Although it’s currently the offseason for the NFL, betting opportunities are still aplenty, with the NFL Draft coming up in late April. Join us as we review the best NFL betting sites and share tips on selecting the right one for you.

  • Excellent for NFL parlays
  • NFL player props feature juicy lines
  • Quick cash-out options
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Generous rewards program
  • Frequent odds boosts
  • User interface is sleek and simple
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Crossover rewards with BetMGM
  • Fast payouts
  • Features 24/7 customer support
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • State-of-the-art mobile app
  • Regular promotions for existing members
  • Great experience for live betting
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

We’ve narrowed down the options to the following sportsbooks as our top NFL betting sites, each offering their own unique strengths.


(Source: FanDuel)

Thanks to its reputable sportsbook, FanDuel takes our No. 1 spot in the rankings. The highly-rated app features not only sports betting but also a daily fantasy platform, a casino, and a separate horsebook.

Parlays and player prop markets are the best on FanDuel for NFL betting. A unique feature is the ability to mix player props with different kinds of bets to craft high-paying parlays.

Live betting is also excellent when betting on the NFL, with straight bets as well as player props available. Anytime touchdown odds are also offered live.

Same-game parlays (SGPs) are another extremely popular market on the site, allowing punters to place different bets into one parlay for a single match.

  • Vast amount of markets to bet on
  • King of parlay mix and matches
  • Extremely fast payouts
  • No VIP program for standard customers
  • New member bonuses could be larger


(Source: BetMGM)

The famous bookmaker is a pristine betting option for NFL fans, especially those who live in a state that plays host to a team. BetMGM offers specials for matches pertaining to local NFL teams and general odds boosts.

Competitive NFL betting odds are also a perk of wagering on football at BetMGM. Plus, there are plenty of NFL markets, including moneyline, spreads, alternate spreads, totals, player props, and futures.

  • Livestreaming is offered for certain events
  • User interface is simple to navigate
  • Huge promotional offers
  • Customer support doesn’t take phone calls
  • Cash-outs occasionally take long
  • Bettors are limited quickly if very successful


(Source: Borgata)

A sister brand of BetMGM, Borgata gives NFL handicappers the chance to earn rewards for both sites with the ability to spend points in-person at retail locations or online.

The bookie offers its members great odds for NFL matchups, which primarily include moneylines. Users can also enjoy live betting on the platform, along with a variety of player props.

Moreover, a high-speed and sleek mobile app enables on-the-go betting. And if that weren't enough, Borgata offers NFL bettors who enjoy poker the chance to battle each other online.

  • Highly rated retail and online casino
  • Low minimum deposit amounts
  • Early cash-out feature for certain events
  • Only available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Doesn’t accept cryptocurrency
  • Bonuses can have many bells and whistles


(Source: DraftKings)

DraftKings is an industry leader due to its seamless sportsbook, daily fantasy competitions, casino, and separate racebook.

NFL punters are usually fans of DraftKings thanks to its same-game parlay options and variety of NFL markets. However, for bettors who enjoy other sports during the offseason, the site puts up odds for markets such as golf faster than other platforms.

Both novices and high rollers enjoy the DraftKings VIP program since everyone becomes part of it as soon as they create an account. Once a certain level is reached, DK can invite you to the Onyx tier, which provides perks such as event tickets and exclusive gifts.

  • Frequent odds boosts for NFL bets
  • Easy-to-use and modern mobile app
  • Great live betting software
  • Odds for niche markets could be better
  • Casino has fewer games than other sites
  • Customer support could be upgraded


(Source: Caesars)

Caesars has served customers since it was founded in 1934 in Las Vegas. It gives NFL bettors an extra incentive to use its sportsbook by allowing them to livestream NFL games.

There are also 25% odds boosts given for different NFL markets, which helps add value. These boosts are common for other major sports as well.

VIP members can spend their VIP points online or at one of the many retail sportsbooks across the country.

  • Huge $1,000 first-bet bonus offer
  • Learning the UI is fast and easy
  • Great referral promotions
  • Regular odds are sometimes too juiced
  • Lacks certain sports betting markets
  • App crashes more than its competitors'

The variables listed below aim to help you, the punter, choose the best online NFL betting sites based on your individual requirements.

Types of Bets

First off, a good NFL site should provide a variety of betting markets. These range from basic ones like moneyline, point spreads, and totals, to more sophisticated types, such as teasers, player props, same-game parlays, and cross-sport parlays.

When it comes to NFL wagering, going beyond the basic plays and using a bookie that offers these opens up a whole new range of strategic opportunities. You are limited to selecting the winner or projecting the winning margin if you only take part in handicapping the moneyline or spread.


Odds are numbers that indicate the probability of an event occurring. This could be for a team to win or cover the spread, or for a player to reach over/under a certain number of yards.

There are three types of odds: American (+200), fractional (2/1), and decimal (3). All three are equal and have implied odds of the outcome occurring at 33.33%.

Most sportsbooks allow users to select which type of odds they want displayed.

Betting Bonuses

Depending on the operator, new and existing customers will be offered bonuses. Sign-up bonuses are the most common, with first-time bettors receiving either a deposit match or a risk-free bet.

There are rollover conditions for certain NFL betting promos. For instance, if you receive a deposit match of 100% and deposited $100, the $100 bonus might have to be rolled over one time, five times, or as high as thirty depending on the oddsmaker. DraftKings and FanDuel are praised for using a 1x rollover on specific bonuses. Offshore bookies (not recommended) are known for having extremely high rollovers.

Some operators use odds boosts for specific events instead of offering deposit bonuses to current members.

User Interface

The user interface (UI) of an NFL betting site needs to perform well and be easy to toggle with. Various NFL bets should be quick and easy to find, and the platform should run fast and smooth.

FanDuel’s search option allows users to type in players or teams, and every bet related to them appears. This is a fantastic feature also provided by the other bookies we mentioned.

Understanding the UI is important, especially when live betting games with lines change so quickly.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Every bettor has their own unique bankroll and amounts they’re comfortable betting with. Platforms offer different deposit and withdrawal limits; some allowing you to deposit as low as $10, and others requiring $50 or more.

The same scenario goes for withdrawal limits. Fees can also be tacked on depending on the deposit and withdrawal methods. Sportsbooks that accept crypto wallets are highly recommended because they don’t have fees.

Customer Support

The best betting sites for the NFL need to offer highly-rated customer support. This includes providing 24/7 support via live chat or phone to answer questions or help with issues. Provided answers should be clear and concise.

Mobile Optimization

This is critical for betting sites since most customers nowadays bet on their mobile devices. A user-friendly mobile app allows you to wager and watch matches while handling your account from your fingertips. If a bookmaker's app is difficult or cumbersome to use, customers are more likely to take business elsewhere.

NFL betting is legal in 38 out of the 50 states in the USA. As of April 1, 2024, it is illegal in Texas, California, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolina, Hawaii and Alaska.

Nevada was the first state to legalize gambling and sports betting in 1931. For the next few decades, Nevada's casinos were one of the few places in the U.S. where people could legally wager on the NFL and other sports.

Many of the top sportsbooks including each one in this review have mobile apps. And as long as you’re betting from a state-regulated platform in that state, it is perfectly legal to do so from your portable device. These apps are available for both iOS and Android and can be found on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Provided you have a data plan or are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can check lines and place bets wherever you like. This enables you to see in-game developments instantly and possibly place better wagers. In order to keep you up to date, legal NFL betting apps provide features like push alerts, wagering tips, and live betting features.

It's important to bet responsibly on the NFL — and any other sport for that matter. By only staking an amount you can afford to lose, you safeguard your finances, keep betting enjoyable, and prevent potential loss of control. Sensible betting can reduce the risk of negative financial and mental health issues.

Here are a few tips for responsible gambling:

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    Impose limits on yourself and follow them — Create a budget for betting that you can afford, and don’t exceed it.

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    Put an emphasis on the game, not your bet — It’s vital to enjoy the sport itself and the match you’re following rather than putting a direct focus on the money at stake.

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    Take breaks and don’t become obsessed — You can schedule breaks and set betting limits if you find yourself gambling way too often. If sports betting begins to affect your daily life and mental health, don’t be afraid to take a hiatus or walk away completely.

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    Recognize bad habits and reach out for help — Seek help if you are betting excessively, neglecting obligations, or experiencing anxiety or depression due to betting. There are plenty of resources available to help you.

Visit the National Council of Problem Gambling’s website for more tips about responsible betting habits or to get help for yourself or a loved one.

Once you’ve decided which NFL online betting sites to use, follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Click the ‘Sign-Up' link on the betting website.

  2. Enter your personal information so you can be verified.

  3. Create a username and password for your new account.

  4. Choose a bonus and enter a code if asked to. Remember to read the terms and conditions.

  5. Deposit using your preferred method.

  6. You’re now ready to place bets. Please gamble responsibly.

To make the most out of NFL betting, we suggest applying these important tips:

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Research rather than blindly betting on a team because your favorite player is participating or because it’s your hometown team.

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Odds Shopping

Comparing betting lines for the same NFL bet (matchup, spread, or player prop) at various sportsbooks is known as odds shopping. For NFL bettors, this is critical since even little changes in the odds have a big influence on your possible profit.

In this section, we provide an in-depth explanation regarding the different types of NFL bets and how they work. Real-life scenarios will also be included, so the next time you’re betting online or at a retail sportsbook, you’ll be prepared and understand certain lingo.


A moneyline bet is when a handicapper bets on a matchup between two teams and picks one to win outright.

Spread Betting

Betting on the spread in the NFL is equivalent to handing a team a scoring advantage. The sportsbook establishes a point spread, and you wager on whether the favored team will win by more than a certain number of points, or if the underdog will lose by less than the spread or win.

We’ll use the following example: The Jets are 4-point underdogs (+4) against the Texans (four-point favorites, -4). If you bet on the Jets to cover the spread and they lose by three or less (including if they win), you’ll successfully cash your ticket. If they lose by four, the bet is a push (money returned), but if they lose by five or more, the wager is graded as a loss.

Over/Under (Total)

In the NFL, over/under betting is based on the overall score between both teams rather than who wins. The bookmaker assigns a total, and you estimate whether the cumulative score will be greater or less than that amount. If the final score is the exact same as the total, the wager is considered a push.

Prop Betting

Prop bets (proposition bets) are wagers on certain outcomes throughout a match. These can range from a player's performance (receiving yards, receptions, or touchdowns) to unusual considerations, such as coin toss results or which side scores first. Many people who are familiar with player stats enjoy these wagers.

Live Betting

(Source: FanDuel Live)

Also referred to as in-game betting, this allows punters to wager on sporting events while they’re taking place. Sportsbooks offer many of the bets we’ve covered, but the most common ones are live moneylines and spreads.

Odds change fast during these events. Some bettors enjoy staking a heavy favorite when they trail early because the live odds can become more favorable than the pre-game lines.

FanDuel offers unique live player props, as pictured above.


A parlay is one wager that combines two or more individual bets. Successfully cashing the parlay requires every leg in the parlay to hit. If a single one fails, the entire parlay loses. This bet type enjoys immense popularity owing to its high payouts, which are attributed to the low probability of all outcomes hitting.


A futures wager is a bet on a long-term result that often unfolds across a few days, weeks, or months. It is essentially a wager placed before or during a tournament/season prior to the winner being crowned.

For example, a 2025 NFL Futures bet can be made regarding who will win the Super Bowl, regular-season MVP, or a certain division.

Super Bowl betting involves wagering on the NFL Championship (the Super Bowl). Compared to a standard game, there are many more bet types available for the Super Bowl.

Many punters, even non-football fans, enjoy staking the event because of its magnitude. Rare bets such as ‘What color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach?' to ‘What will be the first song of the halftime show?' see heavy action. Other unique bets include Super Bowl MVP and the result of the coin toss.

Records for the amounts bet on the 2024 Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers haven’t been released. However, according to the American Gaming Association, close to 68 million Americans were expected to bet on the big game.

Now that you’ve read our guide to top NFL betting sites, you should be better equipped to choose a sportsbook that fits your needs. The NFL season goes by quickly, and there are plenty of opportunities to bet on matches, player props, and futures. Don't forget to odds shop on different sportsbooks to find the best odds available!

We believe FanDuel is the best NFL betting site. BetMGM and Borgata are next on our list, with DraftKings and Caesars also being reputable options.

Yes, NFL bets can be placed online at any betting site. Nevertheless, we highly recommend using a state-regulated bookmaker to ensure maximum protection of your identity and funds when depositing and withdrawing.

Legal NFL betting sites are available in 38 of the 50 states. However, betting is illegal in 12 states, including Texas and California.

There isn’t one specific bet that is best for the NFL. It is up to the individual punter to decide which type they are most comfortable and successful with.

You can earn or lose varying amounts when handicapping the NFL, depending on your bankroll and how often you make a profit. NFL betting can be risky due to its highly unpredictable nature, so make sure to gamble responsibly.

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