With online sports betting now legal in 38 US states, the proliferation of online sportsbooks and their VIP programs, designed to reward loyal members, continues to grow. Join us as we unveil our picks of the best VIP programs for sports betting!

  • Rewards are given for every $2 wagered
  • Offers sports, daily fantasy, and horse racing
  • Fast and straightforward mobile app

Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Renowned brand in the industry
  • Top-tier players receive event invitations
  • Excellent odds for mixed parlays

Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Has five levels to its VIP program
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Great user interface

Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Combined rewards program with BetMGM
  • Provides free livestreaming
  • Variety of deposit methods

Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

VIP betting loyalty programs are monitoring systems designed to watch gamblers' activities and provide incentives accordingly. They are frequently tier-based, so as participants place online bets, they gain status points and climb the tiers to receive progressively better prizes. These rewards can be bonus funds, apparel, points, or even tickets for certain events.

The variables below all play a role in how we at TPP review the best sports betting sites for VIP players.

Welcome Bonuses

When signing up for a sportsbook, you should receive a welcome bonus from the site. A common one is a deposit match bonus, where a certain percentage of bonus funds matching what you deposited is placed into your account.


VIP programs help elevate punters' experience, while seamless site navigation ensures they can effortlessly take advantage of offered benefits. An intuitive user interface simplifies the process of placing wagers, with clear access to different events, categories and bet types.

Payment Methods

From credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, eChecks, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency, each online sportsbook offers different ways to deposit and withdraw money. So, make sure to check whether your preferred form is accepted when signing up.

Fees can also affect transactions. Some platforms charge close to a 10% fee for cards, whereas others charge much less. Cryptocurrency is usually fee free.

Customer Support

Around-the-clock customer support is an excellent reason to choose a specific sportsbook. Whether you have a question about the VIP program's terms and conditions or a bet, an employee needs to be able to respond quickly.

Licensing & Security

Any platform used for online betting needs to be fully licensed by the state they operate in. For instance, the New York State Gaming Commission regulates and licenses sportsbooks such as FanDuel in NY. In Michigan, the Michigan Gaming Control Board does the same.

Security is also imperative. Software safety measures protect user data and thwart illegal access. These methods safeguard both the online bookmaker and the punter. SSL encryption, which guarantees that all data transferred between the user's device and the platform is secure and encrypted, is one popular security feature.

Two-factor authentication, which requires users to submit a second form of identification (such as a code received by email/text message) before they can gain access their accounts, is another crucial security feature. This aids in preventing unwanted access even in the event that the user's password is compromised.

Loyalty Schemes

Sometimes referred to as “loyalty schemes”, since VIP programs offer rewards for each tier and points for every wager, more betting money is required in order to level up.

If a punter is trying to achieve different levels but continues to lose money, then they’ve fallen into the scheme because the program is designed to get you to spend more. This is when they should seek help or set limits depending on the gravity of the situation.

Betting Markets

These are the different bet possibilities a sportsbook offers, covering a range of sports and events. You can choose wagers that suit your tastes, and they might even be more profitable than other platforms if there are favorable odds.

Betting Odds

Betting odds are numbers that indicate an oddsmaker's viewpoint on a specific game, event, or prop. They also show how much money bettors must risk to win a given amount.

There are three basic types of betting odds: American, fractional and decimal.

  • List Icon

    American +140

  • List Icon

    British: 7/5

  • List Icon

    European: 2.4

Since we are writing about U.S. sportsbooks and VIP programs, here's a relevant example. If a bettor placed a successful $100 bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl at +140, they’d win $140 in profit, along with their initial $100 back.

Live Betting

If you’re signing up for a VIP program, you’re probably going to want to use an operator that offers live betting (also called “in-play” or “in-game betting”). This allows punters to bet on an event while it’s happening, so the odds will change throughout the match.

Some enjoy betting on this when a heavy favorite goes down early and the odds soften. For instance, the team with the best record in the NBA might have been -300 to win pre-game, but after trailing in the first quarter, the live odds shifted to +100. If the punter thinks they’ll make a comeback, the +100 requires a lot less money to be bet in order to collect a higher payout vs. when the franchise was -300.


Certain accounts can be limited if they win a lot of bets/profit or if they win a huge bet and cash out. They can also be imposed on anyone, regardless of success. Various parlays with extremely high payouts might be restricted at $50 and under. Some can even be less than $10.

Reading reviews or asking customer support can help handicappers identify bookies with higher frequency limits, aiding in their selection of an online betting site.

Terms & Conditions

You should have an excellent understanding of the T&Cs when signing up for a VIP sports program or a sportsbook. They will cover important information such as the following:

  • List Icon

    Wagering requirements: The quantity you have to bet in order to earn points or rewards.

  • List Icon

    Eligibility: What criteria needs to be met in order to sign up for the program.

  • List Icon

    Tier system structure: Describes how many tiers there are and what’s required to hit each level.

  • List Icon

    Point system structure: The structure displays how points are earned in relation to how much you bet, and what can be rewarded once you accumulate a specific number of points.

  • List Icon

    Rewards: Showcases the different prizes and luxury gifts available.

  • List Icon

    Promotional period: The allotted time available to use certain VIP rewards. Points can expire on a certain date or within a time frame.

  • List Icon

    Changes: The sportsbook reserves the right to change VIP sports betting club rules at any time, so it’s vital to know the details if this happens.

In this section, we review what we consider to be the five best VIP programs for sports betting.

BetMGM Rewards

betmgm vip desktop screenshot
(Source: BetMGM)

Sitting at the top of our list, the BetMGM VIP program gives its members both reward points and tier credits. These are earned at the same rate, regardless of whether you place sports bets, play casino games, or engage in poker. The number of points obtained is normally determined by the quantity, category, and odds of each stake made.

Members receive 20 reward points and 20 tier credits for every $100 wagered on a straight bet. They’ll earn 50 points and 50 tier credits for every $100 bet on a parlay. Both parlays made on the sportsbook and slots earn punters 2.5 times more than straight bets or wagers made at live table games.

There are five levels to BetMGM’s tiered loyalty program:

  • List Icon

    Sapphire: 0-19,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Pearl: 20,000-74,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Gold: 75,000-199,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Platinum: 200,000 and up

  • List Icon

    Noir: Accepted by invite only

  • Two types of rewards given to VIP customers
  • Tier credits can be used for hotels
  • Sports, casino, and poker earn members credit
  • Doesn’t accept cryptocurrency
  • Odds aren’t as competitive as other bookies'

FanDuel Rewards

fanduel vip desktop screenshot
(Source: FanDuel)

FanDuel is one of the best brands in the sports betting realm, but it doesn’t have a normal rewards program for casual punters. The company offers a VIP program only to customers who bet high.

The program includes invitations to large events such as Super Bowl parties, gifts, and bonuses. Exclusive VIP members also get a personal VIP account manager, who can assist with certain requests, such as bet limits and bonuses.

Anyone who isn’t a Fanduel Sportsbook VIP can fill out a request on FanDuel’s website to see whether they qualify.

  • Extremely competitive odds
  • Parlays can be built across various markets
  • Features fast payout options
  • VIP program is invite-only
  • Low-limit bettors aren’t rewarded with VIP

DraftKings Rewards

draftkings vip desktop screenshot
(Source: DraftKings)

Another industry leader, DraftKings‘ platform offers sports betting, a casino, horse racing, and daily fantasy. Its Dynasty Rewards program awards members crowns whenever they place a wager.

All players begin at the Bronze level and can work their way up to the maximum status, Onyx. To reach Onyx, you must get a million crowns within a year, which is equivalent to $2 million in bets.

Rewards such as event invitations, bonuses, store credits, and free entries are some of the loyalty perks.

  • You become a VIP just for signing up
  • Customer support can be reached easily
  • Offers an early cash-out for events
  • Lines aren’t always juicy
  • Some promos have low betting limits

Borgata Rewards

borgata vip desktop screenshot

Borgata is a sister brand of BetMGM, so when customers create an account, they’ll automatically be enrolled in BetMGM’s VIP program. They’ll earn both Borgata Online Rewards Points and MGM Rewards Tier Credits when they bet on sports, participate in the online casino, or try their skills at poker.

The rules are similar to BetMGM’s program, with users earning points when playing slots or making parlays at the sportsbook. They get fewer points from table games and straight bets.

VIP members of this platform will be rewarded with promo funds for sports, casino, and poker. Points can also be converted and used for rooms, entertainment, and dining.

  • Combined rewards offer a ton of options
  • Low deposit limits
  • Plenty deposit methods
  • Only offered in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • The welcome offer could be higher

Caesars Rewards

caesars vip desktop screenshot
(Source: Caesars)

When signing up, sports bettors and customers who enjoy the casino and poker become gold members of Caesars’ tiered program. The recognized brand also owns the World Series of Poker platform.

Caesars Sportsbook VIP program offers five tiers:

  • List Icon

    Gold: 0-4,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Platinum: 5,000-14,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Diamond: 15,000-24,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Diamond Plus: 24,999-74,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Diamond Elite: 75,000-149,999 credits

  • List Icon

    Seven Stars: 150,000+ credits

When reaching platinum, members will receive a monthly bonus bet for the sportsbook if they made one wager of at least $100 the previous month.

Earned reward credits can be transferred into bonus play and used for discounts, hotel stays, dining, tickets to special events, and purchases at the rewards store.

  • Excellent benefits for VIPs
  • New members receive large bonuses
  • High frequency of odds boosts
  • Odds aren’t always the best
  • Could offer more betting markets

To check your loyalty rewards status, log into your account and find the rewards section. The sportsbook will display your tier and the number of credits you have. If you have any questions relating to your current tier status, contact customer support.

Let's now take a look at the intricacies of different types of loyalty programs.

Points-Based Betting Rewards

draftkings vip rewards desktop screenshot
(Source: DraftKings)

This type of loyalty program, used by many online bookies such as DraftKings Dynasty and PointsBet, gives its players points based on how much they spend when wagering. This is one of the best betting VIP programs and is easy to understand since there aren’t tiers involved.

Users can turn their points into bonus funds that can be used at the sportsbook.

Tiered VIP Programs

wynnbet vip rewards desktop screenshot
(Source: WynnBet)

These VIP sports betting online programs will require some studying to understand since they not only award points to members, but also have tiers that offer different rewards. A tier level is unlocked once a certain number of points is accrued.

WynnBet is an operator that uses a three-tiered program, allowing its members to climb the ladder for a number of rewards.

Crossover Loyalty Rewards

caesars crossover loyalty rewards desktop screenshot
(Source: Caesars)

Crossover programs, which often have tiers, allow players to redeem their earned points in person at land-based casinos or sportsbooks, as well as online.

Users can visit a location and use sports betting VIP points on hotel stays, restaurants, show tickets, or retail purchases.

While the three kinds of programs mentioned above are the most common, there are others, such as invitation-only and gamification programs, where users can earn additional perks by landing on leaderboard competitions provided by the bookmaker.

Here are some tips to enhance your VIP betting experience and avoid any unpleasant surprises:

  • Read the terms and conditions for the VIP program thoroughly.

  • Understand the quantity of bonus you’ll receive per wager.

  • Compare VIP programs between different platforms.

  • Utilize promos such as odds boosts and VIP rewards.

  • Do your research before betting on an event.

  • Make sure to odds shop on different VIP sportsbooks.

VIP programs offer users the chance to take advantage of rewards, whether it’s strictly online or in-person. Use our guide to help you make a decision when selecting the best VIP sports betting sites for you.

In our opinion, BetMGM is the best VIP club sportsbook to be a part of.

To join most VIP betting clubs, simply sign up and make an account at a regulated and licensed online bookmaker. Some, such as FanDuel, are offered via invitation.

A VIP scheme refers to how the program is set up to make the punter wager more money in order to earn more rewards and climb the tier levels.

A high-roller deposit bonus is a promotion designed only for bettors who wager high amounts. Online sportsbooks frequently provide these exclusive bonuses to customers who prefer to make greater deposits. These promos also have a larger maximum limit.

The max payout allowed on a certain wager will vary between VIP club sports betting sites. If interested and can't find information on the bookie's site, contact customer support.

To become a VIP on most standard sportsbooks, you'll need to sign up and create an account with the operator.

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