Sportsbook Aggregators function as a collection of odds from their partnered sportsbooks, making it easy for punters to differentiate and compare bookies’ odds. In essence, such betting aggregators prevent punters from creating dozens of accounts with a myriad of bookies to find the most profitable option.

However, aggregators also serve a more extensive purpose. The majority allow punters to place bets through their platform, as well as facilitating both deposits and withdrawals. Some may describe them as bookies in their own right.

For any serious punter, boasting a coherent sports betting strategy is key to success and, for some, utilising a sportsbook aggregator may be imperative. An article by Forbes revealed that sports bettors are certainly benefitting from aggregation, with one amateur punter turning his $120 into $1500 thanks to the use of a sportsbook aggregator.

It comes as no surprise that punters benefit massively from having all odds presented in one platform, with the most profitable options being easy to discover and take advantage of.

1. Convenience

The major plus of sportsbook aggregators is how convenient they are for punters. Not only can you access a multitude of odds – typically displayed on one page, but the majority now also allow deposits and withdrawals to be made through their site.

Creating tons of different accounts with various bookies can be overwhelming. Remembering different variations of the same username and password is a chore. Using a sportsbook aggregator eliminates such angst.

2. Free Bets

Aggregators don’t necessarily offer punters welcome bonuses of their own, but they’re superb at revealing all the current bonuses offered by the various bookmakers.

Oddschecker, for example, have a ‘Free Bets’ tab at the top of their homepage. Once accessed, a lengthy list of all the bookies’ offers is displayed. The aggregator’s ‘Recommended Offers’ are listed at the top, with links provided to all offers.

Nevertheless, you should always be on the lookout for aggregators offering their customers exclusive deals. New users are especially liable to receive bonuses or rewards.

3. Tips & Insight

Betting aggregators do more than enough to aid punters with their collection of odds, but some go the extra mile by providing tips and insight for upcoming events. The best betting aggregators offer daily racing tips and detailed previews for any major event in the sporting world.

4. More Payment Options

As we’ve already noted, most aggregators allow punters to deposit and withdraw through their site with several accepted payment options.

Some aggregators allow punters to pay via cryptocurrency. BlitzPredict, for instance, allows bettors to use their own BPZ crypto tokens to securely place bets through partner sportsbooks. This helps circumvent the problem of bankroll funding and payouts common with betting sites.

Nevertheless, as you would with bookies, it’s wise to check what payment options the aggregator offers before proceeding with any betting. Such information is typically accessible on their website.

5. Levelling the Playing Field

In sports betting, the system is designed to favour the house, but aggregators are helping to turn to tide. With analytics, expert tips and the collection of odds being easily accessible via aggregators, punters can rely less on guesswork and make more informed betting decisions.

1. Problem Gambling

With aggregators displaying the multitude of welcome offers and bonuses available by various bookies, it’d be easy for punters to get carried away. Thus, when using a sportsbook aggregator, it’s important that you still gamble responsibly and utilise the offers that you feel are most generous or beneficial. There’s no need to exploit every bonus available to you.

Asian sportsbook aggregators are growing in prominence, with VOdds leading the way in this regard. VOdds is a sports trading platform introduced by Ole Group International that allows punters to access the top Asian sportsbooks in one integrated platform.

This aggregator possesses several specialised betting features to aid punters. For example, their “Limit Win or Stop Loss” function hands plenty of control back to the punter by allowing the setting of specific win and loss amounts. Therefore, once you’ve reached your desired profit or preset loss amount, the platform will close your order, thus limiting wins and losses.

Other VOdds features include Future Order and Positional Order, commonly seen in stocks, forex and indices trading, as well as a sports trading API (Application Programming Interface) that helps punters efficiently manage their customised high-frequency trading.

So, for those looking to take advantage of the superior odds and higher limits typically associated with Asian bookmakers, betting aggregators such as VOdds could be of interest.

Sportsbook aggregators are increasing in popularity and rightly so. They provide punters with a selection of odds (as well as tips and offers on some platforms), making them highly convenient and useful tools for placing smarter bets.. Will betting aggregators provide all you need to know to make your best bets? No. For that, you have to check out ThePuntersPage!

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