What Happens to a Bet if a Game Is Postponed or Canceled?

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Last Updated on: 20.04.2023

In this article, we will guide you through what happens to a bet if the game is suspended or there is a canceled game (spoiler alert: you will have your stake refunded in the majority of cases). Continue reading to learn more!

13 Reasons Why a Bet Can Been Canceled

If you have had your bet canceled, there are a number of reasons that could be behind it. They include:

  • Your bet was placed after the event began, or it was placed after the event's result had already been determined
  • There was an obvious pricing error for your betting choices
  • There was an error in the translation
  • Regulatory requirements have restricted you from placing a bet
  • Your betting choices are not compatible with use as a part of a multiple bet
  • The Terms and conditions were breached
  • There were Technical issues on the website
  • An event was postponed or abandoned
  • There was a Non Runner (NRNB)
  • Your winning choice is not available for wagering
  • Results cannot be determined
  • There was a an issue with the data supplier
  • Incorrect markets or information for an event in question

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What Is a Canceled/Void Bet?

The term canceled bet refers to a wager that has been declared effectively void. We will go into further detail about the reasons why later on in this article.

The good news is, that whenever a bet is canceled, you have your stake refunded to you.

The bookmaker where you placed your bet may send you an email to let you know. If they have not gotten ahold of you, it is a good idea to check your account history to see how your bet has been affected. You also want to find out whether your stake has been returned to your account balance.

Canceled bets are declared void in their entirety, which means that you do not win or lose anything. The only exception to this rule involves free bets.

What Happens to Free Bets When a Game Is Canceled?

If you place a wager on an event using a free bet and the event ends up getting canceled, the bookmaker in question may or may not refund it to you.

If you check the terms and conditions and they say that free bets that have been voided will not be returned to the customer, then your only option is to contact customer support. They can tell you whether or not you are eligible for any compensation.

What Happens to My Bet If a Game Is Postponed?

In the case of a postponed game, it will be classified as a non-starter unless it was played within a time frame specified by the online betting site in question.

An example of what you can expect to find in a sportsbook's terms and conditions: bet365 considers postponed games to be non-starters if they are not played in the same week. If a game that is scheduled for a weekend is played on the following Monday, all placed bets stand.

Another example would be Mr Green's position on these bets. The bookmaker cancels bets that are placed on postponed games if the game is not played within 12 hours of the originally scheduled starting time. Whenever a postponed event is canceled, your stake is returned in full.

What Happens If a Game Is Canceled or Postponed in a Parlay?

Parlays are one of the most popular options for betting at sportsbooks around the world. This is because they allow punters to combine a variety of wagers into one bet. This can lead to the opportunity to achieve a bigger payout. The downside to parlays is the fact that the entire wager is lost if just one bet choice loses.

You might be asking the following question regarding parlays. If a game is postponed, what happens to my bet? Before answering this, we will take a quick look at common causes of games being postponed or canceled. They include:

Adverse/Dangerous Weather Conditions
Averse or outright dangerous weather conditions are one of the biggest causes of events being canceled. If playing surfaces have been rendered unsafe or issues such as wind and lightning make it unsafe to carry on with an event, postponement and cancellation can occur.
Civil Unrest
Cases of civil unrest in the area where an event is scheduled to take place can also lead to postponement and cancellation. Oftentimes, these events will be rescheduled or moved to a new location.
Health Concerns
In recent years, a common cause of postponed and canceled events has been issues related to public health.

What Happens When a Game Gets Canceled/Postponed?

When a game gets cancelled or postponed what happens varies from one sportsbook to the next.

Generally speaking, most bookmakers will not cancel your parlay along with the specific game that was postponed/canceled. What usually happens is that the specific selection is removed from the bet. If you had a five-game parlay, you now have a four-game one. When this happens, the odds are adjusted, and the payout is lowered in accordance with the new number of selections in the bet.

If you are dealing with a one-game parlay wager, the event cancellation will void the entire bet. You will not lose your entire one-game parlay. The sportsbook will refund the amount of the bet.

Regarding the way that odds are recalculated for parlays with canceled games, it is important to note that the bookmaker will void the game that is canceled and then calculate your new odds based on the remaining games in your bet.

7 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes Made on Canceled Bets

To condense some of the key points that we are covering in this guide, we have listed seven useful tips to keep in mind regarding bets on events that have been canceled or postponed.

  • 01
    Always Make Sure Your Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions
    One of the best ways to make sure you avoid mistakes that can lead to canceled bets is to carefully read through the terms and conditions of the specific bookmaker that you have chosen.

    It is important to remember that different online betting sites have different policies regarding free bet cancellations, games that have been abandoned and games that have been postponed.

    Terms and conditions that may apply to one bookmaker might not apply to another. It is a good idea to get familiar with the terms and conditions specifics at your favorite sportsbooks that you regularly visit online.

  • 02
    Take Full Advantage of Accumulator Options
    One of the ways to stay on the safe side regarding issues with canceled bets is to look for the opportunity to put together an accumulator bet with a good accumulator offer that includes an extra selection that you think might be a winner. This is to avoid falling under the minimum required for the offer.
  • 03
    Check the Weather Forecast
    You want to keep an eye on the weather forecast for any upcoming event that you want to bet on. This can help you to avoid a canceled bet. Look for upcoming weather conditions that could stop a game from taking place. You want to avoid putting money down on events that are likely to be postponed or abandoned.
  • 04
    Make Sure to Construct Your Parlay the Right Way
    Parlays are a popular option with punters because they offer the opportunity for a bigger potential payout. With this said, it is essential that they are constructed correctly when it comes to avoiding issues with canceled bets.

    The main thing to remember is that you must always construct your parlay in accordance with the sportsbook’s rules. There are other specific points to consider with these bets. Putting them together correctly will help you to stay away from the annoyance of voided bets.

  • 05
    Always Abide By the Sportsbook’s Rules
    Making sure you do not do anything that violates a sportsbook’s wagering rules is something that we always recommend. You can count on a bet getting canceled if it is determined that you did not abide by the terms and conditions.
  • 06
    Keep an Eye on the Latest Injury News
    Keeping an eye on the latest injury news for the teams and athletes that you bet on is another key tip you can follow to avoid running into canceled bet issues at bookmakers.
  • 07
    Do Not Place Bets on Events That Have Begun
    You want to make sure and never place a bet on any event that has already begun. Additionally, you do not want to ever bet on an event that has already had its outcome determined. This is yet another proven tip for avoiding issues with canceled bets.

What Do the Best Betting Sites Specify in Their Canceled/Postponed Bets Policy?

The majority of online betting sites state that voided/canceled bets will payout at a 1/1 rate, or they will be returned. With an ACCA, the selection will change your bet from a quadruple to a treble or a treble to a double, etc.

DraftKings Policy on Canceled Events

  • If an event gets canceled before it begins, all related bets are void, with accounts refunded.
  • Games that are abandoned due to bad weather, crowd issues or injury will stand for all bets that were settled up until the time of abandonment.

FanDuel's Canceled Event Bet Policy

  • In any individual event, match, fixture, race or similar, all bets on markets will be void if not completed within 48 hours after the scheduled date for completion.
  • The exception is betting on any markets that have been determined unconditionally.

The BetMGM Canceled Event Policy

  • Canceled events/games that have not yet started or have not met minimum length requirements to be considered official result in straight wagers being refunded back to you.
  • Parlays involved in a canceled event are reduced to the next lowest number of selections.

PointsBet's Policy for Canceled Events

  • If a game is canceled before any action has taken place, all bets are void.
  • The exception is if the match is replayed within 48 hours of its original advertised start time. These bets will stand.

William Hill Canceled Match Betting Policy

  • If a game gets canceled, all of the bets that have been placed on it are declared void.
  • There are some matches that are exceptions to the previous rule. They include if the game was played within two days of the scheduled start. In this case, bets will stand.
  • Bets that have been placed on events that have already occurred will stand in the case that a game is abandoned.
  • If a game is canceled, you will get a full refund on single bets. In the case of multiple wagers, the canceled selections are dealt with as non-runners.

bet365 Canceled Match Betting Policy

  • Placed stakes are refunded for canceled games.
  • Games that are postponed are considered non-runners unless played within the same week of the initial date. If a game was initially scheduled for a weekend and has been postponed to the next Monday evening, all placed bets stand.
  • Games that are abandoned before completion will have all bets canceled except those whose result was already decided.
  • If you placed an accumulator bet and one or more selections have been canceled, the bet stands and will be settled on those that remain.

Unibet's Policy for Abandoned Games

  • Games that do not commence within 12 hours of their scheduled start time will have their bets canceled. This also includes games that have been postponed because of bad weather or crowd issues, among other possibilities.
  • If a game is canceled, your stake will be refunded to you.
  • Bets placed on abandoned games will stand if and only if the events regarding the bets have already occurred.
  • Abandoned games must be completed within 36 hours of abandonment, or they must yield an official result within this same frame of time for settlement of Draw No Bet, Match and Double Chance bets.
  • If you have an accumulator and one or more selections are canceled, the bet remains valid and is settled on the ones that remain.

Canceled Bet Policy – 888sport

  • Canceled bets are settled at odds of 1.00.
  • If you have an accumulator and one or more of your selections are canceled, your bet stays valid and is settled on the remaining selections.
  • If betting has been affected after an event has commenced, all bets that have been placed will be canceled.
  • The operator reserves the right to declare bets void under circumstances that include:
  • Technical errors, syndicate betting, influence betting or the occurrence of criminal activity. It is also important to note that bets can be voided if a public announcement has been made that then significantly alters the odds related to the bet.

Betway Canceled Event Policy

  • You will get your full stake back if a game is canceled for single bets.
  • If you placed multiple bets, your bets would stand for the additional selections.
  • Games that are postponed or abandoned are deemed void regardless of rescheduling to a new date unless specifically noted.

Canceled Bets FAQs

Canceled bets refer to wagers that have been declared to be effectively void for one or more reasons.
Yes, you will have it refunded to you. It is worth noting that wagers placed using free bets may not be refunded.
If your game has been postponed, it will be classified as a non-runner unless it gets played within a time frame that is in accordance with that which is specified by the betting site in question.
If a game is abandoned, your bet will stand if an event has already occurred in due accordance with an official result.
You will have to go to the terms and conditions for the specific betting site where you placed your bet to get the answer to this question. You can also contact a customer service representative with the betting site if you feel like you require additional information to verify whether or not you are eligible for any type of compensation.
The answer to this question depends on how long ago the game was postponed. If it is postponed longer than the canceling a bet time limit, it will pay out at 1/1. In the case that it was postponed for a shorter length of time, you will have to wait for the bet to end up settling.
Voided bets that are part of accas pay out at 1/1. This can have an effect on the total payout of an acca, but it will not automatically cause you to lose your acca.
Canceled fights and other types of voided bets will either pay out at 1/1 or have your stake returned to you.
There are many reasons that a bet can end up getting canceled. Common ones include non-runners, postponement, abandonment, rules changes and human error.

ThePuntersPage Final Say

The world's best betting sites all maintain relatively similar policies regarding voided, canceled or non-starting bets. With this said, anytime you place a wager at a new bookmaker , it is a good idea to read through the T&Cs of the site before you get started.

Whenever a bet does get canceled, most bookmakers will return your placed stake for its full value. In cases like postponed games, different operators use different definitions when it comes to the time when an event at hand is officially considered to be canceled. Regarding free bets, these are a specific promotional offering and thus could be an exception to this rule.