This page contains a description of all the betting terms to help American punters get started on their online betting journey or to enhance their understanding of the variety and depth of betting options out there.

Simply tap the relevant letter below to narrow down your search, or utilize the search bar if you know exactly what you’re looking for.


With over 200 betting terms explained for American readers, we’ve done everything we can to make this page as comprehensive as possible. Nonetheless, betting markets are a huge, ever-evolving enterprise, so if there’s something missing, feel free to contact us and let us know.

It's also possible that some unusual betting terms may not be here because they are specific terms for that site. This can happen when a betting site wishes to brand something they offer, so they give it a unique title. If this is the case, we recommend you contact their customer service team.

This betting glossary aims to lift the veil of mystery which separates the average bettor from your expert punters. After all, knowledge is the foundation of a strong betting strategy, so understanding the key terminology provides a powerful yet easy leap forward in your mastery of betting markets.

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