Half With Most Goals Betting Guide (2020)

Half with Most Goals betting is simply testing the bettor to successfully predict which half of a football match will have more goals. It works by bookmakers proposing three possible outcomes; more goals scored in the first half, more goals scored in the second half or an equal amount of goals in both halves.

Although this is a simple enough bet to understand, the best way to make a positive return on investment with this kind of wager is to pay attention to the stats. For instance, statistically speaking in the English Premier League there are a higher number of goals typically scored in the second half of matches. This will almost certainly be reflected in the displayed odds.

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How Half With Most Goals Betting Works

This type of bet works by requiring the bettor to decide, and then financially back their decision, on which half of a football match will contain the most amount of goals. When you open up all the available betting markets on a football match, you should see the Half With Most Goals option. Clicking on that will bring up three options; first half, second half and tie. This is pretty self explanatory, but all you need to do is make your prediction by clicking on your preferred choice after which it will appear in your betting slip for you to pick your stake and place your bet. If you believe that the first half will outscore the second then make that your selection or do the opposite if you are banking on the second half. For an equal amount of – or none at all – goals to be scored in either or both halves, then simply select the tie option.


Half With Most Goals Betting Strategy

As with most betting, there are always steps you can take in order to give yourself as big as an advantage as possible in the hope of turning your Half With Most Goals bet into a winning one. We have listed below some Half With Most Goals betting tactics and strategies which you can apply before laying down your money.

Half With Most Goals in The EPL Stats

  • In the English Premier League, typically the second half has been the highest scoring of the two
  • In 2018/19, the Premier League’s most common result was 2-0, occurring 17.6% of the time
  • This was followed by 2-1, which was the result in 16.3% of the matches
  • 1-0 was the final score in 14.5% of matches
  • During that season, 3% of all goals were scored in the second half
  • That campaign saw 1,150 goals scored across 380 matches
  • Home advantage also saw that season record 180 home wins, 71 draws and 129 away wins
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William Hill's Highest Scoring Half EPL Markets




Half With Most Goals in Other Top Leagues

  • In 2018/19, Barcelona scored 90 goals with a 41.1% first half, 58.9% second half split
  • 54 minutes was the average time of their goals scored
  • In contrast, Real Madrid plundered 63 that were divided between 38.1% first half, 61.9% second half
  • 52 minutes was the average time for Los Blancos to score
  • Real Madrid have been rated as EVS for the second half to be the highest scoring half in an upcoming match
  • 79% of Celta Vigo's goals have been scored in the second half during the 2019/20 season
  • 34% of Celta Vigo's conceded goals occurred after the 75th minute during the same period
  • In Germany, Borussia Dortmund have scored 66.1% of the 2019/20 season’s 61 goals in the second half
  • The average minute of the goals scored is 53
  • As for Bayern Munich, 60.3% of the 58 goals over the same period, the average time of which is 51, went in after half time
  • Odds of around 19/10 can be get on Dortmund’s highest scoring half to be the first
  • In Italy’s Serie A, Juventus have scored 44 goals in 2019/20 season, 54.5% have come in the second half
  • 52 minutes is the average time for The Old Lady to score
  • Far more tough to call is AC Milan who have a 40/60 halves split over the same time period
  • The 50th minute is Milan’s favourite time to score
  • For an upcoming Juve match, bettors can get 29/10 on a draw (tie)
  • Over in France, Paris Saint Germain typically score in or around the 49th minute
  • In fact, of the 63 PSG goals scored in the 2019/20 season, 49.2% went in before half time
  • In that same time, Lyon have hit a woeful 37 goals, but have bucked the second half trend scoring the majority of the goals (51.4%) in the first half
  • A price of Evens has been installed on an upcoming PSG match to have a higher scoring second half

Follow The Form

We live in an age where information is available at the click of a button. On that note, it would be foolish not to use it when betting. If we are considering placing a Half With Most Goals bet then it would be wise to study the form of the teams involved. Some teams, typically score late, others come roaring out of the gates and aim to get their goals in early in the match. All of this data is available online and you should be looking for high scoring teams that do well – or badly – in one half more than the other. Of course, the top sides tend to do just as well in both halves which is also something to consider.

Know Your History

There are fixtures in all leagues that have historically thrown up high scoring matches, always producing goals. There might not be any scientific explanation for this, but it is quite simply true that over the years, two teams will meet and, on each occasion, share a goal fest. Similarly, there are teams that historically produce bore draws and low scoring matches. This might well seem a bit random, but it is certainly worth taking into account before betting.

Study Your Opponents

Similar to the above, consider whether or not your opponents have players that are prone to lapses in concentration. Such dips in focus often occur towards the end of a match and might help explain why, generally speaking, in football there are more goals scored in the second half than the first. Some teams tend to rack up an early lead before sitting back and defending their advantage, while other teams will prefer to drop deep and attempt to sneak a winner late on in the game. Any or all of these factors should be factored in to any Half With Most Goals bet you are planning to place.

Impacting Factors

There are factors which can affect the outcome of a match of football such as injuries or changes in coaching personnel. You might well be looking at one of the teams with the best defensive records in the league and, as such, considering placing a Tie selection. But, what if their goalkeeper has been ruled out with an injury? This could very well hamper their defensive capabilities meaning that your Half With Most Goals bet might need a rethink. The same rethink may be called for if a team has sacked and replaced their manager. The team’s philosophy might well shift from attacking and free flowing to defensive and negative. The main point is that it would be unwise to simply bet blind or act on an unqualified hunch.

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Do I need to name the winning team in this bet?

No, one of the joys of this bet is that you are not required to pick the winning team in order to win your money back.

What about the team that gets the most goals?

No, again, the simplicity of this bet is what makes it so popular.

What happens if the match ends 0-0?

Then, the result is marked down as a draw or a tie.

What about extra time, does that count?

No, extra time is not included in this bet which applies to 90 minutes only.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

Half With Most Goals Betting is popular among bettors and also with bookmakers alike. With only three possible outcomes, its genius lies in its simplicity. Do not be fooled by its simplicity however, this bet still requires you to pay attention to the influencing factors in order to secure a win. Like any bet, it is always wise to do your homework and your due diligence, like studying up on the form, latest team news and fixture history, before parting with your hard-earned money.

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