There’s nothing quite like a parlay, and bookmakers give sports bettors the chance to create multiple parlays from just one bet. These are round robin bets, and here’s everything you need to know about round robin FanDuel bet – one of the US’ premier sportsbooks.

  • Premier sportsbook offering round robin betting
  • Multiple parlays created from single parlay bet
  • Range of sports markets can be included in round robin bet
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A sports betting round robin is an innovative bet type which breaks down your parlay into smaller combination bets. Should you choose the round robin option on FanDuel, your split bets will be created automatically.

The name is derived from a round-robin tournament, a format which sees every team play one another in its group. In this instance, instead of teams playing against each other, they’re forming parlay bets.

The more selections in your parlay results in more round robin combinations, but you do have to lay stakes down on these split bets. So, the more parlay selections, the more expensive it likely will be to create a round robin.

In short, FanDuel’s round robin is a more fun way of providing parlay insurance. You’re not guaranteed to make a profit, but you’ll be paid out for each combination that wins.

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The excellent FanDuel makes life easy for those that want to create a round robin bet. Here’s how you can place a round robin with the bookmaker:

  1. Create your parlay by browsing FanDuel’s sportsbook. You’ll need at least three selections, and these will automatically be added to your bet slip once you’ve clicked the odds.

  2. Click the ‘Teasers & Round Robins’ tab located underneath your selections.

  3. FanDuel automatically creates all the combinations from your parlay to create your round robin bet.

  4. You must then decide how much you want to stake in total. In the stake box, you’re entering how much you want to stake on each parlay created from the round robin. For example, if you place $1 on a round robin. For example, if you place $1 on a round robin that creates three parlays (By 2s x3 wagers), your total stake would be $3.

  5. FanDuel will then supply you with a review of your round robin bet, including the odds for each bet.

  6. If you’re happy with your selections, place your bets!

You can get creative with your round robin bets and use an array of different sports markets. However, for this example, I’m keeping it simple. This is what a round robin looks like with a three-leg NFL moneyline parlay.

Here are the games I’m betting on:

  1. 1.

    Patriots vs Jets – Patriots to win

  2. 2.

    Ravens vs Steelers – Steelers to win

  3. 3.

    Chiefs vs Chargers – Chiefs to win

Here are the round robin bets that would be created from this three-leg parlay:

  • List Icon

    Parlay 1: Patriots & Ravens

  • List Icon

    Parlay 2: Patriots & Chiefs

  • List Icon

    Parlay 3: Ravens & Chiefs

In this case, I’d need just two teams to win to have a winning parlay. If the Patriots and Chiefs both win but the Ravens lose. Parlay 2 would be a winner in the above example.

There are certainly perks to this unique bet type. Such benefits include:

  • List Icon

    Allows sports bettors to spread the risk across different outcomes with large payouts still offered.

  • List Icon

    Round robin bettors are not dependent on one single outcome. The bet offers some form of parlay insurance.

  • List Icon

    Encourages bettors to back the underdog when placing moneyline bets.

  • List Icon

    Your chances of winning are increased by spreading your bets across multiple team combinations.

Round robin FanDuel undoubtedly mitigates some of the risk associated to parlay betting, providing some insurance if one of your selections doesn’t come in. The bet type encourages the backing of underdogs and does increase your chances of winning, but there’s no guarantee of profit being made. These are expensive bets which are still hard to pull off.

A round robin bet is a series of smaller parlays created from a larger parlay bet. Instead, of placing one big bet, a round robin separates your selections into various combinations. You’ll get paid out for each combination that wins.

You’ll see the ‘Round Robin’ tab on your FanDuel betslip once you’ve created a parlay.
The bookmaker will automatically create your round robin bet, and make it clear how many different bets have been created.

If this is the case, it’s likely that you chose selections from the same game which can’t be combined in a round robin bet.

It’s a fun and innovative way of enjoying parlay betting. Strategically, though, it’s not the most conducive for long-term success given how expensive these bets can be.

You don’t need all your selections to come in to win a parlay bet. There are multiple bets created as a result of the round robin, and you’ll win if any of the combinations are successful although a profit is not guaranteed.

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