Betting isn’t the only way you can make money with your favourite betting sites. Many operators have shares available for anyone to invest in, and we’re here to provide the top share prices and a beginner’s guide to betting operators shares to get you started.

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Often the finest operators are actually part of a single company and that means there is one share price for several bookies.

Our share prices update automatically with fluctuations in the market too, so you know you’re always getting the most up to date information today. With that in mind, allow us to introduce nine share prices of our favourite sports and casino operators.

1. Caesars Share Price (Incl. William Hill)

There’s no share price in betting that we’ve seen get as much attention as that of Caesars Entertainment since their acquisition of industry juggernaut William Hill in 2021. The deal went down for $2.9 billion, and it means that William Hill share price, one of the betting world’s leading industry names, particularly in the United Kingdom, now sits alongside some of the most successful and best casinos in Las Vegas and throughout the United States.

It remains early days for William Hill as part of the Caesars Entertainment family, but the reason behind the hype is clear. Pre-acquisition, both had proven themselves to be among the best the world of gambling – whether it’s in a casino in the desert, or an internationally renowned betting site – has to offer.

2. Entain Share Price (Incl. Ladbrokes, Coral, Bwin, SportingBet)

If you’re not that familiar with the behind-the-scenes business dealings of the finest operators out there, then you may not have heard of Entain (formerly known as GVC). However, if you are a fan of sports betting, you’ll almost certainly be aware of many of their companies, including huge names like Ladbrokes, Coral, Bwin and Sportingbet, to name just a few. Perhaps more impressive than the sheer number of phenomenally successful betting sites that Entain owns is the quality of each.

Every one of the names mentioned represent, in our book, some of the finest the industry has to offer. Put it this way, the Ladbrokes share price forecast may be unknown to an extent, as is the case with any investment, but the reputation of that operator is not. And as we’ll discuss later, your Coral share price, to give another example, must benefit from the site being as respected and beloved as it is.

When you have got a whole family of operators with similarly sterling levels of quality, it certainly helps bolster the confidence in any investment, whether that’s a Coral share price today, tomorrow, or any time in Entain’s bright future.

3. Flutter Share Price (Incl. Paddy Power, Betfair, Pokerstars)

Many would likely recognise Flutter Entertainment better if they went by their previous, and rather literal name, Paddy Power Betfair plc. That is because we are talking about the Betfair share price just as we are talking about the Paddy Power share price forecast all rolled up in to one. And that’s without mentioning their many poker acquisitions, such as top pick for best poker site and industry giant PokerStars, to give but one example.

It’s that original merger though which we think continues to be a major factor in making this Flutter share price one of the most intriguing, as any company which combines the forces of arguably Ireland’s best bookmaker and the most successful and finest betting exchange in the world is worthy of anybody’s interest and consideration.

4. Kindred Share Price (Incl. Unibet, 32Red)

Considering that Kindred were once known as Unibet Group Plc, there can be little doubt who is the main eventer of this online gambling great, which includes nine other names across the world including the excellent 32Red. And as anyone who has had the good fortune of betting with Unibet knows – which of course is almost anyone thanks to their broadly available globetrotting site and amazing mobile app – they could have hardly picked a better representative of their company.

The variety and quality found on Unibet is an ideal reflection of Kindred’s financial success, so much so that people still often talk about the Unibet share price today when referring to the Kindred Group generally. This is a group with plenty of depth and a great leading operator.

5. 888 Holdings Share Price

The 888sport share price today is actually known as 888 holdings, but we certainly don’t think you’ll find many people correcting you when you refer to the 888sport share price forecast. 888sport is several websites in one all under a single banner and that is what makes the 888sport share price today so easy to understand and also why it is one of our favourite operators.

888casino, 888poker and 888sport all provide an undeniable level of quality and consistency, meaning that you have a one-stop shop for all of your betting needs. It could too, be the answer to your investment needs should you decide that this share is right for you. The 888sport share price forecast is also bolstered by some additional bingo brands, which again, have that trademark level of quality this international sensation is known for.

6. DraftKings Share Price

It’s not only traditional betting sites you can get involved in, as you can see from the DraftKings share price above. While you should of course make your own decisions and do your own research on which investments could be right for you, it is fair to say that the DraftKings share price forecast is one with potential.

They came into the industry at the turn of 2012 with innovation at the forefront and have since pioneered online fantasy sports, such as fantasy football, to brand new heights. Many changes have followed, from mergers to mobile apps, and even an expansion into traditional betting. Ultimately, it is that creativity and vision which in part continues to drive the DraftKings share price today.

7. Betsson Share Price – Currently not available to players in the UK

Betsson is an operator that we would generally consider underrated. That’s not because they don’t have a passionate, large fanbase, nor because they aren’t critically acclaimed, but because we think that an operator they deserve even more. Clearly, others agree too, with record operating profits in 2021, which is obviously good news for any Betsson share price forecast, as well as the Betsson share price today.

But just as we don’t think that Betsson have reached their potential user base just yet, there are still so many who are unaware of their exceptional sportsbook and live casino. We could certainly see many tempted by the Betsson share price, even in its already strong position.

8. LeoVegas Share Price

Most investment options on this list juggle a multitude of betting options. The LeoVegas share price, more than most, is largely based on the success of its casino alone. There is a sportsbook, for sure, and we are hoping to see that expand as time goes on, but as far as the LeoVegas share price today is concerned, there’s little doubt that a huge amount of the LeoVegas share price forecast is based on the quality of its casino.

The good news then, is that it is point blank one of the best casino experiences you are ever likely to enjoy. It boasts fabulous design, unbeatable reputation and an enormous library of games from many of the greatest software developers the industry has. One of the best slots betting sites, and all-round casinos, out there.

9. Evolution Gaming Share Price

Speaking of some of the best software developers in the world, we thought we would end this list with something a little bit different to show you the sheer versatility that is available in terms of investing in gambling properties. The Evolution Gaming share price is distinct from the rest of this list because this is not a bookmaker, or, like many others here, a company which comprises of several different operators. Instead, this is one of the top businesses in the world for software development.

In other words, the Evolution Gaming share price today is largely based upon the quality of the casino games it has developed, and the Evolution Gaming share price forecast will in large part be based on what they create going forward. The good news in that regard, is that in terms of track record and innovation, we’d consider them among the absolute best.

Perhaps because people view bookmakers as places of entertainment rather than businesses they can get involved in, one question that appears to commonly provide confusion is whether there is a difference between investing in bookmakers and investing in any other business. While of course every business and the challenges it faces are related to its industry, beyond that the answer is no.

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There is no difference to investing in gambling companies and investing in any other kind of business.

So, what do we mean by investing in bookmakers? The same thing we would mean by investing in any kind of shareholding. You can purchase shares in a bookmaker, at which point you own a small part of that company with the amount you own being dictated by the shares. Whether the value of those shares goes up or down depends on the performance of the company. Put simply, investing in a gambling company means buying shares in a company which runs a betting operator (or multiple betting operators) and then gaining or losing money based on the value of those shares.

There is no conceptual or technical difference between a Ladbrokes share price and the share price of a non-gambling related business, just as there would be no difference in how a Betfair share price today would operate compared to a William Hill share price.

For more information on betting on stocks, see our on-depth guide.

Our job here is to provide you with an overview of what we think are the most interesting bookmaker investment options out there, from the William Hill share price today to a Ladbrokes share price forecast. However, we’re well aware that there are many financial experts who dedicate their lives to betting understanding the ups and downs of business.

That said, we do think there are significant factors that can commonly impact an 888 share price, just as it could for any other business. So, we thought it would be wise to provide five examples anyone can wrap their head around to give you a baseline of understanding of the kind of thing that could impact a William Hill share price today, or indeed, any other betting-based shareholding you care to think of.

  1. 1.

    Changing technology and innovations: The online betting world is built on technology. That’s why, for instance, the 888sport share price today is so impacted by their excellence on mobile. In fact, this entire market emerged through the move from offline to online. Today, there are still examples of fluctuating valuations based on that kind of movement. Just take the acquisition of William Hill from a traditional brick and mortar casino juggernaut as one example. The William Hill share price forecast went up almost immediately. Any kind of technological advancement, and how well an operator responds will surely have an impact, good or bad, on the value of shares, as is true for the overwhelming majority of industries.

  2. 2.

    Business mergers: As you can plainly see from our list of top betting companies to invest in, things aren’t always quite as simple as predicting how well an individual site will do. The Paddy Power share price today and the Betfair share price forecast are intrinsically linked by a business merger, as is the case with many operators all across the world. In order to understand the likely future valuation of a share, you must often understand it as part of a team, as well as considering the possibility of future business changes as well.

  3. 3.

    Expansions into new markets: It’s a big world out there and the more markets a company is available in, the more potential they have to make profits. However, there’s also many risks involved. Part of the William Hill share price today is due to influences by their success into America as a result of partnering with Caesars, for instance. If you want to get a good idea of the room for growth for your chosen share, consider their ability to emerge in new markets, or indeed, their potential to lose out from emerging competitors in theirs.

  4. 4.

    Reputation: Any kind of valuation is based on speculation, which in turn comes from reputation. Put simply, part of the value of a share is based on how well people generally think the company is going to do. People’s opinions can have a real-world financial impact beyond objective income measurements. That’s why, from the DraftKings share price to the Unibet share price today, we have only selected companies that we think have a great reputation now and look likely to continue to do so in the future. We are no financial experts but investing in any kind of bookmaker with a poor reputation feels like a bad idea to us.

  5. 5.

    Money spent on the site: Of course, it is not all just public opinion. For a gambling operator, there is a clear financial reality based on the money spent on the site and profit margins which are the most black and white indicators of success – simple though it might be. The Coral share price, for instance, exists because people have chosen to deposit their money on that site. All the potential and great ideas in the world can’t replace the feedback you get from the numbers at the end of the day, nor is there a more important factor in value.

The reason we said individual on the last point was that we wanted to provide insights in this section about outside factors that impact all companies to an extent, such as financial downturns, global events and of course, changes in regulations where sites operate (although this will affect some more than others).

There are of course also things that are simply beyond the control of the operator that can impact the value of a stock. These are things that are not a result of business decisions made by a bookie, as the examples on our previous list were, and could thus effect everything from a Draftkings to LeoVegas share price equally for the most part.

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One such example would be legal changes and restrictions.

If there is a change in the law which impacts how much a betting site can do or advertise, it can have an impact on their share price. A financial downturn generally could also have an impact, as would any global event that would affect how much people spend on betting sites.

Obviously, you cannot really predict some of these things. If you could. we would imagine you could make all the money you’d ever need advising various banks on your psychic wisdom. But it is worth pointing out to make clear that all shares come with risks, as you cannot control everything, no matter how careful you are.

We’ve talked a lot here about how the operators on our list aren’t just great investment opportunities but also fantastic betting sites in their own right. Well, this is no coincidence.

The fact is that today with so much amazing competition out there, it is pretty hard to imagine a betting site being enormously successful without offering a very good betting product. We don’t imagine, for instance, that the William Hill share price would be what it is, or that the 888sport share price forecast would be so bright, were they not standing on the shoulders of an already fantastic product.

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If they are a publicly traded company, then yes, you can buy shares in them.

All shares are different in the sense they represent different business, but beyond that, no. Your DraftKings share price goes up and down just like any other examples.

In the sense that the quality of the bookmaker will have an impact on the business and that would therefore impact share prices, yes. Although we would not say that a higher share price necessarily always means a better bookmaker.

Anything that can affect the profitability of a business can impact share prices. This can include technological changes or legal restrictions, to give a couple of examples. You can find more in the main article.

We truly believe that when it comes to gambling companies, the best usually end up being a success. Of course, there are a lot of factors and nothing in business is quite that straight a line from quality to profitability. That said, when we look at the Paddy Power share price today, or the Evolution Gaming share price forecast, for instance, it feels clear to us that the brilliance we see from a consumer point of view is also what is driving success from a business point of view. Put simply, a great bookmaker is always more worthy of your backing, whether it is as an investor or a punter.

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