The Top 10 Financial Betting Sites for 2020

In times when there is little sports on TV, many bettors are turning to Financial Bets instead. Financial bets let you bet on how stocks, FX or other financial products will perform. This article will let you know what the top 10 Financial Betting Sites are. We will also discuss each type of financial bet in detail, from fixed-odds betting, to spread betting, to CFDs* and Forex.


Best Sites for Financial Betting


• Financial Spread Betting
• Sports Spread Betting
• Tax free financial speculation

• £20 Risk-Free Exchange Bet
• Many Financial Specials
• Thousands of Other Betting Options
New customers only, bet up to €/£20 on the Exchange and if your first bet loses, we’ll refund you €/£20 in Cash. Bet must be placed in first 7 days of account opening. T&Cs apply.
City Index

• Spread Betting, CFDs* and Forex Trading
• Spread betting for 8000+ global markets
• Free Trial Account

• £50 Welcome Bonus
• Financial Specials
• Great Customer Service

• Trade CFDs*, Crypto and Other Financial Products
• The World’s Leading Social Trading Platform
• Free $100,000 Demo Account
IG Index

• Financial Spread Bets and CFDs*
• Tax-free Speculation
• Stockbroking and Other Investment Options
Financial Spreads

• 1000+ Spread Betting and CFD* Markets
• Tax-free Trading on Several Markets
• Free Demo Account
ETX Capital

• Tax-free Profits from Spread Bets
• Tight Spread
• Instant Execution of Transfers

• CFDs* on Shares, Indices, Forex, Commodities and Cryptos
• user-friendly portal
• Free Demo Account

• Specialized Platform for Forex CFDs*
• Free Demo Account
• The Best Way to Learn Forex
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Best Financial Betting Sites: Top 10

Below is a summarised list of the best financial betting sites:

  • Spreadex
  • Betfair
  • City Index
  • 22Bet
  • eToro
  • IG Index
  • Financial Spreads
  • ETX Capital
  • BDSwiss
  • Plus500


What Is Financial Betting?

Financial Betting

(Image: Learn how to bet on stocks, indices, FX, rates and commodities | Licence: CC BY 2.0)

Financial betting is betting that stocks, commodities, rates or other financial markets will behave a certain way. This does not involve investing; rather you are taking a bet, just as you would on the outcome of any sporting event. If the market behaves as well or as poorly as you have predicted, you have won your bet. In this article, we will discuss the best financial betting sites, what types of bets you can place and which markets you can bet on.


Where can I bet on Financial Markets?

There are several types of sites where you can bet on financial markets. These include Bookies, Spread Betting Sites, and Trading Platforms.


Most of the larger betting sites offer financial odds, along with their regular betting options. There, you will often find financial bets (or financials) as part of the sportsbook, similar to how you can bet on sports, politics or other specials.

Spread betting sites

On the other hand, certain sites, such as Spreadex, are dedicated specifically to financial spread betting. Here, you beta sum per point you expect a certain product to rise or fall by.

Trading sites

While this is not betting in the strict sense of the word, many trading platforms offer Spread Bets, along with other financial products, which are closely related to betting, such as FX, CFDs* and Binary Options.


Best Financial Betting Sites

1. Spreadex

Spradex Logo

Spreadex is the main site for financial spread betting in the UK. It allows you to bet on Indices, Shares, Forex, Commodities as well as sports. Spreadex has over 60,000 account holders, and has dominated the spread betting industry in the UK since 1999. You can use it to bet on more than 10,000 global markets.

Financial spread betting

Instead of fixed odds betting, you can wager an amount per point.

For example:

  • A share is currently at 100p, with the spread at 99p to 101p
  • You can either buy at 101 or sell at 99.
  • You choose to buy at £10 per point.
  • If the stock goes up at, you gain £10 per point
  • If the stock goes down, you lose £10 per point


This method of betting has many advantages compared to traditional speculation. It requires less investment of time and money, and since it is a bet, it is completely tax-free!

Sports spread betting

Spreadex also offers sports spread betting, allowing you to bet on a team or player’s performance in a match. This applies to game stats such as point in Rubgy, Goals in Football, or the distance a horse will win by in a race. The more right you are, the more you win. The more wrong you are, the more you lose.

Other financial products

The site also offers other financial products:

  • Trade CFDs* with the same account
  • Trading with margin rates
  • Deal AIM stock shares

Opening a Spreadex account is free, with no charges or minimum deposits. The pro account comes with an interest-free credit limit.

2. Betfair

Betfair is one of the biggest and best betting sites in the world. Besides their regular offer of sports betting, you can also bet on financial statistics. These include:

  • Bitcoin Specials
  • Ethereum Specials
  • UK Interest Rates
  • USA Interest Rates
  • Australian Interest Rates

For example, you can bet on the Closing Price of Bitcoin for this month, or this year.

How to Bet on Financial Markets at Betfair

In the Betfair site, head to the exchange section and choose Financial Bets. Now you can bet for or against an outcome. For example, will Bitcoin be worth between USD 10000.00 and 14999.99 by the end of this year?

Choose “back” if you think it will be, choose “lay” if you think it will not be.

Risk-free bet for the Exchange

While the betting options for financial betting are limited, Betfair offers a fun risk-free bet for the Exchange. Bet £20 on the Exchange and if it loses, Betfair will refund your £20. The bet is for sports, financial bets, or anything else on the exchange.

3. City Index

City Index Logo

City Index is an all-round trading platform for Spread Betting, CFDs* and Forex Trading. The site lets you place spread bets on Indices, Shares, FX and Crypto. You can also use CFDs on the same markets.

For Beginners

For beginners, this is a good way to discover spread betting and CFDs. This will help you learn risk management. The site has a wealth of charts and statistics that will keep you up to date on the latest financial development.

For Pros

Pros will appreciate the option to choose between different trading platforms. City Index offers several different apps for iOS and Android, and several software platforms for pc or Mac.

Spread betting

Spread betting is available for 8000+ global markets and the site offers you the ability to win, regardless of rising and falling markets. The site offers the most competitive margins on any UK site. Join now for a free trial account.

4.  22Bet

22Bet is a great place if you are looking for some small financial bets on the side of your regular sports bets.

Financial Bets

In the Financial Bets section (under Special Bets), you can bet on all sorts of financial data for you to bet on, such as the price of the Euro, the Price of Crude Oil, the price of Bitcoin and more.

Welcome Bonus

22Bet offers a welcome bonus of £50, which you can use on sports betting, financial betting or politics betting. Your first deposit will be doubled up to £50. Wager between £20 and £50 on minimum odds 1.65 to claim your bonus!

5. eToro

eToro Logo

eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform. It lets you trade invest in a large variety of stocks, cryptocurrencies and more, without the need to pay mark-ups, ticketing or management fees. You can trade any volume you want. It is one of the leading exchanges for an ever-increasing number of Cryptocurrencies.


The site gives you the choice between ‘real trading’, i.e. buying actual and selling stock or currencies, or investing in CFDs. The CFD option comes with advanced risk management features, including real-time alerts and a customisable stop loss.

Demo Account

If you want to see what trading CFDs, FX, Stocks, is like, try the free$100,000 demo account to experience trading without any risk.

6. IG Index

IG index Logo

IG Index is a UK-based site that specializes in financial spread betting, as well as CFDs. The site also offers stockbroking as well as plenty of other investment options.

For Beginners

IG index is a great way for beginners to learn how to trade. You can discover new ways to trade, while learning how to manage risk. The site offers analysis and plenty of regular advice.

For Pros

Experienced traders will appreciate the tight spreads, and speed of transfers. There is also a team of experts you can call around the clock. There are several trading platforms you can choose from.

Spread betting

IG Index offers spread bets on Forex, Indices, Cryptos, Shares, Commodities and other markets. These let you bet tax-free on how these markets will perform.


IG also offers CFDs on the same markets. This gives you the chance to profit from a huge variety of financial markets, whether the price is moving up or down.

7. Financial Spreads

Financial Spreads Logo

Financial Spreads is a UK-regulated site, with 1000+ spread betting and CFD markets, it offers tax-free trading on several markets, 24 hour trading on currencies, as well as commodities, stocks and indices. The site has a wide array of live charts to help you invest.

Financial Spread Betting

Financial Spreads let you bet on a wide range of markets. This is an alternative to traditional stock broking. It is 100% tax–free. You choose the size of your stake. Use risk management orders to limit potential losses. The site also offers very tight spreads, just 0.8 points for the UK 100 rolling cash market, and just 0.7 points on the EUR/USD rolling spot market.


Financial Spreads also offers CFDs at a low cost and commission free. You can use CFDs on stocks, indices, FX and more.

Demo Account

Financial Spreads offers a demo account where you practice trading or betting. This is a good way for beginners to learn trading and finance in general.

8. ETX Capital

ETX Capital Logo

EXT Capital is one of the UK’s top providers of Forex, Indices, Equity CFDs, and FinancialSpread Bets. The site feature advanced charts and tools, and can boast low commissions and fees. It won the Online Personal Wealth Awards in 2019.

Spread Betting

ETX Capital offers low spreads on over 5,000 markets. You can make transfers instantly, while you have access to powerful charting tools. This is a tax-free way to profit from rising or falling markets.

CFD Trading*

ETX Capital offers low trading costs. Its award-winning online platform for CFDs is customizable, with charting tools and dynamic risk management.


ETX offers everything for beginning investors to learn about spread bets and CFDs. That includes Webinars, eBooks, Platform Guides and more. That makes it the best place to learn Spread Betting, CFD Trading, Indices, Commodities, Shares and Cryptos.

9. BDSwiss

BDSwiss Logo

If you are looking to get serious about CFDs, we recommend BDSwiss. This trading platform lets you open an account and trade with low spreads from as low as 0.0 pips. The site offers low commissions and£0 Deposit Fees. The site comes with no markups or hidden fees. Stay up to date with its exclusive alerts and use its tools to perform your won market analysis.


BDSwiss lets you trade Shares, Indices, Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies with CFDs. This gives you access to the largest and most liquid markets in the world.

Demo account

The best way to learn practical trading is with a demo account at BDSwiss. That way, you can learn how to deal with real market prices. The user-friendly portal allows fast deposits and withdrawals with most payment options.

10. Plus500

Plus500 Logo

Plus500 is a specialized platform for Forex CFDs*. If you want to capitalize on rising or falling exchange rates, this site is the best. The site comes with no commissions and ultimate money security. A free demo account at Plus500 is the best way to learn Forex CFDs.


Types of Financial Betting

Financial betting can be divided into three categories, depending on how payouts work and how much you can win or lose. The most common types of bets are Spread Bets, Fixed Odds Bets and Binary Bets.

Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed odds are the easiest to bet on. You bet that the markets will reach a certain point, and if it does in the given timeframe, you win your bet. The bet has a set closing time, and you win according to predetermined odds. These are the type of financial bets that most bookies offer. For example, you can bet on the price of US dollars in Pounds at the end of the year or month. The bookie will pay your winnings in the same way they settle sports bets.

Financial Spread Betting

Financial spread bets are becoming increasingly popular. In spread bets, the risk is slightly higher, but the reward is too. Spread betting works by betting a certain sum per point. You can bet on shares, FX, indices, etc. If you bet a stock will rise, you will win for every point it rises, but you will lose for every point it falls. This can lead to big wins, but also big losses. However, the risk is limited by the fact that you can cash out at any moment and that the bet has a time limit. You can also

How to place a spread bet

If you have never placed a spread bet before, here is our step by step guide.

  1. Choose a site with spread betting. We recommend Spreadex.
  2. Decide which market to trade on. Choose between indices, Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Rates. Make sure to do plenty of research, most spread betting sites offer plenty of extra information.
  3. Decide to buy or sell. Choose to buy if you think the price will go up. Choose to sell if you think the price will go down.
  4. Choose your stake size. Choose how much you will stake per point. A stake of £10 means you will win or lose £10 for every point you are right or wrong by.
  5. Do not forget a stop loss. A stop loss is an order to close the position if it moves too far against you. This is how you minimize losses.
  6. Close your trade. When you have reached the desired position, close your trade and collect your winnings.

Binary Betting

Binary Betting is similar to spread betting, in that you bet on how well a stock, currency or other financial product will do. However, unlike spread betting, you will win 100% if your stock reaches the predicted number, but you will lose 100% if it does not. This type of financial bets has a much higher risk potential.


CFDs are complex financial products. The abbreviation stands for Contract for Differences. They are contracts to settle the difference between opening and closing prices. These are typically used for FX and commodities. Essentially, these are price bets on whether the price of the underlying asset or security will rise or fall. Instead of buying the asset, you make the contract with a CFD broker. You will not own the asset; rather you will receive a profit based on how well it performs.

For example:

  • You believe stock A will rise
  • You set a contract with a CFD broker
  • You “buy” 100 shares of stock A for £10 a share
  • The broker only requires you to pay 5% or £50
  • As expected, stock A does rise
  • The broker sells the stock on closing day
  • You pocket the difference in value

* CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Most retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Common Financial Betting Markets

When you are betting on financial markets, it is important to know exactly what you are betting on. Here are the five most common financial betting markets. When you are betting, you are not actually buying any of these products, you are simply betting on how well or poorly they will perform.

1. Equities

Equities is another word for stocks or shares. When you buy equities, you are buying a percentage of a company, making you a partial owner. These are what people are buying and selling in the London Stock Exchange. Stock prices vary from day to day, month to month, or year to year. When people buy stock, they are speculating that the price will go up, so that they can sell at a higher price. People also buy stock for dividends (a share of the company’s profit), or to get a controlling stake in a company. When you bet on stocks or equities, you are not buying them, you are betting on what their price will be in a given timeframe or at a specific time.

2. Indices

Indices is the plural of Index. A good example is the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index, or FTSE 100. This index measures the price of the top 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Many people see it as an indication of the prosperity of UK businesses. You can bet that the FTSE100 or any other index will rise or fall.

3. Forex

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange Market. This is the decentralized global market where you can trade or buy currencies. When betting on forex, you bet on the price a certain currency will have at a certain time. For example, you can bet on the price of US dollars in British Pounds. The Forex market is divided in:

  • The Spot Market: The current market price for immediate payment and delivery.
  • The Forwards Market: The market price for future delivery and payment.
  • The Futures Market: Futures are contracts to buy or sell currency at a set date, time, and for a certain amount.

4. Commodities

The commodity market is the primary economic sector, dealing with raw goods rather than manufactured products, such as cocoa, rice, grain or sugar. Gold and silver are also considered commodities. You can bet on what the price of these goods will be at a given date.

5. Rates

Interest rates are another financial product you can bet on. The most important interest rate in the UK is the LIBOR. The London Inter-bank Offered Rate is calculated from estimates provided by the most prominent UK banks. Each bank estimates what it would cost them to would borrow from other banks. Other interest rates you can bet on include rates set by the European Central Bank or Bank of England Base Rate.


Market Investment versus financial betting

By now, you should realize the main difference between financial betting and market investment. While buying stocks could be considered a bit of a gamble since you don’t know how well they will perform, this is obviously very different to financial getting. When you are betting, you are not actually buying anything. You will not own stocks, bonds, foreign currencies or any other financial product. You are simply wagering against a bookie that certain financial product will perform in a certain way. You can bet that a price will fall and make a profit, or bet that a price will rise and make a profit. As long as you are right, you will win.

The advantages of financial betting

Financial betting has a much lower entry barrier than market investment. It is suitable for casual bettors and financial experts alike. Here are the top six advantages.

  • Lower fees: No matter where you set up a trading account, there will always be fees involved. When you are betting, there will of course be a small house edge, but there will be no fixed fees or transfer fees involved.
  • Faster: When you are betting on the performance of financial products, it will take less than a month for your bet to be settled. Most financial products only yield once per year, or give profit when sold. You will need plenty of time to make money off traditional financial products like stocks and bonds.
  • Less cash needed: If you want to make a profit of just £1000 on traditional financial products, you will need to have a huge budget, since profit margins are not very high.
  • Easier to learn: Simply betting on how well a certain market will perform in the short term is probably much easier than knowing how well a stock will perform over the course of an extended period.
  • Anonymous: When you are betting, you are technically not buying anything, nothing will be registered to your name, so there is nothing anyone can come looking for.
  • Tax laws: The UK has great tax laws when it comes to gambling. While most types of income are subject to tax, income from betting is completely tax-free! All winnings from betting, casino, lotteries or any other type gambling are tax-exempt and you do not even need to declare them to the HMRC.



What is Wall Street Bets?

Wallstreet bets is a popular subreddit, from the social blog site Reddit. It is a home for investors to discuss risky or smart bets on the stock market and swap market tips. It is also a place where small investors work together, and some even believe that this cooperation has been able to manipulate the market.

What is Sports Spread Betting?

Sports spread betting works in a similar way to financial spread betting. Instead of betting on how well a stock will perform in a market, you are betting on how well a team or player will do in a match. You can bet on game stats like Goals in Football, the distance a horse will win by in a race, or how many points a basketball player will score. The bigger the spread, the more money you will win or lose.

Can you bet on stocks?

Yes. Instead of buying stocks and speculating on what their value will be in the future, you can simply head to a betting site where you can bet on how well or poorly the stock will perform.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

Betting on financial markets is not the same as actual investment. It has many benefits, including that it is tax-free. Fixed odds betting at bookies is the easiest, while spread betting is becoming increasingly popular. Since you can cash out or use a stop loss, this method can protect you against too big losses. CFDs are more risky but the risk does come with a potential reward. A demo account at Spreadex or eToro is a good way to get started without taking any risk.