Correct score betting involves predicting the final score of a match, which involves guessing the eventual outcome of a match to the next level. Generally, the odds in this type of market are quite high since they can be affected by the slightest of things, and the chances of actually guessing can easily become very remote. Here we'll give you all the tools to get as close to a sure bet as possible.

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When placing your bet on the correct score, you should be aware of the following basics:

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    Odds on correct scores are normally quite favourable to the player.

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    Generally, the odds go higher as the number of goals predicted increases.

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    Correct score predictions are usually limited to the 90 minutes of a football match.

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    Extra time or penalties are generally not included in the correct score market.

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    Own goals also count towards the correct score bets.

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    You can also place bets on the score at different times in the match – correct score at half-time, for instance.

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    If the match is abandoned, your bet should be refunded.

While nothing is set in stone in sports, and particularly football, there are a few strategies that can help boost your chances of winning. For correct score bets, you should consider the following:

Look at Figures and Statistics

To place a well-informed bet, consider a few pertinent factors including current form of the teams locking heads, individual statistics of players, match history, head-to-head record and the number of goals scored in the tournament. Unfortunately, there is no single figure you can look at to predict sure bets on correct scores, but rather a mixture of statistics which could help give you a clearer idea of how the match will play out:

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    Both Teams to Score stats – These will help you determine how many times a team has managed to both score and concede in the same match, and might help eliminate a win-to-nil scenario. You can also check out our TPP Win-to-Nil stats for that.

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    The number of goals in a match is an important figure to determine too – our Over 1.5, Over 2.5 and Over 3.5 Goals Stats can help you determine a trend in the matches played by specific teams. Remember these stats also include opposition goals.

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    If you wish to dig deeper into the number of goals scored by a particular team only, then we have got you covered with the team goal stats page. Here, you′ll be able to see the frequency of goals scored and goals conceded, as well as clean sheets kept.

Consider the Most Likely Outcome

While placing a correct score bet, it helps to factor in the most probable result. For instance, 1-0 has, time and time again, proven to be the most likely score across footballing leagues and matches.

Let's take the example of a majorly low-scoring league with an average of lower than -2.5 goals per match. In such a situation, a particular match is more likely to end in a 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 or a 2-0 score line. Therefore, in this case, it would make sense to bet on a similarly low result.

Play for the Long Haul

In the Correct Score market, it is possible that you lose your bet at the very onset. For instance, you place a bet on Liverpool to win 2-0 and the other team scores within the first 10 minutes. Should this happen, you will be out sooner than you can think.

That’s precisely why you should play the long game – betting on 1-1 or 3-2, for instance – as this helps you to stay put in the game while giving your bet a better shot at staying alive and coming through.

Correct score betting has its types, with each being governed by a set of rules. Before we proceed, consider this example: A face-off between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leicester City is held at the Molineux Stadium, home ground to the Wolves.

In their past four H2Hs, two have ended in a goalless draw, with Leicester City (2-0) and the Wolves (4-3) having won one apiece.

In the 1X2 bet market, Betway is offering odds of 5/2 on Wolves, 33/10 on a draw and 72/25 on Leicester City. Similarly, Coral is offering odds of 5/2 on the home team, 31/10 on a draw and 14/5 on Leicester City.

Also, in the over/under 2.25 goals, Unibet is offering odds of 181/100 and 2 for over and under 2.25 goals respectively.

The odds are reflective of their performance in the last 10 games, where the Wolves have netted 1.10 goals every match on average, whereas Leicester City has scored 1.80 in each encounter. Similarly, with 10bet, the odds are 183/100 and 101/50 on over and under 2.25 goals respectively.

The different types of correct score betting are:

Full Time

Usually, this market is one of the more popular from where you can derive the best value for your money. That’s because it is relatively easy to predict the end result of a match across the stipulated 90 minutes, hence the reason why most bookies and punters are drawn to it.

For instance, Betfair is offering odds of 8 on Leicester City winning the match 1-0. Likewise,  Paddy Power is putting odds of 9 on a 2-1 victory to Leicester City.

Correct Score
(Source: Paddy Power)

Half Time/Full Time Correct Score

In the Half Time/Full time correct score market, similar to a half time/full time match result bet, you will have to predict the team that will win, with the correct score line, in each half of the game (half time and full time).

When betting on this kind of a market, you have to wait patiently for the second half to close, despite your first half bet coming through. If you think the second half bet may not come through, you can cash out a specific percentage of your winnings and keep your losses in check.

For example, BoyleSports is offering odds of 14/1 on a Draw 0-0 Leicester 1-0 score line.

Before diving in, make sure you check the teams’ past H2H encounters and the current form of both the outfits. You may also check out our 1st Half & 2nd Half Goals Stats per Team.

Half Time Full Time Score
(Source: BoyleSports)


This market, offered by leading bookies, essentially rolls two bets into one: a correct score bet and a goal scorer bet (be it First-time Goal-scorer or Anytime Goal-scorer). This wager serves to enhance the odds than what you would have got by betting on either of these markets.

For instance, this could be Leicester City to win 2-1 and Jamie Vardy to score first. In a situation where the player that you bet on doesn’t feature in the game, the wager is not invalidated. Instead, it will be considered a single bet on the correct score.

For example, for a face-off between Manchester City and West Ham, William Hill is offering odds of 40/1 on a 1-0 victory to Manchester City with Sergio Aguero to score.

For example, for a Liverpool vs West Ham face-off, a betting site could be offering odds of 21/1 on Liverpool winning 1-0 and Mohamed Salah scoring the goal.

You can check out our player goal stats which can also be filtered by home and away games.

Correct score trading is more complex when compared to other, simpler markets, such as Over/Under Goals and Match Odds. That being said, an increasing number of punters are turning to the Correct Score market, mostly because of two main reasons:

1. It's a More Lucrative Market

No matter if you are a seasoned punter or still testing the betting waters, the Correct Score market remains one of the more popular ones available. The reason is that you can register big winnings, particularly because predicting the correct score is not easy to do. That’s why the returns can well be in your favour – of course, only if you get it right.

Importantly, this market has on offer greater odds in comparison to markets like Win to Nil or Double Chance. For example, backing Liverpool to win at 15/10 in Match Odds could only net a profit of £50 with a £100 stake.

However, backing Liverpool to win 3-1 (using the same £100 stake) in the Correct Score market can net you much more sizeable returns. That is if Liverpool wins 3-1, of course.

2. Multiple Outcomes Are Covered

Should you wish to do so, you can bet on multiple score lines. For instance, with a particular score on board, you can place a 1X2 bet, covering a ‘home’ win (1), draw (X) and an ‘away’ win (2); and still register considerable winnings. By catering for more than one likely result, this market gives a much-needed leg-up to punters.

Stated below are a few correct score tips that can help to give your bet a little push along the way:

Choose a Bookie

ThePuntersPage recommends a host of bookmakers in keeping with your requirements, including what you expect from a site's user interface and which banking methods are preferred by most punters. Go through our list and select the one that appeals to you most!

Use Free Bets To Your Advantage

To help you make the most of your bankroll, bookmakers often offer free bet promotions and other sign-up bonuses. That being said, these freebies vary across betting sites and are usually limited to new customers.

For example, with bet365, you can bet £10 and get £50.

Make Good Use of Enhanced Odds

Another way to earn more for your stake is by using enhanced odds. Should you be able to correctly predict the final result in a match, enhanced offers help to boost potential returns, thereby allowing you to derive as much value as possible from your original stake.

When betting on correct scores, it is important to understand the context in which the game is being played. It's normal that one would not follow each league closely, so we suggest having a look at the guide we've prepared for placing bets on different leagues around the world.

Here are some useful links for domestic leagues and international cups:

Knowing the situation of a team in a particular league will help you make better decisions when betting on the final score of a match. Take into account that key players might be injured, or the coach may be choosing to bench a couple of first team players in view of an important upcoming game. Here, we suggest waiting for the line-ups to be announced before placing a bet or else, placing a bet early to lock in the best odds and reviewing it once the line-ups are out.

Since the natures of correct score betting is quite particular, you might prefer to wait for a particular promotion to be offered before trying your luck. There are a few promos which we consider ideal for betting on this type of market.

Money-Back Offers

The first ones on our list are money-back offers, which allow you to either win or get your stake back. We suggest not wasting this offer on low odds, but rather on a riskier bet, as the stakes are guaranteed (up to a maximum depending on the offer).

Free Bet Promos

With free bet offers, the stake in question won't come out of your bankroll. This reduces the risk to your bankroll considerably, and can potentially even generate great winnings.

Other Promos

If you're curious to see what other betting promotions are available, check out our ranking of the best betting offers. Sometimes, betting sites also decide to create promos for correct score betting specifically, such as the Coral Correct 4 offer and the Ladbrokes 1-2-Free promo.

Knowing some of the more common myths about correct score betting is vital, considering it will enable you to make an informed decision every time.

Betting on This Market Is Easy

Don’t be tricked into thinking that the correct score market is easy. While the market does cover a range of outcomes, remember that more the score lines you cover, the lower the possibility of making a profit will be. And it can just take a single goal to undo all the good work.

Chances of Big Profits Are High

This market is lucrative – one that creates room for sizeable profits and returns. That being said, it is still betting, wherein you cannot expect to gain tenfold returns using a £10 stake. You cannot hope to use small stakes and net profits manifold.

Should you expect guaranteed returns every time, you will become a non-starter right at the onset.

Punters deem the Correct Score market to be exceptionally rewarding, and rightly so. That’s because the odds in this kind of a market tend to be on the higher side, considering correct score prediction can be challenging. The fact that you can cover multiple score lines further adds to its flexibility.

Remember that correct score betting is still speculative, a venture that always involves the provision of a loss. In the face of losses, stay disciplined and focused to protect your stake. Decision-making is vital when it comes to correct score betting, so make sure you don't cut corners when it comes to due diligence.

Research into the best possible match to bet on and abide by the strategies mentioned above. And, above all, remember to bet intelligently and responsibly!

Feel free to check out our detailed article on betting terms & definitions for further guidance. 

Simply said, correct score betting requires you to predict the exact score line in a match. Bookies often put a cap on the number of goals that you predict a team will score. Naturally, odds are higher in this market, something that makes it appealing to most punters and betting sites.

No. Correct score prediction is limited to the stipulated 90 minutes + stoppage time. Extra time is generally not a part of this market.

These include full time, half time/full time, scorecast and other likely outcomes.

It requires you to correctly predict the final score in the second half of the match.

In correct score betting, you can cover multiple score lines and bet on different sub-markets. However, covering more score lines lowers the possibility of overall profits, which means that no, this type of wager is not easy at all, and should be approached with caution.

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