Best Sports Betting apps in the US in 2023

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Last Updated on: 20.04.2023

Times have changed considerably since the days when a punter would have to turn up at a sports betting outlet in person to make their wagers. Athough the practice is not legal in all US states., more and more sports betting companies are providing digital apps for download in states where this activity is allowed, offering everything from stats to live streaming.

How to Choose the Best Betting Apps

If you live in a statee where sports betting is legal, then you will need to know the most important factors in choosingthe app for you. First of all, which apps are available in your home state? We will be providing a comprehensive overview of the current situation in each and every US state where online sports betting is — or will soon be — legal. Next, which are your favorite sports? We will be giving an overview of games, from the big names to the more niche pursuits, as well as providing a few pointers on how to find apps where you can bet on your preferred games. As for other considerations, including site design, access to live streaming, bonuses and promotions, plus the speed of deposits and withdrawals — well, you can count on us to be giving full information on all of those topics as well. Simply read on, and all of your questions about mobile sports betting apps will soon be answered.

The Fast-Changing World of Sports Betting Apps
The legal status of online sports betting has changed considerably in recent years. More and more states are allowing access to online betting, and with that more punters are getting interested in the field.

If your home state doesn’t yet allow the practice, keep an eye on the news, as things might change very soon. The American Gaming Association has a lot of up-to-date and reliable information online.

In Which States are Sports Betting Apps Legal?

Draftkings logo
  • Detailed stats hub
  • Whole tab for promotions
  • Easy-to-access live betting section

Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Betmgm logo
  • The app is easy to navigate
  • Quality customer service
  • Has a promotion with Buffalo Wild Wings

Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Fanduel logo
  • Daily promotions
  • Accessible design
  • Good customer support

Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

The tricky thing about sports betting in the US is that such activity is not legal across all 50 states. In fact, even states that allow in-person betting do not necessarily allow mobile betting (like New Mexico and Delaware, for example).

Different states have different regulations in place, which means that a sportsbook available in some states may not be available in all the US.

Below we will cover an in-depth tour of every state in the US where sportsbooks are legally allowed. We'll also give you some pointers as to which sports betting apps are available to download.


Arizona legalised online sports betting in April 2021. The state's first sportsbooks rolled out in September of that year, just in time for the NFL season, and betting apps were not far behind..

Caesars Sportsbook and Betfred are some of the more notable sports betting services to be available in Arizona.


A relative newcomer to the field, Arkansas did not open its doors to online sports betting until 2022. So far, Betly and Bet Saracen are the only sportsbooks apps available in the state.


SI Sportsbook and Betway are some of the sportsbook apps available in the state of Colorado, which has allowed online sports betting and associated apps since 2020.


Connecticut is still another state where online sports betting is allowed under law, permitting the likes of FanDuel to spread out into the state and attract Connecticut punters to their mobile apps. Currently, there are three apps available in the state: FanDuel, SugarHouse and Draft Kings.


The state of Illinois legalized online sports betting in 2020, prompting BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook and others to take their betting apps to this state.


Indiana is a relative old-timer in the world of online betting. Having legalized the practice back in 2019, DraftKings, Betway and FanDuel are just three of the sportsbooks available to residents of Indiana.


Like Indiana, Iowa legalized online sports betting in 2019. Betfred and BetWay are two of the best betting companies whose apps can be used in this state.


DraftKings and Caesars were among the first sportsbook apps to follow in the footsteps of Dorothy to Kansas when the state legalized online sports betting in 2022, but you can expect some others to follow in the future.


Since the state legalized online sports betting in 2010, there has been no shortage of sportsbooks to choose from in Louisiana: BetMGM, WynnBet, DraftKings and FanDuel are all active here.


Maine has given the green light for online sports betting, but this is not expected to come into full operation until April 2023 at the earliest.


Maryland is one of the most recent states to enter the world of online sports betting, having given the green light to these activities in November 2022. Expect many big-name sportsbook companies to be paying close attention!


Massachusetts is another state scheduled to open its doors to online sportsbooks in early 2023, with January of that year penciled in as the expected start date.


While the state law of Michigan allows no more than 15 sportsbooks to operate at the same time, in practice, this will be more than enough for any punter looking to download sports betting apps, especially with such big names like SI Sportsbook and BetMGM involved.


Mobile betting is technically allowed in Mississippi, but only if the punter is physically inside a casino when they place their bets. This, of course, removes most of the convenience that comes with sports betting apps.


As with Mississippi, if you want to use a sports betting app in Montana, you will need to be located physically inside a casino. Furthermore, the state has only one sportsbook app: Sports Bet Montana.


This might come as a surprise to many, given the state's close association with legalized gambling, but Nevada is actually a little behind the times in terms of mobile betting. The practice is allowed, but users will have to go through the troublesome process of registering their accounts from inside a casino. So far, the only sportsbook app available in the state is BetMGM.

New Hampshire

Despite having allowed mobile betting since 2019, New Hampshire still has only one sportsbook operator active in the entire state: DraftKings.

New Jersey

New Jersey is positively loaded with sportsbooks, with Betway, PlayUp and NJ Sports being just a few of your options in this state. New Jersey, of course, made gambling history by successfully making a case to the Supreme Court that these practices should be allowed within state borders.

New York

Having legalized the practice in 2022, New York state may be a newcomer to online sports betting, but it has fast become a national leader alongside neighboring New Jersey. Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, BetRivers, WynnBet, FanDuel and DraftKings are among the various companies to provide sports betting in New York.


Sports betting has only recently been legalized in Ohio, and it is expected to go live in January of 2023.


At the time of writing, DraftKings is the only online sportsbook active in Oregon.


Pennsylvania is another relative long-timer in terms of online sports betting and the associated apps. It is one of only four states to host Betfred — and only one of five states in which Betway operates.

Rhode Island

William Hill, owned by Caesars, is the only online sportsbook legally available to residents of Rhode Island.


Tennessee is something of an oddity. It has no physical sports betting outlets, but it still allows online sports betting. The state's approved sportsbooks so far are FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM and a Tennessee-only sportsbook called Action 24/7.


Residents of Virginia can choose between 9 sportsbooks: Caesars, BetMGM, SI Sportsbook, FanDuel, WynnBET, DraftKings, PointsBet, BetRivers and Unibet.


Like Mississippi and Montana (discussed above), Washington does allow mobile betting, but only if the user is physically inside a casino when they place their bets. Furthermore, sports betting is available only at Native American casinos; at the time of writing, none of the Native casinos in Washington have sports betting apps.

Washington D.C.

Caesars Sportsbook and BetMGM are both active within Washington, D.C. However, punters can only use their mobile services if inside or nearby the physical business owned by the company in question. If you are not in the physical location, then your only choice will be the state-wide GambetDC betting app.

West Virginia

West Virginia has a modest sports betting scene, with FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, BetRivers, Pointsbet and BetMGM all present in the state with their respective apps available for download.


Like Tennessee, Wyoming is an odd state that does not allow physical sports betting but has legalized the online variety. BetMGM and DraftKings were the first sports betting services to spread to the state, with FanDuel joining later.

The Most Popular Betting Apps Used in the US

Do you have a favorite sport that you would like to see on your newly-downloaded sports betting app? Here is a quick guide to the games you can expect to be covered:

Football Betting Apps

Football is one of the most popular sports for betting, so you can count on all of the best sports betting apps covering it. BetMGM, WynnBet, BetRivers — if you name an app, you can be sure it'll cover football, particularly NFL. Caesars Sportsbook is notable because it's an official partner of the NFL.

  • A sportsbook service will typically cover both American football and Australian rules football
  • Most major football leagues will often have their respective pages

Soccer Betting Apps

As with American football, soccer is almost universal among sportsbooks, even in the US, where the sport itself is not nearly as popular as it is overseas. BetMGM, Wynnbet and BetRivers are just some of the many sports betting apps that cover soccer, as you will find once you sort your betting apps download, Furthermore, the best sports betting apps will cover not only physical soccer but also its virtual counterpart.

Golf Betting Apps

Golf may not have a reputation as one of the more exciting spectator sports, but nonetheless, it is a popular choice among punters, particularly when the US Open Golf Championship is occurring. Betfred, FanDuel and FOX Bet are among the top online sportsbooks that include golf in their ranges of covered games, but there are many more besides.

Horse Racing Betting Apps

Horse racing is a sport that is so closely associated with betting as to be almost inseparable from the world of sportsbooks. Some online sportsbooks, including BetMGM, operate dedicated horse racing apps that can be downloaded separately from general sportsbook apps.

Betting Apps for Cricket

We cannot promise that all online sportsbooks in the US will have cricket coverage, but some — including PointsBet, SI Sportsbook and FanDuel — do indeed cater to fans of this game, and so will make good betting apps for cricket punters.

Tennis Betting Apps

Tennis ranks up there with football and basketball as one of the major sports that you can expect to see covered by just about every online sportsbook. These include big names like BetRivers and BetMGM, down to more obscure services. It would be more of a surprise to download a sports betting app that does not cover tennis.

Boxing Betting Apps

Boxing is still the king of combat sports, and you should have no trouble finding boxing betting apps in the world of US sportsbooks. Pick any reliable app, like Caesars Sportsbook or FOX Bet, and you will be good to go. If you are in luck, you might even come across an online sportsbook that offers special boxing-related promotions.

UFC Betting Apps

While there are many promotion companies in the world of mixed martial arts, or MMA for short, the biggest is almost certainly the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Notable UFC betting apps include Betfred, BetRivers and Fox Bet, but there are plenty of other choices out there.

NBA Betting Apps

Like soccer, basketball is a sport that is often available in both physical and virtual forms, and naturally, it will be represented by a basketball icon on sportsbook menus. Traditionalists will prefer the physical form of basketball, and this sport is dominated in the US by the National Basketball Association (NBA). Just about all of the major online sportsbooks in the US cover NBA basketball, especially come playoffs and finals.

Table Tennis Betting Apps

To many, table tennis is the very definition of a niche sport. Yet, there is no shortage of table tennis betting apps, as the game enjoys broad coverage across many different sportsbooks. Caesars Sportsbook covers table tennis, as do Draftkings, BetMGM, FanDuel and a wide variety of other top online sportsbooks.

Greyhound Racing Betting Apps

Greyhound racing is not quite as popular as horse racing. For one, you are unlikely to find an app dedicated entirely to greyhound racing. That said, it is still covered by a wide range of online sportsbooks including BetRivers, BetMGM and Betfred.

Ice Hockey Betting Apps

Ice hockey may be the national sport of Canada, but there is nothing stopping US sportsbooks from covering it (or punters from placing bets on the outcome of the next big hockey tournament).

E-Sports Betting Apps

More and more of the top online sportsbooks are covering e-sports, so once you download your sports betting app, you can expect to see digital gaming covered in one way or another. Often, e-sports will be given an entire section to themselves in the sportsbook, similar to how online casinos often separate live dealer games from the other titles. BetRivers and BetMGM are amongst the sportsbooks that cover e-sports.

Popular subjects for e-sports are as follows:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Honor of Kings
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty

Specials, Politics and Entertainment Betting Apps

Sportsbooks do not necessarily have to restrain themselves to sports, and most of the best online sports betting apps will allow you to bet on certain non-sporting events, such as the following:

  • Political elections around the world
  • The Oscars
  • Other entertainment events, like BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Certain sportsbooks will split these up into separate categories, while others will include them all included them all in a single page, typically entitled Specials. The standard icon for Specials is a star. BetMGM, FanDuel and DraftKings all offer non-sporting bets.

Note that the above is only a partial listing. There are more niche sports out there, from handball to sumo wrestling, that may or may not be covered by your chosen betting app.

Betting Apps Review

To help you find the app that is best for you, here is our round-up covering some of the top sports betting apps for your mobile device. Each one has its own set of pros and cons, and so we will be listing the upsides and downsides that come with each of these sportsbook apps. In the cases where the apps have limited availability across the US, we will also be noting which states they can be used in.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is a well-regarded online gambling brand with both a casino and a sportsbook, so it should come as no surprise that it boasts its very own mobile app.


  • The app is easy to navigate
  • Can be played in 16 states
  • Has a promotion with Buffalo Wild Wings


  • App suffers from occasional lagging

Rating: 5/5

When the occasional lag is the only real drawback, this is an app that can most definitely be recommended to anyone who enjoys a bit of sports betting (so long as they live in one of the 16 accepted states, of course). Note that BetMGM offers a separate app for betting on horse racing. It has some features of its own, including live video feeds showing you races as they happen.

WynnBET Sportsbook

Users of WynnBET should have no trouble at all finding the site's app, which can be downloaded quickly and easily.


  • Slick layout
  • All important information is available at a glance
  • $500 welcome bonus


  • Range of sports is limited

Rating: 5/5

WynnBET has a minor shortcoming in that the range of sports it covers is, compared to that of many rival sportsbooks on the market today, a little limited. That said, all of the major sports are covered, so you are likely to find your favorites when you download the app and get it running.

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers offers a two-in-one app that combines both casino and sportsbook aspects. Does this jack-of-all-trades approach make it one of the best sports betting apps?


  • Combined casino and sportsbook app
  • Easy-to-access signup codes
  • Speedy deposits and withdrawals


  • Sometimes comes with lengthy loading times

Rating: 5/5

If you are patient enough to put up with the occasional loading lags, then this is another top-tier addition to the sportsbook app landscape (and bear in mind that none of the free betting apps will be completely without flaws).

Caesars Sportsbook

Any sportsbook with “Caesar” in its name is going to try its best to look glitzy and glamorous. The Caesars Sportsbook app is not just for show: the app really is slick and pleasing to use.


  • Slick and accessible interface
  • Hefty $1,500 welcome bonus
  • Variety of deposit/withdrawal options


  • Categorization system might take getting used to

Rating: 5/5

Caesars Sportsbook has plenty to offer in terms of bonuses and promotions, and the app provided by the site can be counted as one of the top sports betting apps in terms of interface. We particularly approve of how the betting slips operate, as you are not required to mess around with multiple slips like with certain rivals. The one downside is that some aspects of the categorization system (for example, the different goal types listed within a particular sport) might be confusing to newcomers.

DraftKings Sportsbook

In terms of geographic reach, DraftKings offers one of the best betting apps. This is an app that can be used across 17 different states. But what will you be in for if you happen to live in one of the accepted areas?


  • Detailed stats hub
  • Whole tab for promotions
  • Easy-to-access live betting section


  • Comparatively high price on odds
  • App freezes on certain devices

Rating: 4/5

We had to dock a single star from our rating on the DraftKings app because of the technical problems it has on certain devices, but this should not detract from the many good points offered by this app. We were particularly pleased with the tab-based navigation system: bets, live bets and promotions are all accessible with a quick tap of the touchscreen.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel offers another combined casino/sportsbook app, which will please players who enjoy a little blackjack and roulette. However, since this is an article on sports betting apps, we shall focus on the sportsbook side of the equation.


  • Combined sportsbook and casino
  • Daily promotions
  • Accessible design
  • Good customer support


  • Can become overloaded during major sporting events

Rating: 5/5

FanDuel is one of the big names in American sports betting and, consequently, one of the first choices for many people who want to download betting apps. As a trusted brand, it takes user-friendliness and customer support seriously. The one issue that we would point out is that, as a busy service, it can become overloaded during major sporting events, like the Super Bowl.

SI Sportsbook

SI Sportsbook uses the same basic structure and layout as the 888 Sport app, so you will already know what to expect from this one if you have used the latter.


  • Good design


  • Slow withdrawals
  • Available only in Colorado, Michigan and Virginia

Rating: 4/5

If you happen to live in one of the three states where SI Sportsbook can be used (Colorado, Michigan and Virginia), then this is a recommended app. The only thing that prevents it from being counted among the best apps for betting online is the somewhat slow withdrawal mechanism.

Betfred Sportsbook

Although based in the United Kingdom, where it has a reputation as one of the biggest names in British sports betting, Betfred also has a US division that operates in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa and Pennsylvania.


  • Welcome bonus: Bet $50, Get $250 in Free Bets
  • Quality customer service
  • Sophisticated live streaming


  • Available only in four states

Rating: 4/5

If you happen to live in one of the four states where Betfred is available, then the main factor that this app has over its rival betting apps is the generous amount of promotions offered by Betfred. If you live in one of the other 46 states, however, then you are out of luck.

Betway Sportsbook

Here, we have another combined casino/sportsbook and also another service with somewhat limited reach in the US. Betway is currently available only in five states.


  • Casino as well as sportsbook
  • Competitive odds


  • Available only in five states

Rating: 4/5

The fact that Betway can be used only in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will shorten its reach. However, you can expect this service to spread out into more states in the future as it is really very good as a sportsbook, boasting competitive odds and a solid layout.

PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet has an unusual philosophy, standing out from its many rival online betting apps by combining high risks with high rewards.


  • New members are entitled to $2,000 in risk-free bets


  • Losses might be bigger than your original wager

Rating: 4/5

PointsBet is very much an app for sportsbook punters who like to live on the edge. The welcome bonus of $2,000 in risk-free bets will surely lure in prospective players but be warned — as you place wagers at the site on a regular basis, you might end up losing more than you originally bet.

FOX Bet Sportsbook

Finally, we come to FOX Bet Sportsbook. FOX Bet may be one of the biggest names in online betting, but can its mobile service be counted among the best sports betting apps?


  • A generous amount of bonuses
  • Combined sportsbook and casino
  • High limits on wagering


  • Lacks live streaming

Rating: 4/5

On the whole, the FOX Bet app is a solid platform for both casino gaming and sportsbook betting. It has an intuitive design that makes it easy to take advantage of FOX Bet's generous bonuses and promotions. The one downside, and the detail that prevents us from giving it the full five stars, is that it lacks live streaming on its sports.

Best betting apps for IOS

Which sports betting app you download will depend partly on what type of device you are using, as you will need to make sure that the app is fully compatible. If you are using an iOS device, then here are three apps that you can count on:


BetMGM's sports betting app is available to download from both Google Play and the Apple App stores, but it is the iOS version that seems to be getting the most positive coverage.


One of the big hits in the Apple Store in terms of sports betting, the Fan Duel app will be a great addition to your iOS device.

Caesars Sportsbook

As an official partner of the NFL, this is an app that will be of particular use to football enthusiasts who own iOS devices.

Best betting apps for Android

Having covered some of the top sports betting apps for iOS, we will now offer the other side of the picture by looking at the options available to Android users. With a quick trip to the Google Play store, you will be able to get your hands on one of these useful apps:


One of the industry leaders in sports betting, and it's available right on your Android device.


Bag yourself a welcome bonus with the PointsBet Android app.

SI Sportsbook

Slickly designed, the SI Sportsbook app will suit Android users based in Colorado, Michigan and Virginia.

How do we evaluate the apps and choose the BEST ones?

In writing this article, we have taken into account a number of different criteria in judging exactly what makes a good sports betting app. These are the main areas that we have examined:


Is the mobile app well laid-out? Can you navigate your way around with ease, find your favorite sport within a few pushes of the screen and see all of the vital information about any given match at a glance? This is one of the trickiest areas of sports betting, as the simple truth is that a lot of figures and stats will be involved, and it's hard to squeeze all these into a small screen without making the user strain their eyes. A well-designed app like the SI Sportsbook deserves praise.

Range of Sports

In practice, a punter can expect all of the big-name sports, like football and basketball, to be covered by their chosen app. But what about the more niche pursuits, like greyhound racing? And are e-sports covered? When we come across something like BetMGM, which has an entire app devoted specifically to horse racing, then we will make a point out of drawing punters' attention to it.

Bonuses and Promotions

All sports betting services that hope to attract large numbers of punters will use bonuses and promotions, but some are more generous than others. One factor that we consider is the welcome bonus. The $2,000 in risk-free bets offered by PointsBet is a particularly sizeable example of this. But while a one-off welcome bonus is all well and good, a prospective layer will also need to consider whether the sportsbook has ongoing promotions for its regular users. This is an area where DraftKings excels, its app devoting an entire tab to promotions.

Sportsbook Bonuses vs. Casino Bonuses

Remember that if a site offers both a sportsbook and a casino, then not all of its bonuses will apply to the sportsbook (some will be for casino users only).

Live Footage

A surprising number of sportsbook providers still fail to offer live footage of games to their users, despite the ongoing spread of digital video technology over our lives. This means that we always give marks to sportsbooks that provide live streaming. BetMGM is a particularly commendable example of this, as it has streaming on both its main sportsbook app and its dedicated horse-racing app, allowing you to watch the game in action while you wait to see whether or not your bet pays off — a vital part of the excitement for any punter.


Some sports betting apps are available in only a handful of states across the US. Of course, this is not entirely the fault of the sportsbook providers. As we have mentioned in this article, the legality of online sports betting in the US varies considerably on a state-by-state basis, and the companies involved are rolling out as quickly as their present capabilities will allow. Nevertheless, the fact remains that a punter will be limited to whichever sportsbooks are available in their home state. Because of this, we will treat an app available only in a handful of states as less valuable compared to apps with more nationwide coverage.


Having read our in-depth article on the contemporary world of online sports betting, you should have a clear idea of just what factors go into making a good sportsbook app. Since you have been introduced to the big names in the field, you are ready to start taking a closer look and finding out exactly which app will suit your needs.

Remember that each punter's tastes will be different, and what strikes one person as the most convenient and accessible method of sports betting may well be utterly off-putting and overcomplicated to you . This means that, inevitably, a degree of trial and error will be involved in finding the ideal app for your purposes. That said, certain considerations will transcend personal taste, and the simple fact is that some apps are better designed, more useful and open to a wider audience than others. We have laid out all of the key details that will help you in your search for the dream app. And now that we have given you the advice, the next step for you is to start downloading your sports betting app, and see how your sports bets pay off!