Looking to improve your esports betting strategy? Not only will this article break down our favourite esports betting tips, but we’re also going to be showing you the best esports tipster sites offering the best expert advice for upcoming markets and tournaments.

Of all the esports betting tips, few are as important or as relevant as utilising the right bookmakers for your bets. So much so that we’ve dedicated a whole article to the best esports betting sites, as we felt they deserved focused attention so you can really get to grips with what betting experience will be perfect for you. In addition, as part of that article, you will also be able to enhance your betting strategy by getting a better understanding of what types of esports are out there – with detailed explanations, as well as a look at specific game titles. Our focus here is on the finest esports tips and tipsters, but one thing we shouldn’t forget is the strategic importance of your general knowledge of esports, and in finding the best operator. Check out the exclusive page for the coverage that deserves.

We've picked these ten esports tipsters for their consistently high-quality advice, worthy of any serious esport betting strategist's attention.

1. Tipify

Tipify Screenshot

Tipify are one of the biggest of their kind, and make a very convincing argument for being the best. Furthermore, they are exclusively a site for esports betting tips.

They really encourage the best of the best to come out, with huge competitions, where the most accurate tipsters can win huge and often creative prizes.

By focusing on the likes of CS:GO betting tips, Dota 2 guides, League Of Legends contests, not to mention Overwatch esports tips and tricks, they do an incredible job across those titles. Their transparency in terms of success (measured over a 180-day period) really makes clear how useful this service can be. With additional news and information about odds, it really is an incredible all-round esports resource for select titles.

  • Very detailed coverage of chosen esports
  • Transparent about tip success
  • Additional information provides context
  • Only four esports covered at time of writing

2. Betting.com

Betting.com Screenshot

Generic as the site's name may sound, the tips they provide are anything but. Indeed, what sets Betting.com apart from so many other tipsters out there is their dedication to good tipsters and even better tips. The way it works is simple; anyone can offer the site tips, and these are then analysed and tracked for their effectiveness. Although esports betting tips aren't their only focus, they join a whole family of sports betting tips, all of which are put through the same rigorous set of standards.

  • High-quality esports tips
  • Open platform for best tipsters
  • Tips analysed for effectiveness
  • Focus is not primarily on esports betting tips

3. BettingGods

BettingGods Screenshot

This legendary Malta tipsters joined the world of esports in 2018, providing tips on the likes of Overwatch, Dota 2, FIFA, NBA 2K and CS:GO, alongside many more. However, unlike many others on this list, Betting Gods is a subscription service – so if you want to see their daily esports betting tips, it is going to cost you.

The initial cost for this service is a mere £1.99 at the time of writing, so if you gamble fairly regularly, it could easily be worth your while. Their top tipsters track record is available for all to see, and considering their great reputation in an incredibly-tough industry, we’d say their esports betting tips are up there with the best. We also appreciate the fact that they make no false promises – acknowledging that their tips can fail, yet always striving to provide the best they can.

  • Hugely-popular and respected tipster
  • Added esports to their repertoire in 2018
  • Daily esports tips and tricks and wide variety of games
  • Subscription-based service

4. esports-betting-tips.com

eSportsbettingtips.com Screenshot

Yes, esports-betting-tips.com pretty much delivers exactly what it says on the tin, and that is no bad thing. The focus here is on CSGO, Dota 2, and League Of Legends, with the latter getting most of the esports betting tips' attention during our visits.

It is a site of hidden depths with odds comparisons, results, and news all helping to contextualise your esports tips. Perhaps what really helps this one stand out is its crisp and incredibly clear site design, which makes navigating often complicated information simple. If you are new to it all, this could be an ideal place to start.

Esports Betting on New Generation Consoles

  • Site dedicated to esports coverage
  • Excellent news coverage
  • Design makes navigation a breeze
  • Only a small selection of titles

5. Egamersworld.com

Egamersworld Screenshot

They might not be as well-known as some of the names on this list, but if you are looking to go into real depth on individual games, then there is arguably no better than Egamersworld.com for detailed esports betting tips, strategy and predictions.

This isn’t simply a case of some pundit telling you who they think will win; these are people who are passionate about these contests telling you exactly why they think their prediction is correct. It also includes stats and detailed information so you can analyse whether the logic of the tips makes sense to you.

And that is what really sets this apart, as it is not just about finding betting tips you can trust; it is about being able to add your own analysis. Egamersworld.com gives you the tools to do exactly that across a wide variety of titles, such as Rocket League guides and esport tips, Rainbow Six and VALORANT, which are often not covered by esports betting tips sites elsewhere.

  • Incredibly in-depth coverage
  • Provides great reasoning behind esport tips
  • Covers games others do not
  • May not be suitable for newcomers

6. Strafe

Strafe Screenshot

This is actually a little bit different to most of the others on this list. Yes, Strafe does indeed showcase upcoming matchups and tells you who, in their professional opinion, they think represent the best bet. However, they also provide more general advice which they split up for both beginners and advanced users, providing pointers that are useful beyond immediate upcoming events. They also offer a gorgeous site design, making their predictions crystal clear to anyone who walks through their virtual doors.

  • Advice for advanced and novice bettors
  • Simple, easy-to-understand tips
  • Solid general advice too
  • Doesn’t provide huge amount of insight behind specific tips

7. Protipster.com

Protipster.com Screenshot

Once you've spent a little time on Protipster.com, it becomes clear that their name is no mere gimmick – this is one esports betting tips service which takes their job very seriously. And as they only focus on three key esports in Dota 2, Counter Strike and League Of Legends, the coverage they provide is often immense, especially regarding the latter. You will often find several tips on single events, alongside links to relevant bookmakers where you can find those markets if you are interested. Perhaps this site is a little drier and more serious in tone than others, but it is all business when it comes to the betting tips, which it offers in abundance and quality.

  • Detailed coverage on major titles
  • Often several tips on a single event
  • Ideal for serious bettors
  • Perhaps not so ideal for more casual punters

8. Reddit

Reddit Screenshot

Known for its long list of things it is interested in – ranging from relationship advice to “ask me anything” threads – Reddit is not primarily concerned with tips for esports betting.

However, it is a broad church and one where such tips have found a home across various forums. Best still, often they are game specific, so Dota 2 fans don’t have to search for long to find what other people believe about upcoming games.

Now, this is just a public forum, of course, so the quality of the tips you will find on esports betting here varies greatly. However, it is a great place to discuss and test your thoughts and ideas, as well as seeing how other people are viewing upcoming matchups. You may find yourself thinking of a game in a totally different light, or you could just enjoy being part of the community. In any case, this is a place where you can improve your enjoyment of your favourite esports and get some great advice while you’re at it.

  • Enormous mainstream appeal
  • Huge amount of forums
  • Passion and advice from real fans
  • No kind of quality control on advice

09. Unikrn

Unikrn Screenshot

Again, not a traditional pick here, but we really think there is a lot of value in a site where you can place bets alongside getting great betting tips, and that for us, is Unikrn. Unlike BetBull, this is not a site where users provide the tips. Rather, it is the site themselves, which means that it cannot match its competitor when it comes to quantity. It does however, provide the quality.

When esports-dedicated sportsbook Unikrn decides to write an article providing advice on esports betting and all-around wisdom on big upcoming events, it does so with expertise and gusto, so even if it doesn’t result in a successful bet, we think you’ll end up wiser for having read it.

  • Again, a one-stop betting and tips shop
  • Tips are carefully crafted by site
  • Well-written and easy-to-understand tips and analysis
  • Tips could be more frequent

One thing we commonly find when it comes to esports and esports tips is that people seem more cautious around this kind of bet than traditional types. Logistically, there’s really no reason why this should be the case. Some people seem to be more worried about the safety of esports because they are newer, and they have less experience with them. However, they are every bit as safe as any other kind of wager, and likewise, esports tips are every bit as reliable as any comparable example.

In terms of the sites you can find esports on, nowadays, the biggest and most trusted operators in the world carry esports markets. Put simply, so long as you adhere to the usual safety standards (our reviews will never waver when it comes to security on any kind of betting) in terms of licensing, encryption, privacy policy, responsible gaming policy and general security standards, then you are completely safe betting on esports.

Remember, that although they may be new to you, esports are a massive, multimillion-dollar business with all the legitimacy any kind of sport could possibly hope for.

esports betting tips

Knowing how to utilise betting tips is an important element in any betting strategy. That said, you shouldn’t rely solely on tipsters; also use your own knowledge, strategy and intuition to make the most out of your available markets.

With that in mind, here are a few general esports betting tips and strategies to keep in mind as part of an overall betting strategy.

  1. 1.

    Do not rely on one betting site: Always have a list of several operators to choose from. If you gauge the odds on offer for an esports-based betting market of your choice on several betting sites, you will be able to determine the quality of the odds on offer. To help you out, here is a list we have compiled of the top 11 best esports betting sites for 2021! In addition, you can also gain access to a wider variety of promotions the more betting sites you are signed up to. Remember that there is no limit to the number of promotions you can use, nor the number of betting sites you are able to sign up to, so take advantage of every bonus you can.

  2. 2.

    Go through statistical insights: Betting sites like bet365, Unibet, and William Hill delve into esports-based statistics. You should go through team rankings, past tournament results, team form guides, fixture history, as well as other statistical insights before punting on an esports-based betting market. Doing the above will help you better understand the nature of the competition, while also being able to determine the teams that have a good chance of grabbing top honours throughout a tournament by studying their recent form and rankings. That being said, do not rely on rankings alone, as a lower-ranked team always has the potential to surprise you.

  3. 3.

    Play the game: Playing the actual video game of any esports-based tournament that you follow or market you are interested in will enable you to better understand its rules and intricacies. Understanding how a game works, its various game modes and characters, alongside learning helpful skills and techniques is vital to improving your ability to accurately predict events or indeed, determining whether certain esports betting tips are worth considering.

  4. 4.

    Know the teams and players: Once you have understood how the game works, your next step should be researching the competing teams and their players. Your ability to do so is vital in assessing the accuracy of betting tips. Moreover, you will need to stay up-to-date with current events -there are numerous esports with numerous teams. Furthermore, these teams can undergo changes over time. The addition of a strong gamer from another esports organisation may vastly improve the chances of the former. Similarly, the loss of an experienced gamer can play against an esports team. Teams may assign dedicated roles to their players, and you should understand these roles to determine how a team may go about a professional match from a strategic perspective. The better you understand the teams, the better you understand the likely outcome of the game, as well as the legitimacy of outside esports tips.

  5. 5.

    Find value: The key to smarter betting is not just about finding a market you think represents the likely outcome of an event, but one where the bookmaker has got their prediction significantly wrong. Doing so requires you to understand that all bookmakers’ odds translate to an implied probability. This is true regardless of odds conversions. For instance, a market with 3/1 odds suggests that the bookmaker believes that there is a 25% chance of that event coming true. If you think it is much more likely than that to happen, then you have found value in the betting markets. This is essentially what professional betting tips represent, and if you decide to use these types of esports tips, we still think it is wise to be able to wrap your head around the logic behind these predictions. It all comes down to finding value through the odds.

  6. 6.

    Livestream matches: Live streaming an esports match will enable you to ride the momentum of an event, and punt on it accordingly. It provides a first-hand experience that has depth, which simple statistics can’t provide. You can feel the atmosphere of a match, gain intricate strategic perspectives, and utilise in-play bets. This is particularly important for fast-paced games, such as those covered by FIFA esports betting tips. While Twitch and YouTube Gaming are the best streaming sites for esports matches, we also recommend bet365, Luckbox, and Unibet for live esports streaming.

  7. 7.

    Focus on one esport at a time: Rather than having partial knowledge of several esports, it is better to be an expert in one. If you know the ins and outs of several esports, well and good. If not, stick to just the one and expand your knowledge over time. It could be FIFA betting tips, or e-football betting tips generally. Starting with one esport will enable you to better identify valuable bets. It may also be a good idea to start with a small budget while you learn the ropes and increase your stakes as your confidence and skills grow. The latter point is also good advice for testing out betting tips from a new source. Once you are an expert in one sport – say you feel you’ve mastered all the FIFA betting tips you can wrap your head around – you can move on to another, and so on.

  8. 8.

    Make use of the gaming community: Alongside your statistical research, keeping up with forums, blogs, and websites about esports betting can come in handy when it comes to better understanding a particular esport title, game or tournament. What better way of tapping into the goings-on of the esports betting world than following what your fellow gamers and gaming enthusiasts have to say? That being said, you must know how to separate speculation from information that is of use to you. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to reliable information for esports betting tips from a forum, we strongly recommend Reddit.

  9. 9.

    Look beyond major esports tournaments: While major esports tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship and The International, among others, come with a huge fan following, smaller esports tournaments often present great value for money. They can also allow you to utilise lesser-known esports tips and tricks avoiding any betting fuelled odds shifts. Plus, smaller tournaments may feature more even matchups, which may, in turn, present a great opportunity to earn some winnings.

  10. 10.

    Use cash out: Cash Out allows you to retrieve partial winnings on a placed esports bet, before the conclusion of a match. Cash Out is generally used when a bettor feels that a placed bet may result in a loss, or if a punter has already reaped a decent profit off a placed bet. You could go on to win more or less than your initially-placed stake. Cash Out is quite popular in esports betting. You can make use of this feature if you feel that a team that you have punted on may lose a match, yet is faring favourably at that very second, or if a team is winning, and you would rather secure a summation of money at that very second, rather than risk losing out in due course of the match in question. Take a look at Interbet for esports betting with Cash Out!

  11. 11.

    Track your results: While this may seem obvious, tracking your results is necessary. Keeping a note of the bets that you have placed, the profits that you have made, and the losses that you have incurred will help you create an effective betting strategy. Helpfully, many of our chosen tipsters can assist with this, providing records of which sources of esports betting tips have been most successful.

What tipsters do in concept is not complicated; how to win esports betting markets and beyond is the name of the game. They tell you what they think is going to happen in a sporting event. But anyone who has ever placed a bet on anything knows that the complications behind a successful prediction, particularly one which defies the odds, is anything but simple. That’s why finding quality esports betting tips and tipsters is such a vital part of a successful betting strategy.

You may prefer to go it alone, but perhaps the wisest thing to do would be to consider esports tips as part of your strategic arsenal. If you can manage to use your predictive powers alongside the experts, you may find betting tips to be among the most devastating tools you have at your disposal.

Other than the difference between the specific markets they are predicting, no. Both are simply predictions of events in a sport – they are just different kinds of sports. That’s really all there is to it.

Most mainstream betting sites now include esports as part of their line up, and many of the best have a truly immense selection of games and markets for you to choose from.

You have come to the right place! Check out our article, which includes specific tips from us as well as links to many of our favourite tipsters.

There are a lot of popular esports; League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, FIFA, NBA 2K, Overwatch and Fortnight are just a few examples.

Yes, there is no inherent difference in safety between betting on esports and any other traditional kind of sport that have been with us for decades, if not centuries.

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