Every bettor has a limit and bankroll they’re comfortable wagering with. High rollers bet much higher amounts than casual punters, and in this article, we’ll showcase the best high stakes betting sites available right now. We’ll also discuss the details of high rollers and share tips about handicapping smartly and responsibly.

  • Quick cashouts with high limits.
  • Parlays can be built across bet types.
  • Offers a ton of different markets on major sports
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Provides in-person and online rewards.
  • Promos are offered regularly to existing members.
  • Excellent, modern and simple user interface.
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Renowned brand in the sports betting community.
  • Great mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Free contests are available with paid prizes.
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
  • Rewards can also be used at BetMGM.
  • Awesome customer service.
  • Features an “easy” parlay builder.
Full T&Cs apply. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

High stakes betting sites enable handicappers to deposit and withdraw at high limits, as well as place large wagers. These platforms offer a massive market of sports to bet on, and if they offer a casino, contain special high-limit games.

The VIP programs offered at these sites also provide unique rewards for high rollers. FanDuel, for example, has an invite-only VIP program and gives its VIPs access to exclusive events and even gifts them various items.

We’ll share the most important factors in choosing the right high stakes operator in the sports betting industry:


When researching high stakes betting sites, the first thing to do is to ensure they are licensed and regulated by the state they operate in. If this is the case, your data will be encrypted and protected so it doesn’t get stolen.

There have been horror stories surrounding a few non-regulated bookmakers in the U.S. who have refused to pay large sums of money or suffered data leaks.

Banking Options

A high-roller betting site should offer plenty of options when it comes to banking. Users should be able to deposit or withdraw using credit cards, debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, eChecks, wire transfers and eWallets. Cryptocurrency is another preferred method by many people but it isn’t offered at every bookmaker.

Transaction and Betting Limits

Various platforms will have different deposit and withdrawal limits. If you’re a high roller, the larger the limit, the better. The betting limit is also very important. You’ll want these to be high if you have a big bankroll and don’t want to be quickly limited if you win a few bets.

Many sportsbooks will temporarily limit their bettors if they win large sums of money but the limit will depend on the operator.

Customer Service

No matter how much you’re betting, selecting a site with excellent customer service is necessary. Not all books will offer 24-7 customer service, but if they do, it’s a huge plus.

If you have any questions about anything related to your account, the book itself, or a bet, the customer support team needs to be able to provide a clear and concise answer. Quick responses via live chat, email or on the phone are also essential.

Available Bonuses

Many operators offer bonuses such as deposit matches when signing up. Some even provide additional advantages for high rollers, such as larger deposit match percentages, cashback on certain losing bets and higher amounts of credits in their VIP program.

The following five websites are TPP’s top picks for high rollers use.


fanduel high roller desktop screenshot
(Source: FanDuel)

FanDuel is an industry leader in sports betting thanks to its reputation for having a seamless book known for crafting cross-sport parlays. Its innovative features, including higher deposit, withdrawal, and bet limits, are why we picked it as our premier choice for a high stakes betting website.

The website also features quick payouts and a raved-about VIP program. The VIP program is specifically for high rollers and is invitation-only. Members are provided with a personal account manager, unique bonuses and offered gifts such as tickets to special events.

High rollers can bet a maximum of $5 million at FanDuel, which is more than the majority of sportsbooks.

Live betting is also a unique aspect, thanks to its updated stats for in-game player props. Many customers also like its alternate betting lines for high stakes players and teams.

  • Extremely competitive odds.
  • Has more markets than most bookmakers.
  • Quick payouts.
  • High roller VIP program is invite only.
  • Some profit boosts have lower bet limits.


betmgm high roller desktop screenshot
(Source: BetMGM)

BetMGM is another top-tier option for “whales” with large bankrolls. The site’s VIP program allows members to use their earned credits not only at the book but also in-person at resorts for room discounts, special events and dining.

Betting limits are higher than those of other online bookmakers, and a dedicated VIP host can be appointed. This host provides personalized service, helps with any questions and highlights offers you qualify for.

At BetMGM, users can customize their betting limits, which is a nice perk for high rollers. The changes to their accounts can take up to 24 hours to apply.

The user interface has a modern design and provides quick access to a plethora of different bet types. Depending on the location, live streaming is also available for popular sporting events.

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • High and low minimums when depositing.
  • Top-of-the-line mobile app.
  • Doesn’t accept cryptocurrency.
  • Could offer more regular promos.


draftkings high roller desktop screenshot
(Source: DraftKings)

DraftKings has much to offer, including a sportsbook, casino and daily fantasy. It also showcases retail sportsbooks that can be visited in different states where rewards can be used in addition to online.

The operator is known for its smoothness when it comes to live betting and allows higher betting limits. Users have been known to enjoy its early cashout feature, where members can take a payout during a live event before it ends. The odds and payout will likely have changed though.

The user-friendly interface makes it navigable for experienced handicappers and newbies alike. Daily odds boosts are always posted and help high stakes bettors gain more value on certain matchups.

During sign-up, everyone at DraftKings becomes part of the Dynasty Rewards Program, where they can earn points and climb up the tiers.

A special VIP program is offered via invitation only with perks such as increased deposit limits, unique promotional offers, tickets to special events and priority customer support.

  • Live streaming for distinctive games.
  • High limits at the casino.
  • Great lines for NBA betting.
  • Odds aren’t always the best.
  • Temporary limits can be given to big winners.
  • Crypto can’t be used.


borgata high roller desktop screenshot
(Source: Borgata)

Borgata is BetMGM's sister brand. It offers high rollers a unique betting experience both online and at its brick-and-mortar establishment in Atlantic City, NJ.

High rollers can be invited to the “Noir” tier of the platform’s reward program, where they’ll be provided with a dedicated VIP host for online betting.

There are five VIP program tiers, and premium customer support is provided once the third level (gold) is reached. The fourth (platinum) tier offers high stakes punters expedited window service at BetMGM-based sportsbooks.

When gambling online or in person using either bookmaker, bettors will simultaneously earn credits for both VIP programs.

  • Odds boosts are featured frequently.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Online poker can be played.
  • Lack of betting markets.
  • Doesn’t offer live streaming.
  • Only available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


caesars high roller desktop screenshot
(Source: Caesars)

While many sportsbooks aside from FanDuel don’t allow bettors to bet seven figures, Caesars is one of the rare ones, with its max bet set at $1 million.

Caesars Rewards, the VIP program, allows high stakes punters to level up at different tiers with better perks awarded at each level. These cater to high rollers since deposit limits can be increased and personalized customer service is awarded.

Rewards can also be used at Caesars’ establishments, which include casinos and sportsbooks around the country. VIP treatment and personalized attention are also given when laying down large wagers at their retail locations.

The platform is one of the oldest and most recognized brands, thanks to its longstanding positive reputation since being founded in 1937 in Nevada. It currently owns the World Series of Poker (WSOP) brand where online poker is offered.

  • Tons of betting properties available to visit.
  • Large sign-up bonus.
  • Common 25% odds boosts for popular markets.
  • Standard odds aren’t always super competitive.
  • The app can run slow occasionally.
  • Limited availability for secondary markets.

To become a high roller, a bettor must consistently wager much higher amounts than regular

Becoming a High Roller VIP

High-roller VIPs are often extended invitations after recurring high-limit account activity. If you want to be considered straight away, reach out to customer support and tell them the high limits you consistently bet at. They might offer you VIP right away or faster than usual.

Continual handicapping at high limits also earns credits rapidly and aids in climbing tiers quicker (we aren’t recommending this). The perks become better at the higher level but this also requires more money to be wagered.

  1. Click the link that says sign up or create an account on the sportsbook’s website.

  2. Enter your personal information, such as name, address, date of birth, phone number and the last four digits of your social security number. This verifies your account.

  3. Enter a promo code or select one. These can include deposit matches or sweat-free bets composed of bonus funds. The rollover for these promos depends on the site.

  4. Make your first deposit at favorite high roller betting sites

  5. A new page will load, indicating if your deposit was successful. If it was, then your account is ready to use.

As mentioned earlier, high rollers may be unable to deposit their desired amount during sign-up. If this is the case, contact customer support and explain that you’re a high roller. They may be able to make adjustments to your account.

  • There is potential to win big thanks to the high punting limits.
  • Specialized VIP treatment gives high rollers access to enhanced bet sizes and a variety of perks casuals don’t receive, such as personal account managers.
  • Faster transactions are given to high rollers on certain sites.
  • Betting options can be extended for high limit handicappers.
  • Significant losses are a high possibility due to the bettor potentially losing. If betting isn’t done responsibly, the failed wagers can be detrimental.
  • Addiction can occur due to the thrill of wagering large amounts of money on a single bet slip.
  • High stress, debt, and a poor quality of life can be attained since emotional strain can occur when large amounts of money are on the line.
  • Credit lines can be given to certain VIP high rollers so they can play even if they don’t have money on them, which can lead to serious debt.

We’ll explain what payment options work best for significant bankrolls.


Transactions using crypto are beneficial and private because they are linked to a blockchain address instead of someone’s personal information. This allows account owners to have more discretion.

Transactions are also faster using crypto compared to bank transfer, especially when exchanging higher sums. Crypto's global aspect is also enticing, as it has no borders and doesn’t involve the hassle of international transfers.

There are risks involved since crypto can depreciate or appreciate quickly. The amount withdrawn will usually be slightly higher or lower than the original, although drastic changes can never be ruled out.

Not all sportsbooks accept cryptocurrency but when they do, there are generally no fees when depositing or withdrawing.


Skrill stands out for high-rolling sports bettors due to its huge deposit and withdrawal limits, which allow them to shift large funds with ease. It also offers speedier transactions than traditional deposit methods, allowing handicappers to receive their winnings immediately.

The company also provides high security and keeps bank details private, giving peace of mind to those putting in sizeable wagers. Sportsbooks rarely charge fees for Skrill transactions.

Credit and debit cards

While not the best solution due to potential limitations, debit and credit cards provide some ease for high stakes gambling aficionados. They offer a familiar and widely known method of depositing funds, allowing for quick and straightforward transactions to place bets without the need to set up extra accounts or wallets.

Debit and credit cards provide a comfortable starting point for occasional high rollers or those new to the scene. Operators charge fees when depositing using a card, usually between five and nine percent.

The high stakes betting tips below can be used to gamble responsibly.

Bankroll management

Managing the bankroll is essential in sports betting since it keeps anyone from losing their whole budget on a single wager or in a short stretch of events. Setting aside a specified amount for betting and designating a tiny percentage (1-5 percent) for each wager allows you to extend your playtime while also maintaining a sustainable betting strategy.

  • List Icon

    1-2 percent: Conservative

  • List Icon

    3 percent: Medium

  • List Icon

    4-5 percent: Aggressive

The safest method is to bet 1-2 percent of your bankroll on each wager. This technique allows you to concentrate on enjoying the matches rather than risking a large portion of your bankroll irresponsibly.

Do Research

Researching an event and the players before placing wagers is imperative. Looking at player stats and team results is the minimum level of research. However, more enhanced methods such as odds shopping, reviewing in-depth stats and comparing expert opinions/analysis takes things a bit further.

For example, when betting a player prop such rebounds, don’t just view recent game logs. Look into the player's average expected rebounds, how many rebounds they average against the player who will guard them, how many rebounds per game their opponent (team) gives up and how many boards they regularly grab against the team. That is a generic scenario of looking deeper into the stats. Sportsbooks’ algorithms are highly detailed and complex, so deep research can help with your decisions.

When odds shopping, a certain book might have a player’s rebounds set at over/under 9.5, with odds of -130 for the over and +110 for the under. Another operator could have the line at 8.5 with very similar odds. In this case, if you wanted to take the over, the 8.5 is a much better quantity.

Keep Track of your Betting Sessions

Maintain a record of all your betting results, including daily profits or losses. Tools such as Pikkit and other apps display a daily calendar with your ROI, units (earned and lost) and record.

This allows you to see what trends correlate with your wins and losses. It’s very informative and can help you become a better punter. It also shows if you need to take a break or if you’re spending too much money or time handicapping.

Stay Disciplined

Maintaining discipline in sports betting requires dedication. This includes setting and sticking to a budget, avoiding chasing losses with impetuous bets and choosing thoroughly researched wagers over emotional ones.

Never be afraid to step away when the chances aren't in your favor, and try to enjoy the contests rather than chasing a sure win. Remember that proper betting habits are critical in order to make sports betting an enjoyable and sustainable hobby.

Don’t bet with your heart, either. If your favorite team is playing that you’ve rooted for since you were a child, it doesn’t mean bet on them.

Remember, it’s extremely difficult to hit 50% or more of bets, so stay vigilant.

Now that you’ve read our detailed guide on high stakes sports betting sites, you should have a basic understanding of what to look for when signing up. Every site has its pros and cons, but a few should tick off the boxes of what's suitable to your liking. Since high rollers bet with such a large bankroll, customer support will be their best friend when looking to increase limits quickly.

High stakes sports betting is inherently dangerous. The risk of large financial loss is great, and the pleasure can be addictive, leading to gambling beyond your means. While some betting platforms provide VIP benefits and speedier transfers to big rollers, the emotional and financial dangers remain significant. It is only safe for individuals who can appropriately manage their budget and value fun above assured profits.

Only use a high stakes betting site if you have the appropriate bankroll and are disciplined. Most sportsbooks offer standard betting limits and high stakes VIP programs strictly by invitation, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive unique perks straight away.

VIP members can earn benefits such as a personal account manager, special bets, quicker access to points and unique promotions. Increased limits for betting, large deposits, high payout limits, and much more. Everything depends on the brand you choose, but reputable high stakes betting sites usually provide better offers.

If you win more than the maximum withdrawal limit, contact customer support to see what options are available. If the entire amount can’t be withdrawn at once, multiple transactions might have to be made to receive it in full. Depending on the operator, this can take anywhere from a few days to weeks.

Yes, you can sign up for as many high stakes betting sites as you want. It’s recommended to odds shop on multiple sites in order to find the most favorable lines available.

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