Complete Eurovision 2020 Betting Guide | Predictions & Tips

Watched by hundreds of millions of people each year, the Eurovision Song Contest is the ultimate source of national pride where countries battle it out to have Europe鈥檚 favourite song. Don't miss out on the many Eurovision betting opportunities!

The 65th聽Edition of the Eurovision will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on Tuesday 12th May and once again looks set to bring cheesy gimmicks, political voting, and in the midst of it all, some highly entertaining spectacles from all around our beloved, coronavirus-stricken continent (and Australia).



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2020 Eurovision Latest Betting Odds

Eurovision Outright Winner Odds

CountryHighest OddsBookmaker
Russia8/1William Hill
Malta18/1Paddy Power
Sweden50/1William Hill


Eurovision 2020 Cancelled Because of Coronavirus

Unfortunately, what we feared happened, as the Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam has been cancelled. It is as of yet unclear whether next yaer's edition will be held in Rotterdam or not, but once we have further information we will make sure to update you accordingly.

2020 Eurovision Betting Predictions

When it comes to making Eurovision predictions, looking at bookies鈥 odds is always a good place to start as bookies often predict the correct placements of the top finishers.

After all the songs were released, there has been a lot of talk that there does not seem to be a standout entry that looks set to win the Eurovision this year, meaning that it really could be anyone鈥檚 game.聽 Bulgaria, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Iceland, however, are all leading the way as the favourites for this year鈥檚 contest.

Bulgaria have undergone a transformation in the Eurovision in recent years. From their first participation back in 2005 to 2013, only qualified for the finals on one occasion where they finished in a strong 5th place. After a two-year hiatus, the Eastern European country qualified each year finishing 4th, 2nd and 14th. The momentum looks set to continue for Bulgaria in Rotterdam with the William Hill, 888sport, and Betway giving Victoria and her song 鈥楾ears Getting Sober鈥 odds of 6/1 to win the contest.

Lithuania are another country who have never won the Eurovision Song Contest. The Baltic nation has, in fact, only finished in the top ten of the contest on 2 occasions since they first joined back in 1994. This year, that looks set as The Roop鈥檚 quirky yet strangely captivating performance of 鈥淥n Fire鈥 is already getting a lot of attention from Eurovision fans far and wide. The bookies seem to agree with this fanfare with Betsson and Betfred giving Lithuania odds of 6.5/1 to come out on top in Rotterdam.

Switzerland are no stranger to success in the Eurovision, having finished in the top 3 on 9 occasions. In recent years however, the Swiss haven鈥檛 been as fortunate, only qualifying for the finals 3 times in the last 13 years. Luca Hanni raised the bar in 2019 with his smash hit 鈥楽he Got Me鈥 finishing in 4th place, and this year Gjon鈥檚 Tears鈥 soft French tune “R茅pondez-moi” looks set to do the same. Betfair and Betfred have given Switzerland odds of 7/1 to claim the 2020 Eurovision title.

All the top favourites this year haven鈥檛 faired particularly well in the last few years and Iceland is no different. The island nation has finished 2nd on two occasions but has only managed to garner 1 top 10 finish in the last 10 years. This year, Iceland is expected to return to the top places with the Bwin and Betfred giving Da冒i og Gagnamagni冒鈥檚 鈥淭hink About Things鈥 favourable odds of 8/1.

The more time that goes by, the more the songs can shift up or down according to the bookies. It could be interesting to keep an eye on outsiders like Azerbaijan had their odds slashed from 80/1 to 15/1 after all the songs were released.


What Are Eurovision Betting Tips?

Check the Bookies Odds

As soon as songs are released, we can already get a clear idea of which songs are most likely not going to do well in the Eurovision. Whilst the bookies won鈥檛 be able to tell you with full certainty is going to win the show, they can definitely give you a strong indication who will not fair well. In this way, you can already begin to eliminate songs from your prospective bets and increase your chances of winnings. You should also try to identify the ‘big movers'. Every year there are songs whose odds are slashed once all the rest of the songs are release. Keeping an eye out for these could bag you a hefty payout.



One of the best ways of identifying which participants are popular with fans is by going on the Eurovision Song Contest's official Youtube page and seeing which contestants' songs are the most viewed. Now, this is no way an accurate representation as to who will win the contest, as videos can become popular for a number of reasons, but videos with a lot of views, likes, and positive comments will usually give a very good indication as to who will receive a strong proportion of votes from the public during the Grand Final.


Betting In-Play

Since the Eurovision final takes place on one night, punters have the opportunity to bet in-play as the competition is happening. Whilst naturally the later you bet, the lower the odds might be, this could prove to be could a more reliable option as contestants could bring out some surprises in their final performance which could greatly affect their odds. It is important to keep in mind though that the final jury vote which makes up 50% of the total vote takes place behind closed doors a day before the final. You should also note that on the night of the final, all jury results are announced first. Juries and televoters often don't agree on certain songs so placing a Eurovision bet on a fan favourite to do well after they were rated low by the juries could be a great tactic to take advantage of some very high odds.


Watch Out For Neighbours

In order to combat the bias of neighbour voting that has plagued the contest for so many years, the Eurovision introduced 50% jury voting back in 2009. Despite this however, neighbour voting is still as prevalent as ever. Looking up previous voting patterns can provide a good indication of how several countries will vote, with 鈥榠nfluential鈥 countries like Russia, Italy, and Sweden consistently performing well. At the end of the day, you need a good song to win the Eurovision, but having an interesting song and a lot of neighbouring support gives a strong chance of winning the contest.



In addition to voting for neighbours, political voting is also very rampant in the Eurovision Song Contest. Countries like the United Kingdom, who recently voted to leave the European Union, and Germany, whose war-mongering past still has effects some nations till today, are consistent underperformers in the competition. Australia鈥檚 controversial involvement in the competition, which many people still criticise, might also make it difficult for them to gain enough votes to actually win the competition


Wait Until The End

The Eurovision is no stranger to controversy and a lot can happen between the time that a song is announced and the date of the shows. Artists can do or say something which may anger people which can hurt their televote score or potentially get disqualified while others might even make slight tweaks to their songs or performances which make them more appealing to voters. Wait until right before the start of the semi-finals or final to make your Eurovision bet so that you can ensure that nothing unexpected will get in the way.


Important Dates For The 2020 Eurovision

Tuesday 12th May 鈥 Semi Final 1

Thursday 14th May 鈥 Semi Final 2

Saturday 16th May 鈥 Final


Eurovision 2020 Participants And Songs
























United Kingdom




Czech Republic


North Macedonia





San Marino







How Is The Eurovision Structured?

In the months leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest, each participating country goes through a domestic national selection process which determines which artist will represent the country in that year鈥檚 contest. Each contest is hosted in the nation that won in the previous year.

All countries, with the exception of the Big 5 (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain) and the host country, are divided into two semi-finals where they compete against others in their group. The top 10 countries from each semi-final will qualify for the grand final where they will join the Big 5 and host country for a total of 26 participants.

During both semi-finals as well as the grand final, all participants perform their original song in a predetermined order and viewers can vote for their favourites. The televoting makes up 50% of the final votes while the other 50% of the vote is decided by each country鈥檚 national jury. Once all songs are performed and all votes are tallied, the winner of the Eurovision will be announced. Winners receive a trophy however the main prize is the honour of winning the Eurovision and having it hosted in the winner鈥檚 home country.

All songs in the Eurovision must be a maximum of three minutes and sung live whilst any instrumentals have to be pre-recorded and cannot be performed live.

History Of The Eurovision

The idea for a Europe-wide music competition came about when the continent was still recovering from the Second World War and unity between countries was lacking. The first Eurovision Song Contest was held on 24th May 1956 and featured 7 countries. As the years went by, the popularity of the contest grew, the rules became more complex, and by the end of the 20th century more than 40 different countries were taking part in contest which millions of people would come to love. Up until 1999, a live orchestra was required to accompany each song, but this was abolished in an attempt to modernise the contest. In 2015, history was made when Australia became the first country from the Oceania region to participate in the Eurovision.


Who Are Past Eurovision Winners?

2019Duncan LaurenceArcadeNetherlands
2017Salvador SobralAmar pelos doisPortugal
2915Mans ZelmerlowHeroesSweden
2014Conchita WurstRise Like a PhoenixAustria
2013Emmelie de ForestOnly TeardropsDenmark
2011Ell & NikkiRunning ScaredAzerbaijan


Who Are The Most Successful Countries In The Eurovision?

7Ireland1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996
6Sweden1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012, 2015
5France1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977
5Luxembourg1961, 1965, 1972, 1983
5United Kingdom1967, 1969, 1976, 1981, 1997
5Netherlands1957, 1959, 1969, 1975, 2019
4Israel1978, 1979, 1998, 2018
3Norway1985, 1995, 2009
3Denmark1963, 2000, 2013


Eurovision Fun Facts

  • Ireland is the most successful country in Eurovision having won the contest 7 times.


  • Germany has taken part in the Eurovision a record 63 times.


  • Italy once boycotted the Eurovision in 1981 saying that it was too old fashioned


  • Performances are not allowed to have more than six people on stage


  • Cyprus holds the records for most years in the ESC without getting a win with 36 attempts. This is closely followed by Malta and Iceland with 32 attempts each.



When Is The Eurovision 2020 Final?

The 2020 Eurovision final will take place on Tuesday 12th May.


Where Is The Eurovision 2020 Taking Place?

This year鈥檚 Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Where Can I Watch The Eurovision 2020?

The semi-finals of the Eurovision will be shown on BBC2 while the final will be shown on BBC1. The ESC will also be streamed live on Youtube and on various betting sites.


How Many Countries Take Part In The Eurovision 2020?

41 countries will compete in this year鈥檚 ESC.


Will The Eurovision Be Cancelled Because Of Coronavirus?

Whilst there has been no mention of cancelling the contest this year, organisers are making backup plans just in case the coronavirus outbreak worsens.


Who Is Representing The UK In The Eurovision 2020?

James Newman will represent the United Kingdom in Rotterdam with the song 鈥楳y Last Breath鈥

ThePuntersPage Final Say

The Eurovision Song Contest is something we all love to hate – and hate to love. The level of entertainment provided by this competition is like no other and that鈥檚 what makes the Eurovision such a big part of the European music scene.

Whilst we would not recommend betting on the UK to win this year鈥檚 contest (because let鈥檚 face it, hell will freeze over before that happens) we would absolutely suggest opting for some Eurovision betting on the night. For those of you who may not be interested in the Eurovision, putting money on who you think will qualify to the final or become the overall winner will definitely make the whole contest more exciting.