Scorecast betting on football is where bettors place a wager on the correct score as well as the first goal scorer of the match. In this way, the bet kind of works like a double but rather than the odds rolling down from one winner on to the next as it might do in a double, the odds are pre-calculated in their own market.

It is a great way to maximise your enjoyment of football and can be very rewarding. It becomes rewarding because it pays out for more than one outcome, hence why it is basically a double bet. The only difference being that there is one fixed price for a scorecast as opposed to two for a double. Other than that, the mechanics of both bets are pretty similar.

A scorecast bet allows punters to correctly predict the first player to score in a game of football and couple that up with successfully calling the game’s final score. It works in much the same way as a double but, instead of two bets that roll on to each other, this is two bets that have been fused into one making it a double bet which you place as a single bet.

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Scorecast bets have become hugely popular, in the main because they tend to offer great odds. Alongside, the exciting thrills that this kind of bettingcan add to a football match, they are really very easy to place and do not require massive stakes in order to pay out big sums.

As with many bets, there are ways to help improve your chances of generating a profit. Below, we have listed for you just a few of the ways in which you can greatly raise your edge when it comes to scorecast betting.

Shop Around For The Best Odds

This might sound a little obvious given that odds dictate what you’ll pick up in the long run, but it really can’t be stated enough, in such a saturated market place as online betting, you have the ability to shop around from bookmaker to bookmaker in the hope of getting the best price possible for your bet. There is no one price for any potential pick, so by shopping around you’ll be able to hunt down the best value and thus the biggest return on your investment. Plus, you can do all the leg work from the comfort of your very own home.

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Utilise The Latest Statistics

The best way to prepare yourself for a bet such as this, or any bet for that matter, is to arm yourself, pre-wager, with all the most up to date statistics so you know what tends to happen in certain games. We are fortunate to live in an era when all the information we need is available at our fingertips. Just a click of a button and we can access all the latest Opta stats which will help us learn way more than just the highest goal scorers. Now, we know the period in each game in which each player gets the majority of his goals and which teams are more likely to let a potential result slip away. Given all of the above, there really is no excuse to bet blind any longer.

Study up to Date Team News

There are two approaches to this strategy. Firstly, make sure the player you are backing to score first is actually startingthe match otherwise you may well be on to a loser right from the off. Secondly, the latest team news will help you formulate your best bet. An informed wager is far more likely to pay off after all. If you know that the Manchester United goalkeeper is injured for the upcoming match, does that make things easier for the other side? Or, is Tottenham’s leading goal scorer suffering a long term injury? These are the factors that should come into your thinking when scorecasting.

Follow The Form

In all sports, form is critical. When a team or a player are suffering repeated losses, then confidence takes a hit and athletes can easily find themselves in a weird and lonely place. The same is true collectively where teams can hit a bad run. The thing is, that this can happen to even the very best teams and players, it is simply a fact of life. That’s why, when betting, the savvy punter will look into the form as one key part of his or her betting strategy. Of course, you should also bear in mind that, just as a winning or undefeated streak will end at some point, so too will a cooler, a bad run of form so consider all outcomes before putting your money where your mind is.

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As an example of how this bet works, let’s say Liverpool are playing at home to West Ham. Going into the match, Liverpool have conceded just once in ten games while West Ham haven’t won a match in nine opportunities. Armed with this information, we can safely say that a result of 4-0 to the home side is not entirely unlikely. But, we want to spice things up so we are selecting a first goal scorer too. Mohamed Salah might be too easy. He has, over his time in England, regularly finished as a Golden Boot winner.

So, instead we will select his teammate Roberto Firmino. He is another forward player but is still to score a goal at home this season. As per the screenshot above, this scorecast (4-0, Firmino to score first) is instantly upped to 28/1. That’s not at all bad considering the gulf in quality between the two teams, the better of which are at home and we have selected a striker to score first. Side note, the repeat fixture a season earlier was the very same score.

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A £5 bet here will payout £145 so you can see why scorecasts are so popular. Think about it, the top team are playing at home against one of the bottom teams and we have backed them to win by the same score they did a year ago and a striker to score first paying 28/1. Whichever way you think about it that’s a great bet.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that scorecast betting is your only option for doubling football match outcomes. As you will see, there are other, very similar wagers that can be placed with your favourite online bookie.

Anytime Scorecast

One such alternativeis the anytime scorecastbet which, as you may have already have worked out for yourself, requires you to correctly forecast the final score but, instead of picking the first goal scorer, this time you can pick a selection that can score their goal at any point in the 90 minutes, no matter the order the goal occurs in. So long as the player scores and you have the correct result, you will be paid out in full.


Another similar wager to the scorecast bet is the wincast. With a wincast bet you are backing a player to score at any point in the game, just as with the anytime scorecast, except here you only need to predict the winning team, not the final result. Naturally, wincast odds are lower because you are not selecting a result but the bet still works as a kind of double so they can still pay dividends.


Although similar, there is a slight difference with a timecast bet in that here you are not required to nominate you player to score the first or last goal scorer, simply that your pick will find the back in a designated time slot during the match. For example, minutes 46 through 60 and, of course, coupled up with the score for the win. Also, in the case of a timecast bet, you do not get to nominate the time period, the matches have already been dissected into time periods by the bookmaker. All you need to do is pick the time slot.

Scorecast bets are a great way to enjoy football and add an extra level of excitement to proceedings. They are particularly thrilling because they are two bets in one, so twice the fun and they tend to pay well because they require you to be right twice. If that is a little too risky for you, there are alternative ways to bet on pretty much the same thing but with slightly less accuracy required such as the wincast or anytime scorecast. All in all though, this is a good market that is well worth trying for yourself. You can also check out our detailed article on Betting Terms & Definitions

That depends on whether a goal has been scored before he comes on. If he enters the pitch at 0-0 no matter how much time is left, then he still has a shot at bagging the game’s first goal so the bet continues on its original terms.If your selected player comes on after the first goal then your bet will be settled as a single on the correct score of the game.

If your player does not partake in the game at all, then the bet is settled as a correct score single.

No, it is completely voided if the player does not play any part. In this case your bet will not be settled as a single on the team to win. If, however, he plays some role in the game, no matter how small, he is deemed to have played so the bet stands.

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