Michigan’s gambling industry has grown exponentially over the last few years, with additional forms of legalized gambling. Punters in the state have a tremendous number of opportunities for wagering on sports, casino games, horse racing, fantasy sports and even playing the lottery.

As such, responsible gambling in Michigan is a vital subject that must be addressed if you’re going to have the best betting experience. In this guide, we’re going to discuss the best MI sites with responsible gaming, the measures they take to check problem gambling, and more.

  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits
  • Rigorous age and identification process
  • Educational materials on responsible gaming
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  • Set time spent limit
  • Set deposit limits
  • Self-assessment surveys
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Time limit feature
  • Cool-off option
  • Self-exclusion tool
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Responsible gambling initiatives simply refer to the efforts ensuring gaming activities don't result in any harm. The Michigan Gaming Control Board is the official body that oversees responsible gambling programs within the US state. It essentially promotes RG by formulating policies for a safe gambling market.

After the Michigan online gambling market was launched in December 2019, the MGCB implemented clear guidelines for licensed sports betting operators to promote responsible gambling practices. They include deposit limit options, self-exclusion options, and various welfare management systems. These initiatives are aimed at empowering you as the player to maintain control over your online sports betting activities.

Moreover, the Michigan Gaming Control Board has collaborated with local organizations that specialize in addiction counseling to create support services for the residents. Therefore, punters have unlimited access to different resources should they require any assistance with problem gambling.

To further check Michigan's problem gambling, the MGCB monitors the marketing practices of casino and sports betting operators in the state. The body has established regulations governing promotional offers, advertising, and targeting demographics. This ensures they’re persistently upholding virtuous standards and the values of transparency, fairness as well as responsible gambling in MI.

Note that responsible gambling initiatives and resources, all advocate gaming as a form of entertainment activity.

The MGCB takes matters of responsible gambling in Michigan seriously, and we wouldn’t expect anything less. You’ll find various measures put in place to curb problematic gambling. They range from self-exclusion to self-assessment, all of which we’ll discuss below.


Self-exclusion is a program designed to allow control over your gaming activities. With this program, you can voluntarily restrict yourself from taking part in any real money gaming activities for a certain period. Moreover, self-exclusion can be applied at various levels – from commercial gambling platforms to statewide self-exclusion programs. Simply put, the Michigan Responsible Gambling database allows a voluntary exclusion from all regulated online gaming and sports betting activities.

This program can also include further support for problem gambling such as referrals to therapy services at the Michigan Department of Health.

Time Limits

Time limit is basically a method of managing the amount of time players spend gambling on licensed game sites. It works through a regulated playing schedule, in which you allocate specified timeframes for your gaming or sports betting activities. This way, you can effectively have a more balanced experience.

By implementing gambling time limits, you’ve got greater awareness of your actions and choices when it comes to gambling.

Spending Limits

The Michigan Gaming Control Board requires all licensed operators to have spending limit features to help manage problem gamblers’ expenditures. Spending parameters allow you to limit the amount of cash you spend on gambling. This lets you stay within your budget contributing to the sustainability of gaming as a recreational undertaking.

These spending limits are flexible to accommodate the dynamic nature of financial situations, encouraging a conscious understanding of your gambling habits

Deposit Controls

Licensed sites also promote responsible gambling in Michigan by providing deposit features that help control your funding activities on a betting site. Deposit features help to manage your account payments over a specific period. With a deposit limit, you’re able to effectively prevent impulsive spending on gambling sites – which could potentially become problematic.

The deposit reins inspire responsible behavior in players, where you get to plan your gaming or sports betting thoughtfully.


There are also self-assessment tools that ensure awareness while you engage in various betting activities. These tools provide an organized method to evaluate your gambling habits or even potential risks. As such, you’ll have a better understanding of your gaming patterns, which enables you to make informed decisions.

Additionally, self-assessment tools help you identify signs of problem gambling early on, cultivating a practical approach to addressing these concerns.

Top-rated betting sites put up various measures in a bid to uphold responsible gambling in Michigan – as we’ve discussed below.


fanduel responsible gaming screenshot
(Source: Fanduel)

This is one of the most popular betting sites in Michigan and it demonstrates its obligation to combating problem gaming through several measures. On this site, gamblers can set their daily, weekly, or even monthly spending limits through the site's time and spending limits feature.

You can also put in a request for your name to be included in the Michigan gaming exclusion list, which prevents access to your betting account(s) for a predetermined period – you can do this through FanDuel’s self-exclusion feature. Note that you may have to contact the Michigan Gaming Control Board by applying via the Internet Gaming and Sports Betting Self-Exclusion (Responsible Gaming Database Form).

The site has a rigorous age and identification process that helps to check gambling by minors. Moreover, it provides educational materials on responsible gaming/gambling. These comprise access to helpful resources such as the Michigan Association on Problem Gambling and more.


(Source: BetMGM)

BetMGM is another betting site that’s gained great popularity in this US particular US state. To promote responsible gambling in Michigan, it’s got a variety of tools and features. For instance, customers in the state can set limits on how much they can deposit and how much time they can spend on the betting platform. The site even sends alerts reminding you of the elapsed time during a gaming session.

On BetMGM, you’ll also get self-assessment surveys that help to evaluate your betting habits. Furthermore, the platform has partnered with organizations that support responsible gaming in MI. So, if you ever need any help related to gambling, you’ll get it easily.


draftkings responsible gaming screenshot
(Source: DraftKings)

DraftKings is a big hitter in this industry across the US and also ensures that it’s got measures to alleviate Michigan's problem gaming. For example, you’re able to set a limit on how much money you can bet in a day or month. Additionally, you can specify the spending limits for the casino or sportsbook.

If you fear that you might be spending too much time on the betting platform, you can always use the DraftKings time limit feature to control the amount of time you spend on the site daily. Punters can also opt to take a breather from betting, in which case there’s a cool-off option to help achieve that. You can take anywhere from three days to four weeks to cool off.

With this site’s self-exclusion tool, you could also self-exclude from gambling on DraftKings for one to five years. There's also the deposit setting tool that helps you limit the amount you deposit in a day, week, or month.

Below, we’ve listed various behaviors that may indicate you or someone you know has a gambling problem. Note that the following are not all the signs. So, it’s advisable to always make use of the self-evaluation features/tools provided by your bookie.

  • List Icon

    Fear of missing out when others are betting

  • List Icon

    Extensive and repeated gambling sessions

  • List Icon

    Easily irritable when not playing

  • List Icon

    Increasing bets to get more profits

  • List Icon

    Requesting credit limits regularly

  • List Icon

    Getting sensitive and defensive about gambling behaviors

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    Exhibiting unethical habits to gamble/bet

  • List Icon

    Lying about your gambling

To curb problem gambling, you’ll do well to familiarize yourself with a few important tips, which we have described below:

  1. Treat gambling as entertainment: Gambling is meant for fun and not a way to earn a living or to achieve your financial goals.

  2. Set a clear budget: Deposit only what can afford to lose and refrain from reloading your account. Make use of the deposit limits tools provided on your online bookies.

  3. Do not chase your losses: Never increase your wagers to try to win back what you’ve already lost. Today was just not your day, try again tomorrow or another day.

  4. Keep your emotions in check when gambling: Letting emotions take control when gambling never ends well. So, never gamble when you’re high or low in spirits.

  5. Take time to cool off: Top betting sites provide features to curb problem gambling in Michigan. Therefore, utilize these tools to take a break for a few days.

While these two terms are connected, they are not exactly similar, which is why we’ll explain them for you to understand.

Problem gambling, at its most extreme, is the experience you have when you've got difficulties stopping the gaming activities. It results in exhibiting addictive and unpleasant behavior regarding matters gambling.

Responsible gambling is essentially the idea that purposes to promote gaming/betting as a form of entertainment. It encourages punters to stop gambling when it's no longer fun and mitigates the risks of problem gambling.

On this page, we’ve discussed responsible gambling in Michigan, measures taken by top betting sites, and the Michigan Gambling Control Board to check problem gambling. We’ve also listed various behaviors to look out for to determine whether or not you have a gambling problem. Lastly, it’s important to mention there’s no shame in seeking help – there are various support services provided in Michigan.

If you need more resources about responsible gambling in Michigan, some of them are available below:

There are many ways to be a responsible gambler in Michigan, including setting money and time limits for gambling and treating gaming as entertainment.

The guidelines for responsible gambling in Michigan include deposit limit options, self-exclusion features, and player welfare programs.

The official Michigan gambling law is the Michigan Lawful Internet Gaming Act 152 of 2019, combined with the Lawful Sports Betting Act passed in the same year.

The MGCB is responsible for supervising and implementing gambling regulations in Michigan State. It essentially conducts audits, issues operating licenses, and ensures compliance with the gaming laws in the state.

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