There is no more satisfying feeling than winning a great bet, but waiting for the money you've withdrawn to arrive in your account can be quite nerve-wracking! BetVictor's withdrawal times are already set so that you can keep your mind at rest. Read on to find out more.

Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
£5 No limit Instant up to 24 hours Free
£5 No limit Instant up to 24 hours Free
£5 No limit Instant up to 24 hours Free
Method Min Max Processing Time Fee
£5 £500,000 Instant up to 24 hours Free
£5 £500,000 Instant up to 24 hours Free
£5 £500,000 Instant up to 24 hours Free

BetVictor Best Withdrawal Methods

As one of the largest bookmakers in the UK, BetVictor goes out of its way to offer its customers the highest quality — and that includes withdrawal options! Each payment option has its pros and cons, and it's essential to find one you can trust when betting.

As with any bookmaker, BetVictor abides by the closed-loop policy, which means that everything deposited from one account must be paid out to the same account. This is a measure to combat money fraud and serves to protect punters. This is especially important when opening a new account, as you can only take advantage of BetVictor's welcome offer if you use the selected payment methods.

Let's take a look at what each payment option offers:

VISA Debit

Visa debit is the most widely used payment method for betting, especially since the ban on credit cards came into effect a few years ago. You can withdraw up to £30,000, and it takes two to five days to process. The biggest advantage is the fact that this option allows you to take advantage of the welcome offers available. Visa debit betting is definitely one of the best options for most punters.

VISA Direct

As one of the fastest methods available, Visa Direct is an excellent payment method for those who don't intend to withdraw large sums at once. The withdrawal time of less than 24 hours more than makes up for the relatively low limit of £2,500, making it an ideal choice for many bettors. Best of all, unlike other fast withdrawal methods, you can also use this method for BetVictor's ‘Bet £5 and get £30' welcome offer.

Mastercard Debit

The Mastercard debit card works in pretty much the same way as Visa, with a limit of £30,000 per day for withdrawals and a processing time of two to five days. Another reason this method is very popular is because it is trustworthy and secure. Mastercard can also be used to claim the welcome bonus.


PayPal is the second payment method which offers a super quick withdrawal time of up to 24 hours. The maximum limit is higher at £5,500, although it still doesn't compare to most other methods. The main con is that if your first deposit is with PayPal, you can't claim the welcome promotion. PayPal could be an option as a second payment method.


NETELLER is one of the world’s leading e-wallets and has become a stalwart amongst bettors. The maximum withdrawal limit is among the highest at £50,000, with a processing time of one to three working days — faster than traditional card payment methods. The main drawback, however, is that you can’t use NETELLER for the welcome bonus.


If you’re looking for something more local, the UK-based e-wallet Skrill could be for you, and with 40 million users worldwide, you know that they mean business. Skrill boasts a £50,000 max withdrawal limit and a one to three working day processing time. Just like NETELLER, it also cannot be used for BetVictor’s bet £5 get £30 offer.

BACS (Bank Transfers)

If you’re based in the United Kingdom and are looking to make deposits and withdrawals through wire transfer, BACS is BetVictor’s method of choice. The processing time is one to three days, and BetVictor doesn’t explicitly provide a limit to how much can be withdrawn in one go — although it’s likely to be £50,000 as this is standard. You’ll be able to increase this by contacting BetVictor’s customer service.

International Bank Transfer

If you're wondering how to withdraw using bank transfers from outside the UK, well, International Bank Transfer does just that. It allows punters to transfer funds from other countries and in different currencies. The catch is that there is a £10 fee when converting currencies, and you may even incur costs from your bank. Below is a table of the extra fees. We highly recommend using BACS for GBP.

CurrencyFeesOverseas Delivery Charges
NOK£10Determined by bank
SEK£10Determined by bank
EUR£10Determined by bank
GBP£10Determined by bank
CHF£10Determined by bank
ZAR£10Determined by bank
USD£10Determined by bank
AUD£10+£5 Delivery Charge
CAD£10+£6 Delivery Charge
NZD£10+£11 Delivery Charge

Before you can even begin to dream about your possible winnings, you have to make a deposit. The good news is it’s actually quite simple if you keep in mind what we’ve discussed so far.

  1. Enter ‘My Account’: After entering the ‘My Account’ page, you can access the payment section situated on the top right of the screen. This is where most actions involving funds can be found.

  2. Choose your payment method: Select the new payment method of your choice and input any relevant details. Once this is done, all you need to do is select how much you want to deposit and click ‘Deposit’. Your money will be added to your account instantly!

BetVictor Add Payment Method Screenshot
(Source: BetVictor)


If you’ve already made a deposit and simply want to add funds using the same payment method, you can click on the deposit icon found next to ‘My Account’ at the top of the screen, select your amount and click deposit.

What to keep in mind:

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    The closed-loop policy means that the method you use to deposit will have to be the same method you use to withdraw.

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    The deposit minimum and maximum limits are the same as the withdrawal limits listed above.

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    Adding payment methods and making deposits should be instant, so if you don’t receive the funds in 30 minutes, contact BetVictor’s customer support.

If you’re lucky enough to have reached a point where you can actually withdraw winnings (hopefully our betting tips have helped you get there), you’ll need to follow a few steps to finally make the withdrawal.

Keep in mind that while deposits are instant, withdrawals are a slower process and may be more complicated as well — although when compared to some other operators, BetVicrtor’s is relatively simple. Let's take a look.

Step 1: Enter the ‘My Account’ Page

The first step to withdraw funds with BetVictor is to enter the ‘My Account’ page. Simply press on the account icon, which can be found at the top of your screen. A page will open up just like the image below. From here, select withdraw.

BetVictor Withdraw Screenshot
(Source: BetVictor)

Step 2: Select your payment method

This step is fairly simple, mainly due to the closed-loop policy, which states that punters can only withdraw using the same methods that they used to deposit. However, if you use more than one payment method, now would be the time to choose one.

Step 3: Withdraw

Enter how much you would like to withdraw and click ‘Withdraw’. Remember, if you want a fast withdrawal, you’ll need to deposit with a method that offers fast payments. It’s the only way to get your funds as quickly as possible, though you won’t be able to do anything about large transactions.

Step 4: Wait and enjoy

That’s your part ready! Now you can wait to reap your rewards. Keep in mind that each payment method has its own processing time, so you may need to wait longer depending on the method chosen. If you think it’s taking too long, don't hesitate to contact customer support.

Withdrawing funds is serious business, and both you and your bookie will want to be sure that the transaction is as safe as possible. BetVictor has come up with a set of terms and conditions which safeguard and protect everyone involved.

Here are the ones you need to know.

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    Account Verification: Before you can make withdrawals, you’ll need to confirm that the account is really yours. BetVictor will ask you to provide some documents to confirm your identity, as well as an ID to prove your address.

BetVictor Account Verification Screenshot
(Source: BetVictor)
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    The closed loop system: The closed loop system is an exercise used by most reputable bookmakers and is a way to avoid money laundering in gambling. As we’ve already mentioned, the closed loop means that you can only withdraw using the same method that you deposited from. You can still use other payment methods at the same time.

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    Internal processing time: BetVictor’s Withdrawal processing time is 24 hours. Processing times may be much quicker, but this depends on a few factors, which will be discussed later on.

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    Outdated withdrawal method: If the withdrawal method you’ve chosen is out of date or unusable, BetVictor will send your funds through a wire transfer to the original account you have listed.

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    Credit vs Debit card: The use of credit cards has been banned across all gambling firms for a few years now, so if you want to use a traditional card, you’ll have to use a debit.

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    BetVictor withdrawal limit: the minimum amount you can withdraw per day is £5, and the maximum is £50,000, depending on the payment method you choose.

So, you’ve gone through all the steps and have finally made your withdrawal. All that’s left to do is wait and wait, and it might begin to feel like a long while, with your money trapped in a sort of limbo — neither in your BetVictor account nor in your bank account.

Why would your withdrawal be taking so long? There are actually a number of reasons which could cause your funds to be delayed, and you may even be able to avoid them, saving you a day of waiting.

When the Withdrawal Is Requested

This is a question which often doesn't even cross our minds, but one which could help you get your stake much faster. Most banks and payment providers only operate on weekdays. Of course, not every payment method works the same, but this is certainly true of more traditional banking methods. Here are a few ways to help avoid this delay:

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    Make your withdrawals earlier during the week.

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    Withdraw in the morning rather than later in the day.

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    Make sure your method of choice operates during the weekend.

Information Changes

If the information you have provided is not up to date, your request may even be cancelled. Basically, if you have any information such as bank details which eventually expire, you may face a delay or cancelled withdrawal. What can you do about it?

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    Regularly check to keep your payment details up to date.

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    If you have any changes, update them immediately.

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    Make sure you give BetVictor the required documents in advance.

Identification & Processing Issues

This is an issue which will mostly affect your first withdrawal. If you have some information missing or out of date, you’ll need to add them before even beginning the withdrawal process. BetVictor makes this process simple with a pop-up notification to add the required info quickly.

In the case of adding information for the first time, you have to provide an ID photo and proof of address in the first 72 hours, or your account will be frozen until they’re added.

BetVictor Identification Processing Screenshot
(Source: BetVictor)
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    Make sure to do this immediately.

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    Inform BetVictor of any updated information.

Transaction Size

The transaction size does play a part in how quickly you get your stake, mainly dealing with the size of the withdrawal. If you plan on withdrawing a much larger amount than usual, BetVictor may be alerted of suspicious activity, making your wait time longer.

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    Avoid making excessively large withdrawal amounts.

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    Choose payment methods with higher limits.

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    Ask BetVictor to remove any account limits you may have.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is £5, although this depends on which payment method you plan on using.

This also varies wildly between methods, ranging from £2,500 all the way up to £50,000 and more. It all depends on how fast you want it.

Both Visa Direct and Paypal withdrawals take less than 24 hours.

BetVictor may take up to 24 hours to process your order, besides the processing times of the payment method you’ve chosen.

As one of the biggest bookies in the UK, BetVictor is committed to giving punters the best experience possible. We can see this in their welcome offer, various promotions, and of course, their payment methods. The BetVictor withdrawal times are crucial to many bettors, and knowing how long a transaction will take will save you a lot of unwanted stress. Happy punting!

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