Looking for some betting advice? That’s where tipsters come in! These betting experts place bets and give their opinions with the aim of making profits for themselves and their followers. Let’s take a look at the best football tipsters and what they have to offer.

Read on to find out more and don’t forget to keep football stats, and these useful betting sites in your betting tool kit before placing your bets.

Tipsters are betting experts — not only do they share their insights with their followers, but they also make their own bets based on their predictions. Each football tipster places their bets and tallies the wins and losses to show prospective punters that they do get correct results. The reliable tipsters are able to post regular winnings and overall profits, which isn’t easy.

While some are happy to share their opinions for free, others charge for their services. There are various reasons for both options, so let's take a look at the main positives and negatives for each:

Free Tipsters


  • No fees at all
  • Can be found everywhere
  • No loss on prepaid subscriptions


  • Often not as accurate
  • Difficult to find the right content
  • Not as trustworthy


  • Tend to be more accurate
  • More frequent tips
  • Information is sent straight to you
  • Calculations are done for you


  • Advance payment required regardless of tips accuracy
  • Winnings are not guaranteed straight away

If you’re a beginner, opting for free tipsters is an ideal choice to understand how they work. There are some great ones who post regular blogs on their sites and socials. These are among the best ones we recommend:


Screenshot of Kickform, powered by the PuntersPage.
(Source: ThePuntersPage)

Looking for a Premier League predictor? Many sites offer detailed predictions for matches, league finishes and much more. KickForm.com is an excellent choice to go for, with a massive database of information completely free! Used wisely, the stats can offer great value for betting.

Of course, these aren’t exactly tips, but you could use the data created to make some well-educated bets.

Free Super Tips

A top choice for anyone who places accumulators, Free Super Tips offers hundreds of betslip options with a detailed examination of each match. In the above image you can see the first part of an accumulator, with added tips for each match just in case you want to bet on a single instead.

They offer a betting calculator on the site, which lets you know how much you’ll win if the acca is successful.


A well-known tipster amongst punters, PredictZ offers free football tips, predictions, analysis, and match statistics.

For individual matches, they’ll give you an exact score prediction, both teams to score, and more.

They also have a ‘betslip’ feature that lets you add individual predictions together to calculate a bet builder, accumulator or system bet.

MrFixitsTips (MFT)

Mr. Fixit was a Scottish tipster who wrote tips for the Daily Record and created the site back in 2010. Nowadays, it’s run by an entire team of experts and unlike the other best free tipsters, MrFixitsTips (MFT) writes long-form articles with tips.

MFT offers an in-depth analysis on every game they cover and is excellent for the punter who really wants to get into the psyche of how tipsters form their predictions.

They’re perfect for Premier League predictions, and while they don’t bombard you with data, they are one of the longest-serving Premier League predictors for a reason, and a great choice for football betting tips.

Twitter Tipsters

Twitter, or X as it’s now known, is one of the best places for sports news and updates. Many punters already use this to their advantage, but there are a few free standout tipsters on the site who can provide football tips with a certain level of insight not found anywhere else.

Andy Robson Tips

Screenshot of the Twitter page Andy's Football Tips, a tipster page.
(Source: Twitter / X)

He’s got a gold tick for a reason! Andy's Football Tips (@AndyRobsonTips) is the real deal. The Twitter page offers stats, betting tips, and even some funny memes from time to time.

Andy Football Tips operates a website with the same name and provides more detailed predictions and advice, which we suggest checking out as well.

Fabrizio Romano

Screenshot of the Fabrizio Romano's Twitter page, a tipster page.
(Source: Twitter / X)

Possibly the most well-known person on football Twitter(@FabrizioRomano), I’d genuinely believe anything this man says, especially when it comes to player transfer betting.

You have to act quickly, and if you see ‘Here We Go’ included in his Twitter description, it’s probably too late to catch any tips.


Screenshot of the JamesMurphyTips Twitter page, a tipster page.
(Source: Twitter / X)

Another massive betting predictions page, James (@JamesMurphyTips) is mostly known for posting match outcome predictions made by a supercomputer.

To receive his predictions, you’ll need to like his particular tweets. He’ll then send the tips via direct message.

“Why should I pay for a service if there are people offering it for free?” You might ask. That’s a fair question, but paid football tipsters have a lot to offer. Their tips are generally more accurate, and could therefore get you bigger returns.

Below are our top three picks:

Best TipstersPrices
Footballer Tips£60 – £150 per month (depending on the packages)
We Bet You Bet£250 + 25% if you win over £1,000 or
£500 + 25% if you win over £2,000
Assured Soccer Profits£267 per year
£97 Per quarter

Footballer Tips

Screenshot of the Footballer Tips home page, a tipster page.
(Source: Footballer Tips)

Footballer Tips is one of the best I’ve found. It’s a superbly professional site with some great subscription options to choose from. If you’re unsure of their accuracy, you can see their Footballer proudly displayed profits for each package — the numbers don’t lie!

While the service is on the higher side, it’s a fair price as they have been pretty consistent in making profits.


Each package offers something different. We suggest going for the Royale — for £60 a month you are given tips of over 2.5 goals and home win markets with an average return of investment of 11%.

Assured Soccer Profits

A proper trader, Assured Soccer Profits (APS) is an excellent site for those willing to wait for long-term success. Their proven metric requires discipline, so you’ll need to stick to the programme for it to really work.

In the long term, it may even help you when it comes to formulating your own opinions of your bets as it offers a mindset for betting which can be implemented everywhere.

The service isn’t too expensive, but you do have to pay upfront.

We Bet You Bet

We Bet You Bet is a brilliant site for a number of reasons. It offers tips on five sports including football, tennis, golf, horse racing, and snooker, and there are many tipsters involved, so you won’t be relying on one person’s opinion.

Finally, you’ll only need to pay a one-time fee plus a percentage of your winnings if you pass a threshold. This means that they only charge you extra if they deliver correct results.

As you can see, tipsters are all about the stats. If you prefer doing your own research and coming up with your own predictions, we can help. You’ll struggle to find a more in-depth set of stats than our brilliant stats centre.

Also, if you’re new to betting, we also offer betting strategies to help you get even more value out of your bets.

Betting without a strategy is like running a marathon with a blindfold.

Tipsters could be the difference between betting for fun and betting with a more focused goal on long-term winnings.

While they do offer some brilliant insight, stay weary as at the end of the day, an outcome can never be predicted with absolute certainty. While these best football tipsters will definitely give you a better chance, nothing is ever guaranteed.

Football tipsters are betting experts who offer tips, opinions, and predictions on upcoming matches and events for deeper insight into possible betting opportunities.

That’s a tough question, but we believe that Mr Fixits Tips is the best free tipster, whereas Footballer Tips is the best paid football tipster.

With years of experience and having worked with reputable sources, Mr Fixits Tips is probably the safest free bet.

There are endless types of football predictions, and each site, blog, and personality offers something different. Free Super Tips are a standout in offering a wide range of football betting tips, as well as some ready-made bet-builders and accumulators for you to bet on.

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