Moneyline betting is one of the simplest and most popular bets in the world of sports betting. You can use moneyline on a whole host of sports, including the likes of American Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and tennis. Check out this extensive overview and guide, which explains what moneyline betting means and why the football moneyline betting sites have become so popular among sports bettors in the US.

So, what is moneyline in betting? We can explain moneyline betting bet as the easiest wager to place on the outcome of a sporting event. In a game of soccer, for example, there are only three possible outcomes: win, lose, or draw. Moneyline betting on soccer is straightforward, as bettors can pick a team to win or draw, or the other team to come out on top.

Of course, it gets even easier when no tie is available, and several sports have just one possible winner. Tennis is a game played by two athletes; only one can prevail, and there are no draws. You can either place your money on Player A or Player B to win the match.

Moneyline bets will vary from sport to sport, but the premise remains the same and betting on both sides of the moneyline is possible for both.

Moneyline Bets ProsPoints Spread Bets Pros
Easier choice of betsWider selection of bets
Most popular betCan level the playing field
Easy odds to followCan bet on multiple winning margins

Betting spread vs moneyline – which one is better? Both betting the moneyline and point spread bets are very popular in the world of sports betting, and share similarities and differences.

Betting spread vs moneyline can be confusing at times, but there is one way to easily differentiate the two. Betting spread vs moneyline is always an interesting discussion in betting.

As explained, moneyline in betting includes predicting the outcome of a match or fight. For example, in American Football, you back either team to win or place your money on the game to finish in a tie.

As for point spread bets, you are now wagering on the final winning margin. For example, you can place your money on England to beat the USA by two goals in a soccer game, instead of just backing England to win. This also applies to handicap betting.

After getting to know the betting moneyline meaning, you’re ready to delve deeper into the subject, including types of outcomes on moneyline bets. In some cases, you have just two choices to make when it comes to moneyline in sports betting. As for NFL moneyline betting, fans can back their team to win, lose, or draw.

Many new bettors ask, “How does moneyline betting work, and what does moneyline mean in sports betting?” Below is a list of the possible outcomes of the moneyline in betting.


Picking the winner is the most popular choice of sports bet. There are thousands of fixtures from all over the sporting world taking place every week, and you can predict the winner of any of them. Basically, in an NFL game between the Seahawks and Eagles, your bet will come in if you correctly pick the winner of the game when betting the moneyline.


Of course, not all bets can be winners, and you will lose your money if your chosen team loses the contest. Even if the game ends in a draw, you will not win your bet if your backed team does not pick up the victory.


You can back the draw, which is when the two teams, players, or fighters are tied at the end of the match or fight. On rare occasions, boxing bouts are classified as ties, which often yield huge odds before the fight. Draws can also occur in NFL games, soccer matches, and various other sporting events involving two teams.

There is also an option for draw no bet. This is when you place money on a team, but your stake is refunded if the game ends in a tie. This is an insurance-type bet that many bettors like to make when finding it difficult to predict an outright winner.

Moneyline sports betting odds are available on every single event, and the bet is usually right at the top of every sportsbook list. Many back the favorites to prevail, which is more likely to win, but putting your money on the underdog can give the bettors outstanding prices and big wins should they prevail.

Pick’Em (even money) bets are also a good choice when the teams are hard to split. Sometimes backing the draw is the way to go in matches between two evenly-matched teams.


When it comes to betting the moneyline in football or any other sport, backing the favorite is the main choice for sports gamblers and is a strong moneyline betting strategy for newcomers. Even though sometimes you must lay more money down to make the bet worthwhile, the favorite wins more often than not.

You always get your money back with winning bets, so backing the favorite can be beneficial. Punters also like to add favorites to a parlay bet to boost the odds. Football moneyline betting online, NHL moneyline betting, and moneyline NBA betting are all huge in the United States.


The underdog is the bet least likely to win in any sport. As an example, in an English Premier League game between Manchester City and Burnley, the away team would be considered a massive underdog.

The odds might be tempting, but the likeliness of Burnley leaving Manchester with all three points is very slim. However, all underdogs have their day; just look at Leicester City’s incredible EPL title win in the 2015-16 season.

Pick‘Em (Even Money)

In the top leagues and divisions in various sports around the world, many teams are equal and tough to split. That is where the Pick’Em (even money) bet comes in.

Sportsbooks will price the two teams equally, so you have an even chance of your chosen team winning. With an even bet, you will win the same amount you lay down. So, betting $10 will get you $10 and your money back.

3-Way Lines / Draws

A 3-Way moneyline bet is a market that has three possible outcomes. For many sports, you can bet on a win, loss, or tie scenario. Not only can bettors pick a winner, but they can also predict the draw if they wish.

You can also bet on ties at certain stages of matches. In a soccer match, you can back the draw at half time and full time, or place a wager on the first quarter of an NFL game to finish all square.

Every sportsbook offers moneyline bets. American bettors have a whole host of moneyline betting sites to choose from these days, with great odds and markets. There are several solid NFL, NHL, and MLB moneyline betting sites. Below is a mini-review of five US sportsbooks to bet with right now.


draftkings sportsbook screenshot
(Source: DraftKings)

Established in 2012, DraftKings has become one of the biggest USA sportsbook providers over the past decade, with a superb fantasy sport offering as well as a huge sports betting market.

DraftKings customers can take advantage of all major American sports betting markets, such as the MLB and NBA. You can bet on boxing, AEW, and WWE, and they are one of the best NFL moneyline betting sites. Soccer plays a big role, with betting odds on the UEFA Champions League and English Premier League on offer.

DraftKings is one of the best American sportsbooks around for a reason.

  • Great for fantasy sports
  • Huge variety of odds and markets
  • Experienced US sportsbook
  • Can be slow with withdrawals


Everyone in the sports betting world has heard of FanDuel, and the sportsbook is right at the top of the list in terms of popularity. At FanDuel, you can bet on fantasy sports, horse racing, online casinos, and various sports. They understand the true meaning of moneyline in betting.

They have been regular competitors with DraftKings in the fantasy sports betting circle, though the legalization of sports betting in the United States has allowed them to expand their offerings with sports bets. We certainly recommend the sportsbook for your sports betting needs.

  • Excellent fantasy sports offering
  • Good selection of bonuses including welcome offer and daily deals
  • Secure and instant deposits
  • Live chat is not the best in the market
  • Online casino could be better


betmgm massachusetts homepage screenshot
(Source: BetMGM)

Part of the MGM Resorts International Group, MGM is known mainly for its hospitality venues in places, including the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. They moved into the sports betting world in 2018 and have never looked back.

BetMGM has struck up several high-profile collaborations in recent times, including deals with the NBA, NHL, and MLB. As a betting contender, the operator will offer an immense sports betting service, casino, racing, and poker, among others. They made strides into the US betting market and are quickly turning into the leading sports betting moneyline brands.

  • Secured several high-profile collaborations
  • Strong sportsbook offering
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Dedicated mobile app available
  • Sports betting coverage could vary depending on the state
  • Promos offers expire quickly


espn bet live page screenshot
(Source: ESPN Bet)

Needless to say, ESPN is one of the true leaders in moneyline football betting and wider. It was only in late 1970s when the first ESPN broadcast occurred. The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network has become one of the global favorites.

ESPN BET is expected to be a huge hit among bettors for years to come, and they will feature betting odds from their own sportsbook. This operator certainly has the potential to be a big name in the sports betting industry in the USA, but only time will tell.

  • Uses its dedicated odds
  • Acclaimed brand in the sports betting market
  • Generous welcome offer
  • Safe transactions
  • Limited availability
  • Customer support is not the very best


Last but not least, Caesars is also becoming a prevalent choice among sports bettors in the USA. The acquisition of William Hill in 2021 was certainly one of the milestones for the brand. A year later, Caesars secured a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers to become the official sportsbook of the NBA team.

Much like its competitors, Caesars offers a vast selection of sports betting markets, including moneyline odds for all top US and European sports. However, some niche sports are missing. They offer great daily promotions and have competitive betting odds.

  • Good daily offers and deals
  • Competitive odds
  • A recognizable brand name and super options for NBA moneyline betting
  • Livestreaming could be way better
  • Limited availability

You can use a moneyline betting calculator to help understand moneyline odds. These calculators can convert odds instantly and show your potential winnings before laying down money. Different regions use different odds formats, but American sportsbooks opt for American-style odds, which are easy to understand.


The odds will look different for favorites and underdogs. Favored teams will have a minus symbol before the number. For example, odds of -500 would be considered a strong favorite. The implied win possibility is 83.3%, but the winnings will be much lower than that of an underdog.


As for the underdog, you will see a plus symbol before the number. On the flip side, a +500 shot has a win probability of just 16.7%, but bettors have the potential to win larger sums of money if the bet comes in.

New bettors should stick to moneyline bets at the start. The basic nature of the win, lose, or draw bet makes it easy to follow and a great way to start your betting journey. Even for more experienced bettors, moneyline remains a top choice and is certainly recommended for all sports gambling fans.

You can place wagers on the favorites and add several to a parlay. Or, if you are feeling brave enough, back the underdog and reap the rewards should the lesser team prevail. There are several positives to moneyline betting.

Once you understand the principles and are familiar with sports gambling, moneyline betting is a great place to start. Picking the outright winner of a sporting event remains the main way to bet, and understanding favorites and underdogs becomes easier when there are odds attached.

There are so many top sportsbooks to choose from nowadays, and more will open up in the years to come. All offer moneyline betting, though the odds will differ from bookie to bookie. Once you have done your research on the best value sportsbooks, you can start your moneyline betting journey right away.

It is a rather simple concept in sports betting, where you pick a team or player to win a particular match/fight without the involvement of a point spread.

Yes, you can put moneyline bets in parlays. You can do singles, doubles, and trebles and add as many moneyline bets to a parlay as you like.

Moneyline odds will differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, so always shop around before placing your moneyline bets.

You can place moneyline bets at all major US sportsbooks. The likes of DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, ESPN BET, and FanDuel all offer moneyline bets and competitive odds.

Moneyline odds can change right up to the start of the event. Various factors, ranging from injuries to the current weather, can affect live moneyline odds. Sportsbooks can also entice bettors with boosted odds and various other promotions.

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