Want to know how BetMGM earned their reputation as one of the finest betting in the United States? By consistently going above and beyond, and their multifaceted BetMGM VIP are a prime example of how. Here’s everything you need to know, from earning BetMGM Rewards Points to spending them, so you can make the most of this exceptionally generous loyalty program.

  • Several different BetMGM loyalty rewards
  • Lots of ways to earn BetMGM and MGM Rewards Points
  • Transparent and competitive terms and conditions throughout
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Conceptually, there’s little complicated about the BetMGM Rewards Program. It’s a scheme which rewards you for betting on their sportsbook and casino. What makes it special is the variety of benefits and experiences offered. Not only exclusive online promotions and bonus bets, but also the option to collect MGM Rewards Points which provides benefits at 20 luxury resorts.

BetMGM Registration Landing Page
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The important thing to remember is that the BetMGM VIP Program is largely automatic. In other words, you receive points for playing as you normally would. With that in mind, here’s all the practicalities required from you.

Step One: Register with the site

If you’re not already a member of BetMGM then the first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account.

If you wish to bet on mobile be sure to download the app first, available on both Android and iOS.

Desktop users simply need to head on over to the site from their browser and click the “register” button found at the top right of their screen.

From here, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information. This includes basic information such as your e-mail, password, name, and social security number. You can also register using PayPal or Yahoo Sports. This is also where you would add a welcome promotional code if you have one.

All newcomers are automatically enrolled into the BetMGM Rewards scheme upon registration.

Step Two: Deposit funds

Tap on the deposit section of the cashier area located towards the top of your screen.

All available options from debit/credit cards to e-wallets and bank transfers (there may be some differences depending on your location) will be made clear to you. Simply select the payment method you want and fill in the relevant details, including the amount you wish to deposit. Confirm to get started.

Step Three: Place your bets

All bets will count towards earning BetMGM Rewards Points and Reward Credits. The only exception are bets made through promotional offers, for instance when using a free bet, bet insurance, or bet boosts, which are typically illegible. Otherwise, bet on anything you want to start collecting. These can all be redeemed later through the BetMGM Rewards Store.

Screenshot of BetMGM Rewards Promo Page
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Loyalty points are earned at BetMGM by placing bets, that much is simple. But not all bets count the same. Here’s all forms of betting which are eligible for BetMGM VIP Points, and what you can expect to receive:

Type of BetReward
$100 straight sports bet10 BetMGM Rewards Points
$100 parlay sports betMinimum of 50 Points, more possible depending on odds.
$100 regular slots and instant wins casino bet20 BetMGM VIP Points
$100 progressive jackpots slots casino bet10 Points
$100 live table games casino bet4 BetMGM VIP Points
$100 in cash game rake on poker500 Points
$100 paid in poker tournament fees500 BetMGM VIP Points
Screenshot of BetMGM Tier Rewards Benefits Table
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Points aren’t the only thing you can receive while wagering with this operator. You also get Tier Credits. These are important because the number of Tier Credits you receive determines your BetMGM Tier Status level, which comes with a cumulative series of benefits.

Here’s all the ways in which betting can net you additional Tier Credits, and how much you can expect from each eligible bet.

Type of BetReward
$100 straight sports bet20 Tier Credits
$100 parlay sports betMinimum of 50 Tier Credits, exact amount dependent on odds
$100 regular slots and instant wins casino bet20 Tier Credits
$100 progressive jackpots slots casino bet20 Tier Credits
$100 live table games casino bet4 Tier Credits
$100 in cash game rake on poker500 Tier Credits
$100 paid in poker tournament fees500 Tier Credits

One important virtue of BetMGM promotions is that they consistently keep things simple.

For your BetMGM Rewards Points, they require a trip to the BetMGM Rewards Store. This is found through accessing “My Account” then “BetMGM Rewards” then the “BetMGM Rewards Store” itself.

It’s a few clicks and mere seconds away.

You will then be able to browse the rewards catalog. These allow you to claim credits and rewards relevant to online casino, sports, and poker play. And for those of you wondering how to link BetMGM to MGM Rewards, the store allows you to convert your BetMGM Rewards Points to MGM Rewards Points for rewards at all 20 locations across the US.

Few limits to MGM Rewards: The conceptual difference between BetMGM Rewards and MGM Rewards is straightforward, the latter are benefits to be enjoyed at their 20 iconic properties instead of online. Beyond that though there are few limits on what they can offer, and it’s a thrillingly versatile and ever evolving selection. We’ve seen everything from complimentary food and members-only tournaments to discounted Cirque du Soleil tickets. So be sure to check out the site for the latest and greatest rewards as it’s a real conveyer belt of imaginative bonuses.

Screenshot of BetMGM How to Redeem Points/Credits Table
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Your BetMGM Tier Status isn’t simply about bragging rights. The higher your tier the greater the benefits. These include BetMGM sportsbook rewards, casino benefits, poker promotions and beyond. You can also unlock MGM Reward Tiers which provides benefits available at their real-life casino resorts. To make your opportunities clear, here’s two tables, one showing you your BetMGM Rewards and another MGM Rewards per tier, and how much you need to collect to enjoy them.

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Tier Status expiry – Do keep in mind that all tier benefits are reset the following year on January 1st.

BetMGM Rewards Tier Benefits

Tier LevelBenefits
Sapphire (0-19,999 Tier Credits)$5 birthday bonus bet
$5 bonus bet on the anniversary of your first real money bet at BetMGM
Pearl (20.000 + Tier Credits)$10 birthday bonus bet
$10 bonus bet on the anniversary of your first real money bet at BetMGM
10% additional BetMGM Rewards Points
Gold (75,000+ Tier Credits)$25 birthday bonus bet
$25 bonus bet on the anniversary of your first real money bet at BetMGM
20% additional Points
Premium customer support
Platinum (200,000+ Tier Credits)$100 birthday bonus bet
$100 bonus bet on the anniversary of your first real money bet at BetMGM
30% additional BetMGM Rewards Points
Premium customer support
Noir (Invitation Only)$200 birthday bonus bet
$200 bonus bet on the anniversary of your first real money bet at BetMGM
40% additional Points
Premium customer support

MGM Tier Benefits

Tier LevelBenefits
Sapphire (0-19,999 Tier Credits)No additional benefits
Pearl (20.000 + Tier Credits)Free tickets to select Las Vegas concerts
Complimentary self-parking
Gold (75,000+ Tier Credits)Valet parking at participating destinations
Waiving of resort fees when you book direct
Enhanced room upgrade at check in (specifics dependent on availability)
$100 tier achievement celebration dining experience
Platinum (200,000+ Tier Credits)Early check-ins upon request (1PM when available, with 24-hour notice period)
Late check out upon request (up to 4PM when available)
One advanced suite update in Las Vegas per year, up to three nights
Prioritized access to valet/taxis
$200 tier achievement celebration dining experience
Up to $600 air travel credit to Las Vegas
Noir (Invitation Only)Up to $1,200 air travel credit to Las Vegas

Most rewards kept as you move up: In most instances your rewards accumulate. For instance, when you hit Gold MGM Tier benefits you keep the free concert tickets from the Pearl level. The only exception is when one reward naturally replaces another. For instance, when you go from a $5 birthday bonus bet to $10, you don’t also receive the $5, the latter replaces the former.

Even the simplest of loyalty schemes, and the BetMGM VIP program is exactly that, can benefit from a little bit of common-sense betting strategy. This is all about doing simple things to maximize both the tangible benefits of these promotions as well as your own personal enjoyment.

  Keep the $100 minimum in mind

$100 is the minimum to receive BetMGM Rewards Points for every form of betting, falling below that won’t net you anything So, consider how best to bet to meet that minimum. For instance, consider putting your funds into one form of betting at a time.

Here’s an example of how this would work. Say, you have $100 you want to bet, and you split that across casino and sports bets. If you picked one, you’d also receive additional loyalty benefits. If you don’t mind saving one form of betting until a different time, you can be rewarded as a result.

Focus on parlay bets and poker tournaments when possible

If you want to maximize your BetMGM Rewards Credits/Points, it makes sense to go for the forms of betting which yield the best results.

Betting $100 on Parlay bets for instance, will get you a minimum of 50 Tier Credits and Reward Points. $100 on poker tournament fees, or indeed in game rake on poker games, will provide an astonishing 500 Tier Credits and Reward Points. Compare that to a $100 straight sport bet, or $100 on progressive jackpot slots, and you’re talking about 20 Tier Credits and as few as 10 BetMGM Rewards Points. In other words, by being selective in what you’re betting on, you can receive up to 50 times the BetMGM VIP.

Pay attention to the expiration date

Your BetMGM Rewards will expire at the start of the following year. This means that if you’re collecting for a specific reward that you’ll want to consider whether it’s possible with that deadline. And, ideally, you’ll want to start as soon as after January 1st as you can.

Consider when to use your promotions

Almost all bets count towards BetMGM VIP program. However, if you are betting whilst using another promotion then you forgo any loyalty bonuses. So, if you’re betting more than $100 and have another bonus in mind, it’s worth considering which is worth more to you, the BetMGM Loyalty Points and Credits, or the other promotion.

Consider too if the bonus is better used on a different game/market as you could potentially enjoy both.

Don’t chase rewards or tiers outside how you can safely bet

Almost all reward programs are aimed at those who like to bet more than average. And while BetMGM VIP are amongst the most accessible we’ve seen, that’s also the case here. Therefore our final piece of advice is simply to consider whether it is within your budget to regularly bet over $100, and if not, stay in control and instead consider the many other terrific promotions available at BetMGM.

Screenshot of MGM Rewards Benefits Page
(Source: MGM Resorts)

When you receive BetMGM Rewards Points, you will have the option to purchase various rewards related to your online account. Alternatively, you can convert them to MGM Rewards Points, which provides benefits to be enjoyed at one of their 20 physical locations. Now, there’s not an objectively better option, this essentially comes down to what you’d prefer and get the most out of.

The simplest thing to ask yourself is whether you intend to visit one of the MGM locations. If not, then BetMGM Rewards are the natural choice. If you like to bet both online and in-person, and have the means and intention of visiting them, then the best thing to do would be to consider the number of points you have, what they can be used to redeem, and which you think would provide you with the most value.

If you regularly bet over $100 then BetMGM VIP provides tons of betting benefits for you to enjoy.

Because you’re automatically enrolled and there’s no notably unfair terms and conditions, nor any other notable hoops to jump through, this is one of our favorite forms of betting bonus. One where you’re rewarded for simply betting as you would normally.

Now, we know this is for relatively high rollers, and won’t be suitable for absolutely everyone. But, because BetMGM promotions are so generous and so accessible generally, we think there’s nothing but advantages here. It adds to a varied promo page which provides for all kinds of different bettors, and for many, this will be a fantastic reason to choose BetMGM over the competition.

BetMGM Rewards is a loyalty scheme where you receive BetMGM Rewards Points and Tier Credits whenever you bet (excluding bets which use other promotions) which can be used to unlock a broad variety of bonuses. These include bonus bets, discounted tournament entry and prize draws, as just a few examples. BetMGM Rewards Points can also be exchanged for MGM Rewards Points, which provides benefits to be utilized at the brand’s 20 resorts across Las Vegas and the United States. Everything from valet parking and discounted show tickets is possible.

You will be automatically enrolled into the BetMGM Rewards Program as soon as you sign up. BetMGM VIP Points and Tier Credits are collected when you meet the threshold for their release, which typically requires you to make a $100 bet somewhere on the site.

To receive the bonus benefits you are entitled to simply go to “My Account”, then to “BetMGM Rewards” and open the “BetMGM Rewards Store”. You will then easily be able to choose which bonuses you want, so long as you have the appropriate amount to trade.

Yes, they expiry at the start of every year, so sometime on the first of January. They also expire after six months of inactivity.

All your BetMGM Rewards will be viewable through “My Account” on both the browser version of BetMGM and their mobile apps.

Yes, BetMGM sportsbook rewards and casino bonuses are all available via BetMGM Rewards Points. What you receive depends on what you choose from the BetMGM Rewards Store.

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