DraftKings is one of the most renowned betting platforms based in the United States. The operator offers customers access to a sportsbook, daily fantasy contests and a casino. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed review of the DraftKings VIP program, DK Dynasty Rewards, which allows its members to earn credits and perks.

  • Prizes become better as tiers are climbed.
  • Deposit match bonuses are commonly offered.
  • Exclusive contests for high-level members.
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A common question asked among newcomers in the sports betting community is “What is DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program?”

It is a tiered system that awards “Crowns,” which are points, through five tier levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Onyx).

DraftKings VIP requirements are simple. You are automatically enrolled in the program when you create a DraftKings account.

After your account is set up, when you place sports wagers or join DFS contests, you’ll immediately begin to earn Crowns.

Signing up for a DraftKings Account

  1. Visit the DraftKings website or download the mobile app.

  2. Click the “Sign Up” link.

  3. Enter your personal information.

  4. Read through and agree to the terms and conditions.

  5. Verify your location.

  6. Deposit and use a promo code or referral to attain a bonus.

  7. Your account is now ready to use.

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Users can convert Crowns (points) into bonus funds to enter contests or use them at the DK Dynasty Rewards Store.

You earn DK Crowns (reward credits) for participating in different activities, including sports betting, daily fantasy sports competitions and playing at the casino. The rate at which you gain Crowns varies according to the game type.

Sports bets and DFS contests, for example, normally pay out one Crown for every dollar staked, whereas slots and the marketplace can pay out one Crown for every two dollars wagered.

Earn rates for Crowns

Fantasy SportsAll Fantasy Sports entry fees.$11 Crown
SportsbookParlays and SGPs
Straight Bets and Futures
1 Crown
Pick6All Pick6 entry fees.$11 Crown
CasinoSlots, Keno and Virtual Sports
Select Slots and Select Table Games
Most Table Games
1 Crown
1 Crown
1 Crown
MarketplaceDigital Play Card drops by DK
All other purchases
1 Crown
1 Crown

550 Crowns can be redeemed for $1 DK Dollar or $1 Casino Credit.

DraftKings notes that earning rates have the potential to change, and amounts may differ according to the game and the member's location.

There are multiple ways to earn Crowns at a faster rate.

The more money you wager, the more Crowns you’ll earn. In many scenarios, users accrue one Crown for every $1 wagered. Remember to gamble responsibly, though.

Make sure to participate in games and contests that award more Crowns. Sports betting and DFS competitions award Crowns at a higher rate than casino games.

The easiest way to earn Crowns is by leveling up via the tiers. The higher the tier, the more a member will receive for the same bet.

DraftKings periodically runs special promotions or contests just for Dynasty Rewards members. These can award bonus Crowns for accomplishing specific tasks or meeting wagering thresholds. Look out for these opportunities to quickly gain Crowns.

Crowns can be used to enter contests rather than using real money in your account. For example, if you don’t have enough USD in your account to enter a contest but have sufficient Crowns, you can use those to participate instead.

They can also be converted into DK Dollars and casino credits. The DK Dynasty Rewards store allows the use of Crowns, and members can also use them for sports memorabilia or tickets to unique events.

DK Dollars

DK Dollars represent the bonus cash earned on DraftKings. You cannot withdraw them until they are converted on the platform. This can be done by utilizing them to enter DFS contests, make sports bets or engage in casino games.

Earn Tier Credits

DraftKings VIP program awards bonus credits for new and existing users. When signing up, there are deposit matches and other promotions, such as bet $5 to receive $150 in bonus funds. Be sure to check the rollover requirements. The bonus funds cannot be withdrawn.

As mentioned before, Crowns and DK dollars are awarded, but they aren’t exactly free since you have to wager money to earn them.

draftkings dynasty store desktop
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The DraftKings Dynasty Store is where players can spend Crowns they’ve earned to purchase merchandise or event tickets.

The store offers a variety of categories, including electronics, fitness, fashion, toys, games and appliances. The top of the webpage also showcases new and popular rewards. Currently, DK is featuring hammocks, grills and pickleball equipment.

There is a “search” option where desired merch can be entered to check if it’s in stock.

How to access the Dynasty Store

  1. Hover over your username near the top right of the home page. When the drop-down menu appears, click on account information.

  2. On the right side of the page, across from your username, click “Check your Dynasty Rewards Status.”

  3. Select “Dynasty Store” on the bottom right of the page under the “Spend Crowns” section.

Below you can find DraftKings VIP tiers, and start building your portfolio:

Tier LevelTier Credits (earned per calendar year)
Bronze Tier0 – 4,999 Tier Credits
Silver Tier5,000 Tier Credits
Gold Tier25,000 Tier Credits
Diamond Tier90,000 Tier Credits
Onyx Tier175,000 Tier Credits (Onyx is via invite only)

In the section below, we’ll take you through the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards 2024 tiers and exclusive benefits.

Bronze Status

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  • List Icon

    Every member starts here when they sign up for a DK account.

  • List Icon

    Crowns and tier credits are earned.

  • List Icon

    Promotions are offered across the platform and on Golden Nugget Online Gaming.

Silver Status

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(Source: DraftKings)
  • List Icon

    Reached at 5,000 tier credits.

  • List Icon

    Customers can begin the year with rollover tier credits (up to 500+).

  • List Icon

    Allows users to select their own Crown Boost Days every month.

  • List Icon

    Four 2x Crowns Boost Days allotted per month.

  • List Icon

    Milestone rewards are given, such as Crowns or gifts, as you earn points.

  • List Icon

    Unique contests and promo opportunities at this tier.

Gold Status

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(Source: DraftKings)
  • List Icon

    Reached at 25,000 tier credits.

  • List Icon

    Up to 4,000+ tier credits rolled over for the next year.

  • List Icon

    Crown boost days can be picked each month.

  • List Icon

    Four 3X Crowns Boost Days per month.

  • List Icon

    Exclusive contests for Gold members.

  • List Icon

    Priority customer service is awarded at this tier.

Diamond Status

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(Source: DraftKings)
  • List Icon

    Achieved at 90,000 tier credits.

  • List Icon

    Rollover credits for the next year. Up to 15,000+.

  • List Icon

    Five 3X Crown Boost Days per month.

  • List Icon

    Access to exclusive diamond-level contests.

  • List Icon

    Priority customer support and 24/7 chat support access.

  • List Icon

    Receive an invite to the Dynasty Signature Sweepstakes.

  • List Icon

    Access to distinctive live events.

  • List Icon

    You’ll be considered for a VIP Host.

  • List Icon

    Yearly diamond gift awarded.

Onyx Status

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(Source: DraftKings)
  • List Icon

    175,000 tier credits needed.

  • List Icon

    DraftKings invites you to join this tier (the highest).

  • List Icon

    Begin the year with rollover tier credits (up to 25,000+).

  • List Icon

    Five 4X Crown Boost Days per month.

  • List Icon

    Onyx exclusive contests and promos are offered.

  • List Icon

    Priority and 24/7 customer support.

  • List Icon

    Dynasty Signature Sweepstakes Invitation.

  • List Icon

    Live experience exclusive rewards can be awarded.

  • List Icon

    VIP host offered.

  • List Icon

    A Onyx Elite reward is gifted.

Our DraftKings Dynasty Rewards review found it is an elite performing and highly rated VIP program thanks to its tiered system and regular promotions. At TPP, we believe it is the most elite option currently on the U.S. market. We rated it as No. 1 in our Best VIP Programs for Sports Betting.

To see how many Crowns you and account balance, look at the top right portion of the screen. If you wish to view more details regarding this information, click on “account information.”

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards lets you earn Crowns by playing games and wagering on sports. These Crowns earned can be exchanged for free bets, merchandise as well as admission into special contests. As you progress through the tiers, you can access additional privileges such as faster Crown earning and VIP experiences.

All players are eligible for DraftKings Dynasty Rewards. After your DK account is first created, you are enrolled in the program at the bronze level. Depending on their requirements, members can climb up the next four tiers.

You’ll be a part of Dynasty Rewards indefinitely when you first make your DK account. The tier level will depend on your activity.
It’s important to note that tier credit acquired from January 1st, 12:00 AM PST, to December 31st, 11:59 PM PST, the following year, contribute toward your tier level. However, your tier credits count restarts every calendar year on January 1st at 12:00 AM PST.

DK Crowns do not expire and will stay in your account until spent.

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