Sportsbooks Aggregators: Should You Bet Through Them?

If you’re a regular punter, you probably already know how time-consuming it is to register for multiple betting accounts whenever you want to line shop for great odds. And let us tell you, there are literally hundreds of bookies out there and finding the one with the best odds can be quite difficult.

Fortunately, with the rise of sportsbooks aggregators, gone are the days where you had to create multiple sportsbooks accounts to compare odds and prices.

What is a Sportsbooks Aggregator?

Essentially, sportsbooks aggregators are exactly what they’re called. They serve as a collector of odds from their partnered sportsbooks. That way, you don’t have to create accounts for hundreds of bookies just to find the best odds that will reel in larger profits.

Aside from helping you line shop for odds and find the highest limits with ease, sportsbooks aggregators also allow you to place bets through their platform. On top of that, most — if not all — aggregators allow you to make withdrawals and deposits through their site, which means more convenience on your part.

“How Do I Use One?”

Well, for starters, you’d have to create an account before you can have access to the odds they offer. After that, your experience and how you use an aggregator will depend on the website’s interface. In general, you will see the available games or sports that you can bet on, leagues or matches and, of course, the odds.

Now, if you’re a newbie in the sports betting world, all of the information served in front of you can be a tad overwhelming. Luckily, some sportsbooks aggregators make it easier for you to place bets by automatically showing the best odds at that time. Plus, aggregators also show the odds for whatever betting markets you wish to bet on — be it handicaps, 1×2, over-under, etc.

Why Should You Use an Aggregator?

If you find creating accounts on numerous bookies and having to log in to each one of them every time you want to place a bet absolutely inconvenient, then you should use an aggregator. After all, ease of access to the best odds is pretty much their main selling point.

However, in case you still need a little convincing, here are some of the other reasons why you should stop reading this article and sign up with a sportsbooks aggregator now.

1. Advanced Betting Features

While it may vary on what aggregator you choose to signup with, you can rest assured they will all have their share of advanced and unique betting features.

Some aggregators like VOdds have a “Limit Win or Stop Loss” function wherein you can set a specific win and loss amount. That way, once you’ve reached your desired profit, the platform will close your order, thus limiting wins. Meanwhile, the platform will also stop or close your order once you’ve reached your preset loss amount.

Other advanced features that you might see across most platforms include the API, access to numerous bookies all over the world, fast withdrawals or deposits and a whole lot more.

2. Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards

It’s safe to say that all bookmakers and aggregators offer exclusive deals to their customers. Whether you’re a novice punter, a regular bettor, or an inactive one, you can acquire a lot of generous bonuses and promotions, especially if you’re a new user.

Here’s a tip: you should always watch out whenever there’s a huge league coming up – be it in football, tennis, basketball, or whatever sport they offer. Bookies and aggregators are sure to give out lots of exciting deals during this time of the season.

3. More Payment Options

Aside from the usual bank wire payment option, most sportsbooks platforms offer other modes of payment to make it more convenient for you to place your bets. Some of the latest and popular payment options include cryptocurrency, e-wallets and many more.

Of course, you’ll have to check the aggregator of your choice for their payment options. More often than not, you can see it on their website. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact them for enquiries so that you don’t waste your time signing up for something you can’t use.

Can They Really Increase Your Betting Profits?

According to an article by Forbes, sports bettors definitely benefit from aggregation. In other words, having all odds presented in one platform have proved to be more profitable.

On top of that, Forbes also mentioned that if betting is legalised in some parts of the United States, it could already produce an estimate of more than 6 billion dollars, or 5 billion euros yearly by 2023 as more people enter the betting scene.

Surely, this will prompt new bettors to include aggregators in their betting routine so they can maximise the most out of their wagers. If that doesn’t convince you, here’s another story. talked about how one amateur bettor turned his $120 into $1500 with the help of a sportsbooks aggregator. Here’s how he did it.

This bettor called “Justin” came across an ad that encouraged him to try out their services. For an affordable price a month, their customers can access data from multiple sportsbooks which shows not only various odds, but also how and where other pro bettors are betting on.

After creating an account with just $120, John was ready to make the most out of his wagers. And boy, getting his money’s worth is definitely an understatement.

Placing about ten bets a day with an average of $40, his winnings started stacking up. John continued this routine and in just 12 days since he began placing bets, he cashed out more than $1000 in profit.

Like Justin, you can now have the option of finding the best odds and getting the best out of your bets for any sporting event with an aggregator.

Sportsbooks Aggregators: Are They the Future of Betting?

Maintaining multiple accounts in numerous sportsbooks can be quite a chore. Having a sportsbooks aggregator to combine all of these will make the betting process easier and more convenient.