Boasting 12 National titles, 45 Conference titles, and four Division titles, the Michigan Wolverines are definitely among the state-favorites when it comes to college football. In our guide below, we'll take you through the vast Michigan Wolverines football betting opportunities, including the best MI Wolverines betting sites.

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Looking forward to winning some bucks in the annual Michigan Wolverines football spring game in April? Or perhaps you're more interested to see how the new head coach, Sherrone Moore, and the new offensive coordinator, Kirk Campbell, work together in this historic face-off? Either way, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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    Find a suitable sportsbook: Any experienced bettor will tell you that finding the ideal sportsbook for you is crucial for a successful betting experience. Pick any of the reliable sites for wagering on MI Wolverines on our page that match your needs.

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    Initiate the sign-up process: Once you zero in on your preferred choice from our recommendations, click the link to begin the sign-up process. You'll need to provide basic personal details, including your name, email, phone number, last four digits of your SSN, and so on.

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    Verify your account: Next, the bookmaker will ask you to submit proof of identity and address documents. Usually instant, but no longer than 48 hours, your new account will be verified, as long as the submitted documents support the details provided during sign-up.

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    Make a deposit: Now that your account is active, proceed to make a deposit using any of the convenient payment options on the Cashier's page. Don't forget to claim the new customer bonus.

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    Find your Michigan football bet: With a loaded account and a generous bonus, you're now ready for the Michigan football Wolverines betting action. Search for college football on the bookie and scroll till you see the available Michigan Wolverines games.

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    Place a wager and sit back: Take a wise pick from the available options and place your bet. Now, cross your fingers and wait to see how it all pans out!


fanduel betting site desktop screenshot
(Source: FanDuel)

FanDuel was among the ten elite sportsbooks that went live immediately when the Wolverine State legalized online sports betting in January 2021. While the bookie quickly climbed the ranks on the MI betting scene, it remains a player-favorite among Michigan Wolverines football team fans for several reasons.

Boasting a super sleek and user-friendly experience coupled with an impressive coverage of college football events, this bookmaker is a punter's dream. Every week, bettors can expect to indulge in a cornucopia of moneylines, props, and spreads on most college football matches.

  • A trendsetter in creating same-game parlays
  • Competitive NCAAF betting odds
  • Easy-to-claim new customer offer
  • Lacks a loyalty program
  • New bettors must win the first $5+ wager to receive the welcome bonus


betmgm betting site desktop screenshot
(Source: BetMGM)

What makes BetMGM such an excellent choice is its remarkable all-rounder features. Whatever your preferred sports or betting markets are, there's a good chance that this bookie will deliver well beyond your expectations — and that also applies to its Michigan Wolverines men's football games and markets.

When writing this review, we were impressed by BetMGM's competitive futures odds for the NCAA Championships. Couple this with the easy-to-navigate interface and the array of lucrative bonuses, Michigan Wolverines football betting has never been this stress-free.

Moreover, there's a regularly updated college football blog that also covers Michigan Wolverines football news.

  • One of the best welcome bonuses
  • Comprehensive college football blog
  • A wealth of college football futures markets with competitive futures odds
  • New players can only receive the welcome bonus amount if their bet loses
  • Some find the site layout very busy


draftkings betting site desktop screenshot
(Source: DraftKings)

Usually spoken in the same breath as FanDuel, DraftKings is yet another top pick for MI Wolverines football fans. But where these sports betting giants differ is that DraftKings treats its loyal betting fans with a promising VIP program — Dynasty Rewards.

Here, loyal players are in for a treat every time they place a real-money wager on the platform. What's more, the regular bonuses are innovative, with alluring odds boosts for major events and games targeting local MI teams like the Wolverines.

Moreover, the site's in-depth coverage of college football games and events is another perk of Michigan Wolverines football betting on DraftKings. With some of the best betting lines around, paired with a top-tier live betting arena with livestreaming functionality, you will surely enjoy one of the best college football betting experiences in Michigan.

  • Enticing VIP program
  • Rewarding new customer bonus
  • Hassle-free betting environment
  • Lacks college football-specific promos
  • The list of available payment methods depends on your residing state

Michigan football Wolverines betting may seem like a simple endeavor, especially for passionate fans. But for the average novice punter, the amount of betting opportunities presented at the best MI Wolverines football betting sites can be staggering and confusing. Below, we discuss different ways you can wager on the Wolverines.


A moneyline wager simply means putting money down on the team you think will win the match. Without thinking of the points or numbers involved in the win, if your selection wins, you win the bet.


Here, you predict whether the favorites will cover the spread or the underdogs' loss is within the spread. For instance, if the bookie favors Michigan by -7 points against the Ohio State Buckeyes (the all-time Michigan Wolverines football rivals), Wolverines must cover the spread by winning with at least seven points for their bettors to cash in. But if the Buckeyes lose by seven or less, their backers win the bet.


Sometimes referred to as over/under bets, totals focus on the combined final score of both teams in the match. The bookmaker predetermines the final combined score in the game, and the punter decides whether the actual combined score will be higher or lower than the conjured figure.


Many consider props as side bets since they tend to focus more on the events happening within a match — independent of the game's final outcome. These bets lean more towards the player/team performances.

Examples of such wagers range from betting on a specific player’s passing yards for each game, the yards per carry, or which team will score the first point in a game.

Live Betting

Live bets are basically an extension of all bet types. The only difference is that everything in live betting happens in real time, including the game, placing of bets, and winning/losing thereof.

While such bets are definitely more exciting, they also present a greater risk since the odds change in real time. Fortunately, top MI Wolverines sportsbooks feature a cash-out feature that helps you whisk away your winnings before the match ends.


Here, you wager on upcoming events and occurrences. For instance, while writing this guide, our top recommendations for betting on the Wolverines have futures on the winner of the National Championship Game and the Heisman Trophy Award.


A type of parlay bet, teasers allow bettors to tweak the point spread to their advantage. However, you must pick at least two teams and agree to a lower payout. And like other parlay bets, both teams in the game must cover the new point spreads for the teaser to win.

The 2024 Michigan Wolverines football schedule is out. Looking to maximize your winning chances? Then it's time to dust your football betting strategies. Here are the three most essential ones to master:

Bankroll Management

We understand — Michigan Wolverines football players are a talented bunch; after all, they didn't land the most all-time wins (a whopping 1,004) by simply blowing cold air! But since anything can happen when betting on sports, it's essential to consider bankroll management.

We're talking about factors like affording this pastime — because it can be expensive — and employing tactics that will diversify your risk. For instance, you could divide your betting budget into 1% – 3% units, which can ensure that you last the entire college football season.

Line Shopping

This one goes without saying — always compare available lines and odds before betting on a Wolverines game. With tons of Michigan sportsbooks at your fingertips, it's up to you to find the best numbers.

After all, even a half point can differentiate between a winning bet and a push. And you never know, you may land one of those coveted value bets, where you see an event more likely to happen than what the bookmaker implies.


With tons of college football tournaments and markets to choose from, the vast betting options online can easily overwhelm the average Wolverines fan. That's why we suggest focusing on one conference or tournament.

We think it's a good idea to start small by considering the Kickoff Weekend, Big 10, Big 12, or other smaller conferences. That way, you have more time to research Michigan Wolverines football results in past similar games, leading to more informed bets.

Thanks to its enthusiastic fan base and the equally robust betting infrastructure, Michigan football games are not hard to find on major NCAA football coverage networks. These include the likes of ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, and the Big Ten Network.

Likewise, it's easy to find livestreams of Michigan football games on the tube or major cable networks and their respective websites. Nevertheless, the latest Michigan Wolverines football roster, scores, game tickets, and other updates are all available on their official website.

Ever since they started playing football in 1879, the Wolverines have had 21 coaches, all of whom have left an indelible mark on the team. But a few names come to mind when asked who is the most famous Michigan football coach.

Among them is Bo Schembechler, the Wolverines head coach from 1969 to 1989. At the helm, he led the Wolverines to 194 Big Ten victories and 13 Big 10 Championships out of the 247 football games he coached throughout his tenure. In fact, it was Schembechler who coined the famous Michigan football mantra ‘Those who stay will be Champions.'

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the iconic Fielding H. Yost when talking about top Michigan football Wolverines coaches. Famous for putting together one of the most legendary football seasons ever in the early 1900s, Yost led the Wolverines to a 555 – 0 victory against Stanford in the 1902 Rose Bowl.

What's more, the Michigan Wolverines football roster at the time outscored its opponents 2,821 – 42 within his first five coaching seasons. Yost was later inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951.

After the recent reveal of the 2024 Michigan Wolverines football recruiting class, Wolverines fans eagerly await what Coach Moore's team is capable of in the upcoming college football season.

While this may translate into uncertainties in the betting world, it shouldn't stop you from exploring the vast Wolverines betting opportunities on top sportsbooks. As long as you know where to look and follow the insights in this guide, you're bound to find some top-tier betting opportunities.

Michigan Wolverines football games are pretty easy to find on major sports broadcast networks like ESPN, FOX Sports, ABC, or the Big Ten Network. Many livestreaming platforms also cover NCAA football, including Michigan Wolverines games.

All Wolverines home games occur at the University of Michigan Stadium, sometimes known as ‘The Big House.' Located in Ann Arbor, the Michigan Stadium is the largest in the US, with a seating capacity of 109,901.

The Michigan Wolverines college football season starts with five home games, the first scheduled for August 31, 2024. However, the annual Michigan Wolverines football spring game will be held on April 20, 2024. For more dates and venues, visit the University of Michigan Athletics official website.

In late January 2024, Sherrone Moore was announced as the 21st head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. The team is looking to make a positive impact while reaching the best possible position.

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