New York Sports Betting – Your Ultimate Guide Wagering in New York in 2023

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Last Updated on: 30.05.2023

While being able to bet on their favorite sports online might be a new experience for many New Yorkers, we think plenty will be surprised by the scope and standards of what’s out there already. And with such great operators to choose from, this comprehensive guide to New York sports betting will be plenty useful for anyone looking to make the most of legalized betting in the Big Apple.

Where Can I Place Sports Bets in New York?

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  • Consistent, high-quality promotions
  • Entertaining and generous daily fantasy sports
  • Fast and easy withdrawals

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  • Huge selection of US sports markets
  • Mobile options acclaimed by users
  • User friendly yet detailed site/app design

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Because New York sports betting is still in its early days, and because they are careful about who receives a betting license from the New York State Gaming Commission, there are only a small number of online sportsbooks actually available at the time of writing.

However, this selectiveness means there’s strong standards throughout. However, that’s not good enough for our readers. We want you to enjoy the best of the best New York sports betting has to offer. With that in mind, this trio represents what we think is the cream of the online betting crop in NYC right now.

Yes, you may legally bet on sports leagues and events in the state of New York. This includes desktop and mobile betting. This has been the case online since January 2022, when the first four online sportsbooks opened their virtual doors. These included FanDuel, Caesars, DraftKings and BetRivers, and they have been joined by several other top names since then.

Two things paved the way for this.

First was the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 which allowed individual states to choose if they wished to approve legalized betting. This is why sports betting regulations in general are distinct on a state by state basis across the across the country. And New York’s path here was clear as sports betting was actually legalized at a state level in 2013, providing the federal ban on sports betting got lifted. With the changing of the law by the Supreme Court, the wheels of legalization for New York sports betting was already in motion.

Do note however that a betting site isn’t necessarily legal in New York as a result of these rulings. They must also adhere to the sports betting regulations and be licensed by the New York State Gaming Commission specifically to be considered legitimate in this jurisdiction.

Please note that these sports betting regulations do not legalize online casino betting, which remains illegal at the time of writing, although there is plenty of hope that may change sooner rather than later.

Present and Future of Sports Betting in New York

The present New York sports betting situation is simple. Sports betting is legitimately available online, on the streets, even on your phone with mobile betting. You must make sure they are licensed in New York otherwise the individual site remains illegal despite broad state legality. That covers most of what you need to know on a practical level.

Other restrictions are largely standard, such as a 21 minimum age limit, or that you need to be physically located in New York to legally utilize such legal online sportsbooks. for instance.

They also have a betting ban on in-state college teams, but even this is fairly standard and is a rule shared by other states such as Virginia.

Potential legislative changes at the time of writing mainly revolve around taxation rates and the restrictions on advertising which could target underage users.

Put simply, the present shows a very healthy and growing New York sports betting scene. In terms of future developments, the most likely to us appear to be the following:

  • For more bookmakers to join the New York sports betting scene
  • Ongoing discussions about the tax rates on New York sports betting, with much of these concerned with lowering the tax rate for operators.
  • Potential for online casino legalized betting, this is an issue that has gone back and forth between lawmakers all the way up to the time of writing, and it’s anyone’s guess whether it will be successful this time
  • Tougher restrictions on sports wagering advertisements
  • For the existing online sportsbooks to steadily improve their products in New York state
  • Promotions to be become even more generous and competitive as the competition heats up.

In other words, a very bright future. But don’t misunderstand, there’s no need to wait to get involved with New York sports betting as the quality of what’s out there is already exceptional.

Sports Betting Revenue and Taxation in New York

Taxes on New York sports betting are debated regularly, owing to the 51% tax rate on businesses for gross gaming revenue.

This discussion on the tax rate means there’s a strong possibility it could change for sportsbooks. However, the individual tax rate is much more likely to remain stable.

There are two tax rates you need to be aware of. There is a federal tax rate of 24%. In addition, there’s an additional state tax based on your annual income.

The New York sports betting tax rate for single New Yorkers, or those who file individually, are as follows at the time of writing:

EarningsTaxation Rate
$8,500 or under4%
$8,501 - $11,7004.5%
$11,701 - $13,9005.25%
$13,901 - $21,4005.90%
$21,401 - $80,6506.09%
$80,651 - $215,4006.41%
$215,401 - $1,077,5506.85%
More than $1,077,5508.82%

Do note that that this may differ for married couples filing jointly, and that you are only required to pay the tax rate above the minimum amount of that earnings bracket. For example, you only pay 4.5% between the amount earned between $8,501 and $11,700, and anything earned less than that is charged at 4%. Winnings are to be reported via a W-2 F form, and you may deduct gambling losses if you itemize them on your tax returns.

Comparison of TOP online sportsbooks

It’s important to understand that when we’re talking about the best New York sports betting sites, we don’t necessarily think one is better than the other.

All three of these options get top marks from us. What will make the difference for you is how well they match how you like to bet. Remember too, whether it’s to sample more promotional goodies or to just utilize more betting options, you can also sign up to more than one without consequence.

DraftKings: A Site of Betting Greatness

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Betting Page (Source: DraftKings)

You can sum up what makes DraftKings so exceptional by two key things they do well. They both provide an astounding betting variety meaning more people can bet how they want, and more impressively, they achieve all of this without ever dropping in quality.

This means, for instance, that they are both an industry leader in fantasy sports while being able to take it to any traditional sportsbook.

Their daily fantasy sportsbook has new, exciting and creative contests every day, with flexibility meaning you don’t even need to finish first to win. All this allows you to play what is arguably the most personalized version of fantasy gaming online, to the highest standards.

On the traditional sportsbook side, you have a fantastic mix of classic American sports leagues favorites covered, like the Super Bowl and NBA Finals, alongside more obscure and international options, meaning everyone from darts, lacrosse and MMA fans can find a comprehensively provided for home here.

Live too, as well as pre-game, with exciting live markets backed up by sturdy technical performance. And such markets are further sweetened by the presence of great promotional offers, which can provide odds boosts, parlay bonuses and competitions, just as a few examples.


  • Fun, creative and accessible fantasy gaming
  • Equally excellent traditional sportsbook markets
  • International and American markets amply provided for


  • Promotions could be for broader range of global options

BetMGM: Superb Choice for Newcomers

BetMGM Easy Parlay Screenshot
BetMGM Easy Parlay Page (Source: BetMGM)

Not everyone, especially in a newly legal gambling state like New York state, is greatly experienced with betting online. In fact, some people may require a site which has useability at the forefront of everything they do in order to make the most of what’s being offered. If that sounds like you, if simplicity is key, then BetMGM may be the perfect choice.

Their slick and mature looks reflect the site well, this is a confident, professionally crafted experience, but also one with a soft side. Whether you’re utilizing their mobile betting apps or browser experience, it is impeccably designed. And we’re not just saying it looks great, but is a buttery smooth, superbly structured delight to use. From registration all the way to picking your markets and withdrawing your winnings, it’s a breeze.

And don’t just take our word for it, they are one of the most critically acclaimed sports operators in the world with an astonishingly high score of up to 4.8 (at the time of writing) on the app stores.

This all provides the perfect platform for their terrific, odds generous selection of US focused markets. Even these go above and beyond in the user experience, offering pre-made parlays for you to check out. Beyond a simple sportsbook, BetMGM is a sports betting experience.


  • Suitable for all kinds of players
  • Beloved mobile betting options
  • Pre-made parlays


  • Some popular European markets not available
  • Conservative looks won’t work for everyone

FanDuel: Jack of all New York Sports Betting Trades

FanDuel Homepage Screenshot
FanDuel Home Page (Source: FanDuel)

If DraftKings are No.1 when it comes to balancing out traditional sports wagering with the imaginative world of fantasy betting, then the awesome FanDuel are No.1A. They are both so superb at what they do and bring so much creative, fun betting opportunities to New York sports betting fans.

One area in particular where FanDuel stand out is that they provide fantasy contests exclusively for beginners and guide you through that process. So if you’re totally new to the concept, you have fun and cheap ways of getting started. And then you can build up to taking advantage of the many options they have via daily and weekly contests.

On the sportsbook side of things they offer a fantastic array of options, with horse racing and UFC markets being a couple of unexpected highlights. Above and beyond too is their FanDuel TV services, which supplements their place as a great live betting site with 3000 hours of live sport. They even provide exclusive news, picks, and predictions.

And of course all the things which make them special are only able to stand out because they get the fundamentals right. They are secure and reputable, with fair terms and accessible, helpful customer service. Plus, everything including the banking process (which has ample payment options) is a straightforward and stress-free experience. FanDuel get all the important things right and then some.


  • Fantasy betting suitable for beginners and experts alike
  • Extensive, varied sports coverage
  • Great horse racing bookmaker


  • Two apps are required

Best Sports Betting Apps in NY

Our three recommendation the top online sportsbooks in New York state also represent what we think are the finest mobile betting experiences via betting apps on Android and iOS. If you’re a New Yorker whose idea of a great time betting online is to game on the go, here’s why our recommendations are ace on mobile too.

Draft Kings
Not only do Draft Kings New York have one of the most critically acclaimed mobile experiences on the net, they also get credit from where it really counts which is from the users of the betting apps themselves. That’s right, head on over to either the Google Play and Apple App store and you will find an overwhelmingly positive set of responses, to an extent that is near unheard of in the often polarizing world of New York sports betting.

Things that we notice get singled out for praise are the technical performances while managing to maintain the immense selection of betting options available on the big screen. You get it all here without delay on an easy-to-use platform, complete with all the fantasy gaming options from weekly team selection to head to head, and including the broad scope of American classic markets from the sportsbook. They even have the same competitions and promotional quality, for an experience without compromise.

Just as beloved are the betting apps offered by BetMGM sportsbook, again available on iOS and Android. All the big hitting American markets are here including football, baseball and basketball, with an immense amount of betting depth. They are especially great when it comes to parlay bets with a large number of suggested options, easily found and utilized on mobile.

What made BetMGM so special generally was the inviting and user friendly design. Not only is that the case again here but we think the super intuitive, cleverly designed small screen version may even have the edge on its desktop bigger brother. And, with daily boosted bets, fantastic live betting lines and immense market depth, there’s plenty of reasons quickly check out what’s going on. Ideal for fast mobile betting.

The colorful looks of FanDuel really makes all the essential elements pop on the small screen.

That’s the case whether you are downloading FanDuel sportsbook or fantasy betting apps, as they are separate. While you might initially think of this as a minor flaw, we think a little bit of time with the immensely varied selection of competitions, sports leagues, features and gaming options, will soon change your mind. Each is positively bursting at the seams with opportunities, whether it’s a fantasy betting selection for eSports or a great set of markets on a golf tournament.

And they’ve plenty of substance to go with this style as well. The betting apps are a sturdy foundation, complete with great customer service, regularly updating promotions and mobile betting security features, capable of helping even this great variety of betting options to flourish.

New York Sports Betting Promotions

BetMGM Welcome Offer Screenshot
BetMGM Promotional Page (Source: BetMGM)

The finest sports betting sites deserve the best promotions and the good news for our selections is that every single one of them delivers and then some.

We can’t tell you for certain what will be available when you log on. Part of the beauty of these New York sports betting A-listers is that each of them has an ever changing roster of bonuses, which keeps things fresh and is very much to their credit. That said, we do think it’s a good idea to have a look at a select few offers, available for both browser and mobile betting, so you can get an idea of the sort of promotional quality you can enjoy.

Draft Kings are well known for their promotional generosity and creativity. And there’s no better start to that than their new customer bonus which offers the opportunity to win $150 for a mere 5 buck wager. Simple deposit $5, go into your profile and place a bet for that amount. If it wins, you’ll not only get your winnings but six $25 bonus bet with a week time limit on each.

One of the most fantastic things about FanDuel is that they have a sense of fun and community. That’s why we think the ideal introduction to them on a promotional level is with their sociable and generous refer a friend bonus. This offers you and a friend $50 if you send them an invite link and they make a 10 bucks bet within 30 days of signup. You will receive the money within 72 hours.

While the bonus page has certainly become more varied and creative over the years, there’s still nothing quite like a great big welcome bonus. BetMGM delivers in this regard. Enjoy a first bet offer of up to $1000. The way it works it simple, if your first bet doesn’t win, you get that money back as a free bet, essentially giving you two chances of winning.

Popular Types of Bets

The top New York sports betting operators can offer a dizzying number of betting markets. So much so almost everyone can find exactly what they are looking for, no matter how obscure. But, if you’re looking for ideas on what to bet on next, it might be a good idea to check out the New York betting markets already making waves.

World Cup Winner
While New York state has a healthy love of the great American sports, NBA, NFL and MLB all spring to mind as top sports leagues, they are also a city of international tastes even in the sporting world.

Soccer and New York have long enjoyed a love affair, over a century old, which they showcase today with teams like the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC, both major players in the Eastern Conference of the MLS. And what better way to celebrate this than by getting invested in the biggest soccer event of them all, the World Cup.

Betting on a winner is a great way of getting invested in all areas of the tournament, ideal if you’re not necessarily familiar with all the teams. This is especially true when you consider that all but the very favorites offer decent enough odds to enjoy a sizeable return with small bet. And you could always back the USA, if you feel patriotic and fancy the long odds.

Picking A Fantasy Betting Team
Do note that we did say different types of betting and not necessarily traditional betting markets. That’s because we think it’s fair to say, especially considering the top operators in the state, that fantasy betting is extremely popular in New York.

The basics of this come down to you picking a fantasy sports team with points accumulated based on various statistics. It can be on all kinds of sports and be determined and all sorts of factors, allowing you to pick your own New York sports betting adventure.

Over/Under Betting Markets
Some people like to simply bet on who will win a sporting contest. Indeed, that may be appropriate in many instances. However, if the odds don’t suit or you don’t feel much interest can be garnered from such a traditional punt, you may look elsewhere at alternative betting lines.

You can bet on almost anything that can be predicted, some of which fall into over/under betting markets. The principles of which this work couldn’t be simpler. You bet on whether a certain variable will be over or under an amount set out by the bookmaker. The reason we think this type of market is especially well suited is that New Yorkers love baseball, and there’s no sport better suited. Here, you bet on whether the overall score will be over or under a certain amount or runs, meaning you can actually bet on the kind of game you think is going to be played rather than picking a winner.

New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox Winner
If you’re talking about New York sports betting we’ve got to talk about baseball, and if we’re talking about baseball how could we fail to mention the historic rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. They have competed over 120 seasons and look to continue so long as the sports exists, which makes plenty of opportunity to cast your bets on the next epic showdown. And if you’re a proud New Yorker, we’re willing to guess we know who you’re going to pick. However, if you think your home team might struggle one game, do consider alternative markets like the above over/under markets suggested.
NBA Finals
New York loves basketball and this is the culmination of everything which makes the sport great. You can also go about picking a winner two ways, either backing a team early for longer odds or wait until the match itself. And if the New York Knicks don’t make it, a smart betting strategy may help provide interest in the rival teams. Plus, if you win, that’s bound to take the sting out of any season.

Local Team Sports Where to Bet On

New York state is one of the world’s great sporting locations. It has many of the world’s most passionate fans and several of the greatest teams across many different sports leagues.

Let’s put it this way, if you decided that you only wanted to follow New York teams for the rest of your life, you would never run out of great games to enjoy.

In fact, there’s so many, it might be tough for a New Yorker to remember all that’s available and all the New York sports betting options out there. To help, we’ve collected the a table of the top local teams, the sports leagues they play in, and even major markets you can find them on. Do note that the odds for any long term futures are subject to change.

New York KnicksNBA1946Win NBA Championship +13000
New York GiantsNFL1925Win Super Bowl +4000
New York JetsNFL1960Win Super Bowl +2800
New York MetsMLB 1962Win World Series +750
New York City FCMLS2013Win MLS Cup 2023 +1400
New York YankeesMLB 1901Win World Series +900
Brooklyn NetsNBA1967Win NBA Championship +60000
New York Red BullsMLS1995Win MLS Cup 2023 +2200
New York IslandersNHL1972Win Stanley Cup 2023 +7000
New York RangersNHL1926Win Stanley Cup 2023 +1200
New York RiptideNLL2018Win NLL Championship 2023 +1200

Famous Sports Events in New York State 2023

There’s an absolutely mind-boggling amount of sports events to bet on in New York. Every month there are dozens, even hundreds to choose from, should the broadness of your sporting tastes allow for it.

To help provide an overview on New York sports betting options, we’re selected what we think represent a great mixture of the kinds of events you can see and bet on in 2023.

BasketballBig EAST Men’s Basketball Tournament FinalMadison Square Garden11th March
LacrosseNew York Riptide vs Albany FirewolvesNassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum18th March
BasketballBrooklyn Nets vs Utah JazzBarclays Centre2nd April
BasketballNew York Knicks vs Washington WizardsMadison Square Garden2nd April
Ice HockeyNew York Islanders vs Tampa Bay LightningUBS Arena7th April
Ice HockeyNew York Rangers vs Toronto Maple LeafsMadison Square Garden14th April
Motorcycle RacingMonster Energy SupercrossMetLife Stadium22nd April
BaseballNew York Mets vs Atlanta BravesCiti Field1st May
SoccerNew York Red Bulls vs Philadelphia UnionRed Bull Arena7th May
Dartsbet365 U.S Darts MastersThe Theatre at MSG3rd June
Horse RacingBelmont StakesBelmont Park10th June
BaseballNew York Yankees vs Boston Red SoxYankee Stadium10th June
SoccerNew York City Football Club vs ColumbusYankee Stadium17th June

New York Sports Betting Timeline

1967 – The New York Lottery begins again. This is the beginning of modern gambling history in New York state. While the origins of betting in the state actually date back to the lotteries of Jamestown in the 1600s, New York actually became the first state to ban them in 1833. This is when the city welcomed back gambling after centuries and paved the way for the options we see today.

1970 – Off-Track betting, that is the sanctioned wagering on racing (either greyhound or horse) outside an actual race track, becomes the first form of sports betting legal in the state of New York. They would move far beyond just races, but it’s great to see that it still holds a vital place in New York sports betting and culture today.

2013 – New York decides to officially legalize sports betting on a state level. However, sports betting was broadly illegal on a federal level due to the passing of the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act” (PASPA) in 1992.What this therefore meant was that sports betting in New York would be legal automatically if the federal ban were lifted.

2018 – PASPA is finally overturned on May 14th, 2018, so there were no longer any federal restrictions on sports betting. What this essentially meant is that the legality of New York sports betting would be left up to the state itself, but as that was already decided in 2013 New York could simply begin getting together its sports betting regulations and licensing.

2019 – The first fruits of the change in the law are seen with the opening of The River Sports at Rivers Casino on July 16th 2019 in Schenectady. Many more would soon follow.

2022 – In January of this year the first NY sportsbook finally launched. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed legislation meaning the New York Gaming Commission spent 2021 finalizing the sports betting regulations, rules, and licensing criteria. Hence the delay between legalization and launch day.

States Where it is Legal to Bet on Sports

The change in the law in 2018 did not just effect New York state but the entire country. Of course, many states decided they did not want legalized betting, or are still stuck within that legislative process. Below is a list of states that have chosen to legally provide sports betting at the time of writing.

Do note though they may have their own legal caveats much like how New York bans in-state betting on college teams. If you wish to (and are able to) bet in another state, do be sure to check the individual laws and licenses in that jurisdiction.

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

ThePuntersPage Final Say

Considering that New York has one of the most passionate and important sporting cultures in the United States, and that they set the wheels in motion for legalization long before the 2018 overturn ever looked likely, the expectations for New York sports betting when it arrived online were astronomical. We may only still be relatively early on down the track since their actual launch in 2022, but we’d say that they have already surpassed immense scrutiny. Just look at our trio of recommendations to see why. When you’re betting in New York online, you can expect both standards and betting variety as strong as any alternative.