their odds yet.

Of course, we have our own betting tips and predictions page, as well as all the stats you need in order to analyse a football match.

Being aware of dropping odds is crucial for every bettor as this information can be an added factor to take into account when placing a wager. By understanding these fluctuations, you know how to interpret market reactions, enabling you to seize additional value and potentially maximise your betting profits.

There is more than one reason why odds can drop, but the main ones are usually betting activity, bookmaker reaction, and last-minute information.

Absolutely, if you want to take advantage of the shifting markets.

When bookmakers adjust their prices and decrease their odds, it causes a knock-on effect with other sportsbooks.

Yes, you can, but there are no guarantees when it comes to betting.

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