20 Best Live Streaming Betting Sites in the UK (2020)

Live streaming of sports allows you to watch live matches over the internet from betting sites which offer this service.

Gone are the days when sports betting was something we could only do during the weekends at our local corner shop. Gone are limited matches and pre-set coupons. Gone is the TV. 2020 is a time where everyone can watch football, horseracing and any other sport imaginable through the website of their favourite bookmaker, meaning that we have a unique ability to watch and bet at the same time, through the same service. This is fantastic for punters, therefore we have created our very own top-20 list of the best live streaming betting sites!


The 20 Best Betting Sites for Live Streaming


• Animation-alternative for events that can’t be streamed
• Top quality streaming service
• All big events available for streaming

• Easily accessible streaming
• Good selection of sports and markets
• Live stats for events that can’t be streamed

• Big events are available for live streaming
• Animation and stats alternative for events not available for streaming
• Huge variety of sports and leagues

• Very wide selection of sports and markets
• Good streaming service
• Horseracing and greyhound racing for free with a registered account

• Comprehensive football coverage
• Good animation alternative
• Streaming available for registered customers

• Easy and intuitive streaming service
• Live streaming available for registered customers
• Good selection of leagues and markets

• Live streaming focusing on racing only
• Many races can be watched for free
• Some races require £2 deposit

• Streaming option is easy to find
• Every streamable event marked with a tv icon
• Streaming available for registered customers

• Live streaming focuses purely on horseracing
• Any UK race can be watched live for a stake of £1 per race
• Good animation alternatives for football matches

• Live streams for all major football games
• Covers Premier League
• Live streams available for registered customers

• Huge amount of streamable events
• Wide variety of sports and markets
• You need to have at least £0.01 on your account in order to stream

• Covers major football leagues in Europe
• Solid streaming service
• Live streaming available for registered customers with a positive account-balance

• Live stream is easily accessible
• Good selection of sports and events available for streaming
• New customers must deposit minimum £5 to use streams

• All of the biggest events are covered
• Good animation alternatives for non-streamable events
• Customers must have a positive account-balance in order to use streams

• Major leagues and sporting events are all covered
• Decent stats-alternative for un-streamable events
• Streaming available for registered customers

• Easily accessible live streaming
• Good selection of events available for streaming
• Customers must have a positive balance on their account in order to stream

• Easy to find out whether an event is streamed or not
• Good animation alternatives
• Customer must be registered to stream

• Very easy to find out whether or not an event can be streamed
• Good animation alternatives
• Streaming available for registered customers with a positive account balance

• Developing a new experience with regards to live streaming
• Good animation alternatives
• All big events covered by animations and stats

Best Live Streaming Betting Sites: Top 20

Below is a summarised list of the Best Live Streaming Betting Sites:

  1. Coral
  2. Unibet
  3. Betsson
  4. William Hill
  5. Bwin
  6. Bet365
  7. Paddy Power
  8. BetVictor
  9. Betsafe
  10. 888Sport
  11. Betway
  12. Betfred
  13. LeoVegas
  14. Ladbrokes
  15. Marathonbet
  16. Sportingbet
  17. 32Red
  18. Star Sports
  19. NordicBet
  20. Pinnacle

What is Live Streaming at Betting Sites?

Back in the day, betting and watching were two separate activities. The football-round would kick off at 3 pm on Saturday, and all bets had to be placed with the bookie long before then. Today, things work a little differently. Instead of physically having to go down to the corner shop to place our bets before we go home and sit down in front of the TV, we now have the freedom to both bet and watch on our phone or laptop, all through the same service.

It is true that legal streaming through TV-providers is also a valid option in 2020, but what could possibly be easier than using the same service for betting and for keeping an eye on those bets? Thanks to modern technology, the vast majority of betting sites now offer us punters very good ways of keeping up to date with our bets.

When you log in to any major betting site today, you will be given the option to stream most sporting events. You might not have a whole lot of luck if you are attempting to do this before becoming a registered member of a betting site, but this is because many of these websites require you to perform a deposit before you can enjoy their streaming-services. As soon as this is done, you can enjoy streaming whatever event you fancy. Well, almost any event.

It is important to keep in mind that most bookmakers today have an incredibly wide and in-depth offer when it comes to leagues and teams. Many bookmakers will allow us not only to place bets on Premier League and La Liga, but also on lower divisions in Japan, India and Norway. Does this mean that you can enjoy some Norwegian 4th division through a stream at your chosen bookmaker? Unfortunately not, at least not in the traditional sense.

Yes, any bookmaker will today give you the opportunity to follow whatever game you put money on, but they will not be able to provide actual streams of low-level football matches, primarily because these matches aren’t televised. Instead, bookmakers will provide you with a virtual live update of the game. This shows you what is happening, even though the game is not televised.


Review of the Top 7 Live Streaming Betting Sites

2020 offers us a never-before-seen amount of live streaming at betting sites. With such a huge and spectacular amount of good websites on offer, how do we know which ones to try out? This can become a problem even for the most experienced punter, therefore, we have decided to create this list where we take an in-depth look at the various offers available to punters.


First out on our list, is Coral. Everyone knows Coral, especially in Britain. Coral has a unique relationship with British punters stretching back to long before the emergence of online betting. Coral bookmakers have long been a staple of any high-street in England and the UK, and now their expertise is available to everyone online.

If you log in to Coral’s websites, you will be greeted by a wall full of sporting events. On your left-hand-side, you can see tabs redirecting you to different sports and leagues, but if you scroll down, you will see a tab called “live stream”. If you click on this tab, you will be taken to a new window where all of Coral’s ongoing live events are shown.

Any match or event will have a live function, but not every event will be filmed, meaning that – should you have put money on a first-round match in a relatively small tennis tournament – then you will be able to follow the event second by second, but you will not be able to watch the match live as if on TV.

At Coral, you can stream the Premier League and La Liga, as well as top-level tennis and so much more. Coral even have a unique multi-view feature, meaning that you can watch several events at the same time.

In order to use Coral’s live stream, you will have to register an account.


One of the very first things you will notice when you visit Unibet sportsbook, is the three tabs located right above on-going and up-coming sporting events. These are called “home”, “in-play” and “streaming”.


The “streaming” tab takes you straight to Unibet’s list of streamed events. Here you can see everything that is currently going on, as well as up-coming and especially anticipated events for this week.

The really great thing about Unibet, is that their streaming service covers a lot of different sports such as snooker, tennis and darts, whilst at the same time giving punters access to live streamed football. Unlike many others, Unibet don’t solely focus on the top European Leagues, they also give us live streamed coverage of smaller European football leagues.

Unibet allows their players to bet on games and events while watching them through their very solid streaming service. Unlike Coral, Unibet does not have alternatives for events that are not streamable, but they do show you live statistics that make it easy to figure out what is happening in the match. Unibet do require you to register and confirm your account with them before you are able to stream live events.


Betsson is another company that offers us good streaming options, but streaming on this website is a little bit different from streaming on Coral and Unibet. Instead of being greeted with a big and an obvious tab named “streaming”, Betsson has chosen to keep their live streaming a bit more hidden. In order to find it, we suggest you click in on the tab marked “live betting”. This will bring up all the ongoing events and football will pop-up first. If you click on an on-going football match, you will get a window that looks like this:


Note the three tabs marked “match”, “visual” and “streaming”. The “match” tab will show you live stats from the match, “streaming” will be a live stream of the event, and “visual” will be a graphic showing exactly what is happening live.

Most events that takes place outside of the major European football leagues, will not have a streaming option on Betsson, instead you will have to settle with the “visual” option. You are required to register an account with Betsson before you can enjoy their live streams.

William Hill

William Hill is undeniably one of the worlds most famous bookmakers and this is notable as soon as you enter their website. Here you are greeted by an enormous amount of sporting events. Up in the right-hand corner of the home screen, you will quickly notice a window named “betting TV”. This little window streams horseracing and greyhound racing live and for free, the only catch is that you need to be a registered customer.

William Hill

If you click inn on any on-going live events, you will find that most events, even football games, are served up without an actual live stream. This is different for Premier League games, but smaller events like friendly matches will have live virtual coverage instead of a stream.


Next up is Bwin. Bwin was for a long time a sponsor of Real Madrid and are therefore well known to football fans, but Bwin offers a lot more than just football. We can find any sport that might interest us right on their homepage.

If you click in on a football match, you are quite likely to be shown the following window:


As you can see, the default setting for this new live-window is “animation”. This is quite similar to Betsson and the reason is simple: most lower-league football games will not be live-streamed, but you will still have access to live information via virtual animation. Big games and events will be available for live streaming for any registered customer.


Bet365’s live streaming is very easily available on the Bet365 website, in fact, you can find a tab labelled “live streaming” on their homepage.


Clicking on this tab will open a new window where you have easy access to all live games offering live streaming. At Bet365, you will be given a whole host of options when it comes to live streaming, but the most interesting for us punters is that Bet365 offers live streaming of the Premier League, La Liga and any other major European football competition. Live streaming is only available for registered users.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power live streams focus solely on horseracing and there are no particular options for punters interested in other sports other than live stats. Horseracing can to a large degree be watched without any deposit, but for certain races you need to deposit at least £2. Punters might not be able to stream the big football leagues through Paddy Power, but they will have access to live animation and stats.


Other Good Options for Live Streaming Betting Sites

Our top-7 are the live streaming options we personally prefer, but you can’t escape the fact that everyone has different tastes. If you did not find the perfect streaming option for you in our top-7 list, then maybe the best bookmaker for you is a bit more specialised and under-the-radar. Here we will present you with our pick of 13 very good alternatives to our top-7 list.


BetVictor offers us live streaming of racing, as long as you are a registered customer and deposit at least £1. Sports outside of racing won’t be live streamed, but you will get good live animation so you stay up-to-date with matches and events.



Betsafe offer live streaming to customers and every event that has a live stream connected to it, will have a little TV-icon next to the event. Events that are not streamable will still come complete with animations and live stats that lets you stay up-to-date. A deposit is not required to stream with Betsafe, but you have to be a registered member of Betsafe and your account can not be empty.


888 do not offer live streaming in the same way as the majority of bookmakers on this list, instead, 888 focus purely on horseracing. For £1 per race, you can watch any live race from the UK. Football matches and other sports do not have live streams, but you can follow the matches with live stats.


Betway is perfect for punters located in the UK as they offer live streams for all major sporting events, with a notable emphasis on football. You have to be a registered Betwaycustomer in order to access live streams.


Betfred has quite a unique offer when it comes to live streaming. The amount of events available are enormous, and unlike some sportsbooks, Betfred keeps the customer informed by showing the available stream options right away when you click on an event. Betfred requires you to have at least £0.01 on your account in order to stream.

Leo Vegas Sport

Leo Vegas sport’s live streaming tends to cater more to the casual punter than it does to serious punters, mainly because the amount of live streams on offer are quite limited. But Leo Vegas sport do specify that they offer live streaming on selected events, meaning you can enjoy Premier League and other big-time events on Leo Vegas sport.


Ladbrokes have a very decent amount of events available for streaming, and unlike many others, Ladbrokes makes their events easily accessible to the customer. On the sportsbook homepage you find two tabs; one named “in-play”, and one named “live stream”. The “live stream” tab shows you a comprehensive list of events available for live-streaming. You need to deposit minimum £5 if you are a new Ladbrokes user in order to use their live streaming service.


The default setting for “minor” events on MarathonBet, is always animation, but they do offer live streaming for bigger events such as the Tennis Masters and the Premier League. You must have a positive balance on your account in order to view live streams on MarathonBet, but you can follow the animations for every single game without making any deposit.


SportingBet offers us some good live streaming options, but mainly when it comes to bigger and more important events. Most major league football games will be covered by SportingBet, but for smaller leagues and events, punters will have to accept live animation and stats.


Live streaming can be difficult to find at many bookmakers, but this is not the case for 32Red. At 32Red, we immediately find a tab named “live streaming”. This tab not only shows us all the events available for live streaming, but it also offers quite a large amount of streams, even of smaller events and matches. You have to be a registered customer with a positive balance on your account in order to use 32Red’s streaming service.


StarSportsis one of the newer bookmakers when it comes to live streaming, but they give us a pretty decent offer. Their live streaming is easy to find, all you have to do is click inn on your chosen event and you will right away see whether there is a live stream available or not. Live streams are predominantly reserved for bigger matches and events, but every event comes with good animations and live stats that lets you stay up-to-date.


NordicBet might not be very famous for their sportsbook, but this has dramatically improved recently, as is made evident by their live streaming services. Every game – be it football, volleyball or tennis – comes accompanied by a box on the right-hand side. This box shows “match”, “visual” and “streaming”. Bigger and popular events are available for streaming, as long as you are a registered customer with a positive balance on your account.


Finally, we have Pinnacle. Pinnacle might not be a familiar name to many punters, and that is because they are very fresh when it comes to sportsbook and betting. In fact, Pinnacle is currently working on a live betting experience that should include live streaming options. Currently, Pinnacle offers us good animation and stats for the majority of events, but we can’t help but be excited by their promise of “… a brand new way to follow the markets you care about while the action unfolds”.


Tips for Using Live Streaming on Betting Sites

Watching sport is easier in 2020 than it has ever been before, but we can’t get around the fact that no single provider gives us every sport we need. Because of licensing and exclusive rights, having all your favourite sports on one TV platform has become impossible. This is why we punters are now offered live streaming at betting sites.

Granted, not every event will be covered by the streaming service at any given betting site, but if you now spend money on betting at a particular website, you will most likely also be given the opportunity to actually follow the event.

This is undoubtedly a huge improvement for those of us interested in sports, but there are still things we need to be aware of before streaming on betting sites. The first thing to keep in mind, is that the majority of betting sites offering live streaming, will demand that you at least have a registered account with a positive balance. Quite a few betting sites will also require you to make a deposit before you can stream.

The final thing any punter should be aware of is that not every sport or event will be available for live streaming. This is simply because bookmakers tend to offer us a huge range of sporting events that usually includes lower-league events that simply aren’t televised. These events are also not available for live streaming, but instead, most betting sites will offer you the opportunity to follow the event in real-time with live animation.

Live Sports



What is the best betting site for live streaming?

We punters have a huge choice when it comes to live streaming at betting sites, and they are all very decent. Check out our top-5 for the betting sites that we feel offers the best within streaming.

Can I stream for free at betting sites?

This completely depends on the site you have chosen. Some betting sites will let you stream all or some of the events as long as you have a registered account, others will demand a small deposit and a positive account balance.

Can I stream sports on my phone?

This again depends on the betting site you have chosen, but most sites will now have a good offer for customers to stream sports on their phone. Check with your favourite bookmaker for more information.


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ThePuntersPage Final Say

2020 is a good year for sports fans. For the first time in history, we can now bet and watch all our favourite sports on the same website. Gone are the days of running down to the corner shop, frantically worrying about filling out the Final Result-coupon and running back home before the match kicks off. Now, all of this is done quietly and comfortably on the sofa.

We punters do need to be aware of the fact that most betting sites will require registration or deposit before they will let us stream events on their site, but this is money we would already spend on placing our bets. So, what are you waiting for? Find your favourite bookmaker today and discover a whole world of live sports streaming!